Enjoy living here. The trash compactors could be a little more up kept. The workout room also needs a little updating and adding a few more exercise options.

So far I've had the pleasure of dealing with a great staff. Every question that I have had has been answered. All documents are received promptly. Also the tour of the complex went really well. Can't wait to move in later this year!

Spectrum is awesome. Beautiful apartments, right by the trail, and my dogs love it here. The pool is also great. Plenty of chairs and you get popsicles in the summer!

Haven't had any issues still figuring it out but seems to be going well. Challenges seem like they are easily attainable. I haven't gotten many notifications though

I love my apartment. It's amazing. The view from my window. The walking path. It's great. The neighborhoods are nice and greeting. Now I'm moving into a better one.

Great location and good management. These apartments are conveniently located for campus. Big and spacious apartments that are very animal friendly.

The apartment complex is well kept, but the surrounding area can sometimes be a concern. Also trash bins fill up fast and then people leave their trash all along the sidewalk.

Spectrum has been awesome so far since moving in. The pool is awesome, the fitness center is awesome, the volleyball court is awesome. I love that there are so many doggie bag stands around the complex, but they definitely need to be updated more often.

I have had a great encounter with Quinta! She's made my experience with signing a lease and getting everything settled WITHOUT even meeting in person! She made my transition from overseas back to the United States and into a home very smooth.

Great! Friendly staff and always ready to help! The facilities are kept in good condition which is nice. Rooms are also in good conditions too. Overall great community!

I love living at the spectrum! They take care of their residents and have the best sized apartments for the price! I have lived here for 3 years and would renew if I weren't graduating!

I have yet to move in, but the leasing process was made so simple by the staff at Spectrum. I am so excited to move into my new home this fall!

So far everyone is extremely friendly! The staff is always ready to help and answer questions. I am always able to get a hold of someone in the main office if I need anything.

They were awesome when I went up there. They made things really easy and explained the lease agreement to me clearly. Great experience the whole time.

It is a great place to live. Nice location and good people. It's off of campus but not super far at all so it's easy to get back and forth. I highly suggest it!

I am excited to live in a more quiet, mature community. The location is ideal and the apartment's are the perfect size for two people to live comfortably.

I don't really have any complaints! Love the apartment! The neighbors are nice or the ones that I see atleast. Only thing I don't like is the price 😩 Killing me

It's the great place. It's a quite neighborhood and the people is so nice. The swimming pool is fantastic. The gym is perfect to workout. Nice place

I haven't moved in yet, but so far everyone has been very nice and helpful. The contracting process was made very clear through the help of all the workers.

Good community well mannered, strict at point but overall pretty good. Always keeps the community very clean, always giving out gifts wich I like it brings fun to the living process.

Staff is always very helpful and willing to do whatever it takes to help you. Very clean and great living space. Love that I can furnish my own apartment!

Great for living with the family, children are always having fun. The community is acceptable, good services and people very attentive to your needs. Many people do not have such privileged places like this.

Love living here great community and atmosphere. Never had any problems with getting things done and maintenance is quick to fix any problems

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We enjoy living at the spectrum! It's location and amenities are great. The maintenance staff is always quick and readily available to fix any issue going on.

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It is super easy to get in touch with y'all and find out everything that I need to know about where I am living. I don't think that I have seen anything that was not at a high standard.

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