I like spectrum apartments and how close they are located to dickson, all of the various food options on martin luther king jr street, and the heart of fayetteville.

Maintenance is awesome, they get 5 stars. However, the apartment manager is absolutely terrible... there is crime all the time and her only answer for it was, “crime happens.” Will gladly tow residents over non-residents any day. The spectrum also hides their negative reviews on their website so I’m sure this one will get hidden as well...

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They are terrible. They're slow on maintenance requests, argumentative, rude, and inconsiderate. Wish I had read the reviews before I moved here.....

I have had my fair share of problems living at spectrum apartments for the past year and a half and soon, I will be moving to a house. I could not be more excited to get out of this crappy apartment complex. I do have to applaud the new management though, after they completely re-did the management at spectrum the complex became better.

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Maintenance is great, and so are the majority of the front office workers. Personal parking spaces would be nice due to the fact that parking is always an issue. Other than one staff member being terrible it’s a pretty good place to live.

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There is no timely response to emails, and you can never talk to the manager about adding fees to make your rent over 700 dollars. If you add fees you better take the time to answer the phone or your email.

Okay living experience with okay managers. I’ve been here for a while and the management keeps getting worse. Residents and community experience outweigh staff issues.

I do not like this apartment complex whatsoever, I am overpaying like crazy for something that is not worthy of my $630 A MONTH payment. I actually am counting down the days until my lease is up & I can move on in my life.

Has not been the best! If I could Go to another place right this second I would, I only Have a few months left and it’ll be the best day ever

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The complex has not fulfilled maintenance requests in timely (over a week) even when request is regarding apartment security. Doors do not close and do not lock.

My move in day, my room was not ready for me to move when I drove for 5 hours striaght in the morning to find out that my apartment wasn't ready yet because the carpeting wasn't done, other than thst though the rooms were fine and I had no problems except for a clogged sink from the previous tenants of the apartment

The "updated" apartment has yet to be fully updated and I've been paying the premium for over a month now. Not to mention the fan doesn't work, one of the light fixtures doesn't work, the dishwasher has a huge dent, the microwave is cracked, the "new" wood floors have gaps and holes larger than my fist, multiple electrical outlets have no electricity running to them, there's paint and puke stains on the carpet in the bedrooms that are impossible to remove (and they refuse to replace the carpet since they "cleaned" it), the sink is not the updated one we were shown and told was included in the update, one of the windows won't open (fire hazard?), the fireplace is cracked in multiple places, and the last thing I'll mention, although far from the last issue, one of the blinds in the bedroom was covered in puke and/or blood when I moved in and maintenance never came to replace it (I removed it and took it to the office after a couple weeks but never received a blind to replace it). Of all those issues, the one thing they fixed was the broken water hose on the back of the washer (they didn't realize it was broken before I moved in because they failed to clean anything or check to see if anything worked).

Neighbors have black mold. Trash is never picked up. Doggy bags are never replaced. I feel like the main office is not organized at all and that makes it difficult to take care of residents.

There are good things, like the units, but that’s about it. The rent is kind of high for what you get, the trash cans are few and far between, and management is kind of slow about getting back to you. Prime example: I renewed my lease last fall, then I went home over this past summer. While I was gone, the Spectrum moved two girls into my unit, which had two empty rooms. Fine. But they only lived here May to August 1st. I come back mid-August and the apartment is trashed. Turns out, no one did a walkthrough after those girls moved out. So I go to the office to tell them the situation, the students in there are like “oh no! the managers are all actually out rn but I’ll text them and they can come by!” That was over a month ago. No one ever came. So had to clean the whole place and replace things that were broken/missing. Not to mention the fact that one of the girls had a dog (which I’m allergic to) and since the carpets were never shampooed or even cleaned after they’d moved out, I’m basically suffering from allergies in my own apartment. Lovely!

The maintenance staff has always been helpful. Office staff is not helpful and does not have consistent policies regarding residents and lease notifications.

The apartment itself is nice, but management sucks. They're all so disorganized and you can never get a straight answer from anyone. If you ask a question, you'll get a different answer from every desk worker and manager.

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Maintenance requests need to be fulfilled faster. There also needs to be more visitor parking across the street from the main office. There are like 5 spots for all of those buildings and the regular spots are never filled.

No follow ups from management is disappointing when they say they will get back to me. Have been told by Sullivan that he would contact his manager and let me know what she says at least 3 times and have heard nothing from him

Not very satisfied with the parking. Sometimes I have to park on the other side of the apartment complex and walk all the way to my building and this usually happens at night. I would prefer for visitor parking and parking tags to be enforced again.

maintenance is not very good at responding to service requests. but i like the upgraded apartments. they still have not fixed the gutter outside my apartment which floods every time it rains.

Horrible move-in experience. They blamed all of the move-in problems on the past management. The problem is the new management they are very unorganized! They didn't even have a key for me on my move-in day. Now that I'm moved in I love it that's the only reason I'm giving 2.5 stars. Great apartments!

Love the apartment, but the staff could do better at responding to resident needs and requests and staying organized with billing info, move in procedures, etc.

Please get more organized, my check kept getting lost from the first months rent. However I do like the apartment itself. It is a lot nicer than the last apartment I lived in

Sometimes a little delayed in communication and very unorganized. There are times when I have called and been told three different things by the same person at some times.