Southgate offers a lot of solid intermurals and also has some fire food. The RAs aren't overbearing and everyone wants to help you out, its dope.

Southgate has been a really good experience thus far! I have met so many new people and been encouraged to try many new things! It’s been amazing living in a place that is so willing to encourage students to play sports or even just hang out with other students similar to them. The Southgate community is definitely a great place to get involved and have fun during freshman year!

I love the set up and the convince of being close to everything! Everyone is super nice and helpful. The food is good and in the same building!Parking is close by!

So far living at SouthGate has been great! Move in was easy! I am so excited to live here! I haven’t had any issues yet. It’s right on FSU campus which is perfect for me.

Love it here friendly people great food and community right on campus. I highly recommend !!! Enjoy every second and find a a good roommate, they offer lots of rewards so check that out

Love this place, everything about it is as it should be! As an incoming freshman, it really makes me feel like at right at home! I’m very excited for this year!

So far, so good. The location is perfect. Staff are really nice. Food is great. The dryers don't really dry, so it costs more than it should.

Dorms are very spacious and have their own bathrooms, the meal plan and cafeteria food is great especially at the grill. In the lobby theres a weight room

Southgate was a very great experience, especially for a freshman. Having a personal bathroom and meal plan right down stairs was a luxury most do not get to experience. Southgate came with man different amenities no dorm could offer.

Everyone was so helpful and friendly! They showed us around with a really nice tour. We even got free shirts which was cool. I can’t wait to move it.

I enjoyed my time at southgate. One of the most redeeming things was how there was a lot of things to do and a lot of events happening. Would recommend.

It’s been good so far, the location is great and the pricing is affordable. Obviously the food could improve but given the amount of students I’d imagine it would be difficult. Other than that, good experience.

I love the location, amenities, and the people who surround SouthGate! It is very friendly and outgoing. The gatherings they host always bring a good time for everyone.

This is my first year and I am very excited. My goal by staying in the dorm is to meet new people. I am not doing a sorority my first year so I needed a way to meet people

I can’t wait to live here Everyone’s said it’s so nice and it seems great. I’m glad I chose this facility. My friends all loved southgate. I can’t wait to go to the gym and other amenities they offer.

Good environment as well as good people. The staff was great, as well as the amenities. The food downstairs was a huge plus and the location of the building was great

Loved having my own parking spot and bathroom! The best socials were the casino night and also the Halloween one. Although the food wasn't that great, it was nice having a dining hall in my building.

I lived on the fifth floor in room 512. It was about as good as a dorm can get I think. Not much problems with RAs or anyone really. The washing machines sucks.

I’ve lived here for 2 years and I’ve enjoyed my time here. My RA Jake was really nice to me all year and vary considering for others. The dinning hall is also vary good and has lots of different options so there is something for everyone.

Excellent people, excellent location, and excellent community. Walking distance to FSU makes it extremely convenient to get to campus quickly.

I haven't moved in yet but cannot wait to live here and be part of the community. The rooms look great and having a gym, media room, and cafeteria in the same building is great.

The apartment building is in a great location. The amenities, are good, but the food could use some improvement. Also the study rooms on each floor are kinda creepy

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Great place to live. the food is decent but the events help you meet people living in the same building. Basically on campus, close to Landis and Stroz makes it easy to just walk over and do something.

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I mean it’s a dorm so you can’t expect a 5 star hotel but overall it wasn’t bad other then the food cause that’s not the best and it should stay open a little later

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It kinda sucked because I hated my roommate and the dining sucked. SouthGate isn’t any better than living on campus. I feel like if I lived on campus I would have had a better year

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