I love this place so much and it is just like home. It is a comfortable spot to live and not noisy at all. The people here are outstanding and deserve a lot more than what they get!

So far everything has been great. Office responds very quickly and gets things done. The only issue is the parking isn't always the greatest.

My experience has been great except for the parking regulations. A lot of vehicles are parked within the complex without displaying a parking permit. And these same vehicles are parked for weeks at a time without moving. This issue causes problems for other complying residents because the parking spaces are limited thus leaving far away parking or none at all.

I have lived here for one month now & it has been a very pleasant expierence! My neighbors are very friendly, front office staff is great, and it seems that they keep up with the property very well! I would 10/10 recommend!

Ashleigh was a very nice and very understanding with exactly what we wanted...wel love are new apartment and tje cummity around us. I would recommend this to anybody

Great place to live but need better parking. Guests visiting from out of town should be able to park inside the gate with a pass. I would recommend this place to all my friends

Great experience so far. Great area. Nice apartments. Love the inside set up of the apartments. Great amenities. Customer service has been good.

Staff are awesome, love my view from my unit. Quiet community, no issues with parking. Valet trash that i love. I really don’t have any complaints, been living here for a little over 2 yrs now

It’s a great apartment complex. Everyone is all so nice and helpful. It’s a great place for me and my kids to feel safe and right at home. I love it.

We have lived here about 3 months and everything has been great!! Our only complaint is parking can be tricky at times and we wish the gym was more up to date with equipment.

So far I have enjoyed my experience here at Sonterra Heights. I like the location, the staff are all friendly and helpful. Glad to see they are cleaning up the outdoor areas they needed it! And would be great if both gates were in working order at all times.

Very Beautiful complex and has wonderful amenities. Although, a lot of thing break like as if they are cheap products which really makes a difference in my rating. Other than that the place is for nice and I plan to stay still I buy my first home.

My building is right by a set of garages that are being used for storage and maintenance and they start too early in the day, I work nights.

I like how fast you respond when I have a problem or question about anything. The staff are helpful with concerns that i may have. The office is always nice and clean and Kristin has been a joy to know. Sincerely Stephen Greig Purdy

I like the interior of the apartment. Not fan of the facilities, stairs and green areas.The employees are pretty nice all the time and take care of all our needs

I do love my new apartment...I just wish there was a more convenient way to pay online (verses only a select few days per month on the site)

Things are so much better. The office staff really tries to keep us taken care of and happy. Nothing is perfect, but when it's not, the staff tries very hard to get things fixed as soon as possible.

This community has the nicest residents and the perfect location. Plus if you have dogs there is a dog park avalible within the complex! As far as the apartments everything is renovated, new appliances and countertops.

I was happy with the people that helped me find a home for me and my family. Everyone is so helpful. When I needed something they were there.

So far, so good. We had some damages in our apartment when we were moving in, and the maintenance crew addressed most of them in a timely manner. We were very appreciative of that.

Absolutely loving my new place! Moved in this July and so far front office staff have been friendly and helpful. Interior of apartments is lovely!

I couldn’t have mad a better choice thanks too the staff here at Sonterra! The location is perfect and I’m completely satisfied. Thanks Sonterra

Front office staff is very helpful and although it is busy during the summer, they always make time to ensure that you leave 100% satisfied!

I like living here, but I’m not that impressed with the staff. I wish they would be clearer on expectations. For example, I wished I had known more details about which documents and items I should have signed before signing my lease. Also, the AC didn’t work upon moving in on my 2nd day of living here. On top of that, the staff are friendly but not as understanding as I wish they could be. For example, I needed to do laundry downstairs, & I wasn’t told that I needed to load money on a prepaid card until I asked a staff member. I wish she would have said so initially instead of telling me to pay with a credit card, only to leave me to discover that the credit card isn’t working. That’s what I mean but being clearer on expectations and how things work around here. It would be ideal to receive more email communications for things such as when I can pick up my keys and when my P.O. box has mail for me to pickup. Overall, I enjoy living here, but the apartment unit itself is the best part of the complex.

The staff is friendly and the apartment is very nice. The trash pickup is helpful with my bad knees and the pool is clean and refreshing. The neighborhood is also quiet with the other tenets not being too loud.