Great amenities and really nice rooms. The food could be improved and the staff can be rude. The socials alre a lot of fun and you just can’t beat the locations

Southgate was a great freshmen experience. Southgate dorms are very homey and in a perfect location. The RA's are always trying to get everyone involved in almost daily activities

It is a nice community filled with great amenities and worth it’s value. Although it has its downs, there is much to southgate that provides a welcoming experience.

Really enjoyed SouthGate the first semester. Casino Night and the other events were fun, and the dining hall was excellent. Then Mike left and the kitchen staff was replaced with drug dealing thugs, I don't even eat here anymore. Do better

the process to register was really easy and did not take long what so ever in fact it was quick and I need 140 characters so I am just typing‬

Overall, I had a good experience but some things could have been a little different which would have made my time here a little more enjoyable.

The rooms are great, with enough room for two people. Southgate is very clean and the people who work here are very nice. The dining hall is the only area in which I would make changes. There are not many good choices anymore even though there was in the beginning of the year.

Good food. Nice bedroom. Nice bathroom. Furniture is also nice. Nice gym. Nice ballroom. Nice parking garage. Nice study room. Nice cardio room.

I haven’t started living at the South Gate apartments yet. I have hear only amazing things about living their. I am looking forward to joining the community!

The overall experience I’ve had at SouthGate Campus Centre has been enjoyable, and definitely gives students a great college dorm experience.

Southgate has its benefits of having your own bathroom, no suitmates, and the dining hall. Some negatives are that I believe the rooms get me sick because of all the mold and dust

over all I like it, but the food has went down hill. I would like to have fried chicken, collardgreens mac and cheese and cornbread or fried chicken day.

Overall Southgate is a great place to live. Close to campus, and local activities. The dorm units could use a little TLC. The wardrobes are old and do not stay closed completely. The Lofts are great, however during a recent storm there were some leaks.

great place to live for incoming freshman who are new to Tallahassee. Very easy to meet and make new friends in the IM sports and other weekly activities

It’s Lowkey the worst. I hate it here. The ras are rude and don’t care. Like why are you even an ra. The rooms are nice though. It is great to have a bathroom that I just share with my roomdte

My experience has been fantastic. I love all the amenities. The study rooms are awesome and so it the gym I go all the time. The food is alright but the cleaning service is great.

Multiple friends of mine have all said the same thing about Southgate and that’s that it’s the best way to start off your college career in Tallahassee.

I think this plac was in a time of management movement because this place had its problems. The main one being the food court which sucks. And the people there are so rude.

Great place to live! Good place for freshman to get used to the college experience. Definitely had a lot of variety of activities and socials to offer for everyone.

Such a great experience. I don’t live here yet but I am so excited to because I have heard such great things. Also I’m attending fsu which is super exciting

the time that I have spent here overall was not the best. the roommate matching system was not very accurate and thus matched me with someone whom I was not compatible with in the slightest. however I cannot truly blame that on the management here, but it did make me more susceptible to the other things wrong here. for instance, how in the beginning there were a set of quiet hours and now it appears that people can scream whatever they want and run up and down the halls at all hours of the night. also, the food here. there were already problems with the unclean utensils the have been fixed, but honestly it is the food itself and some of the staff members that make me want to live somewhere else completely. lastly, the washing and drying here is horrible. $1.75 per wash and dry is super expensive considering we also have to purchase our our detergent and what not. then there is also the fact that you will have to wash your same load twice because it did not get cleaned the first time, or the washing machine sprayed moldy water all over your belongings.

Southgate is an amazing place to live. When I first came up here I was nervous about starting my first year of college. But southgate made me feel right at home.

Great staff and the location is convenient. The gyms, cafeteria and rooms are so nice and make living away from home an easy transition! Highly reccommend.

Overall it hasn’t been to bad! Lot us of complaints with the food which is pretty much accurate, and very noisy which you expect from college kids! But not a bad experience at all!

Overall I’ve made a lot of new friends and have enjoyed living here. The only downside has been the food. It’s a lot of the same thing over and over and the staff that works there isn’t very friendly.