I enjoy staying at the newman hall the services and events are enjoyable and the accomodations are well made. the only thing I don't like is that the bike racks are not under the awning when there is plenty of room this is causing the bikes to easily rust and get damaged faster especially when it rains. some of those bikes are quite expensive and its a shame to leave them out in the rain

The rooms are clean and safe. There is enough safety. The hall is near to college. I like the food served every thursday. I like attending the student activities in the hall. Computer lab facility is been useful to me to study. Also like the kitchen.

Rooms are nice and clean, and reasonably sized. You have everything you need for the bedroom. However, the internet is okay and the parking situation is terrible. These are my two biggest problems with Newman, and if they can get fixed, I won't have any major problems.

Very friendly community. Loved the gifts we recieved last semester for finals week. Mainteance and housekeeping are very nice and fast. LOVE s'more nights! Enjoyed my stay. Just wish we had a kitchen sink to wash dishes. Also enjoy the new game room and the snacks and coffee available to us in the game room. Walls are a little thin so when people are loud and I am trying to study it can be nosiy at times.

friendly environment, enjoying the free meals every thursday afternoon. I'm not much of a picky person so I have nothing to complain about.

Great place to live! Staff is wonderful, understanding and helpful! Always kept informed about activities and campus events. Overall a great place to stay.

Personally, I like newman hall the whole time I've been here. Great support and they've really moved up. Just wish they do something about the crickets. But besides that, no complaints.

Its nice, quiet, its good for the type of students that need a place for focused. The free food on Thursdays are simply the best that you'll experience.

Great place to live, quiet, not too expensive, close enough to campus to walk to all of my classes. There's always events going on for the residents

I love staying at Newman! The staff is great and the rooms are nice. There is no commotion and its peaceful. I love that its so nice and clean. Its a great place to live.

Staff is always helpful and accommodating when you need it. Relatively close walk to all buildings on campus, bike racks provided close to buildings.

I think newman hall is a great place to live, however i believe it could be better, with trashcans in the hall maybe a bigger parking lot, a pool, some sort of security in the elevator.

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Very friendly community. Maintenance and housekeeping are very nice and fast. Also enjoy the new game room and the snacks and coffee available to us in the game room.

Doin good, answer the phones fast and reliable and the rest of the day about this is not sure how long it will be able to get a burger King of

I really enjoy living at STA new man hall. It is very quiet & it has great energy. The staff is very helpful & friendly, I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the staff

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So far I am really enjoying my experience at STA Newman hall everyone has been very nice too me. Also the rooms are beautiful and it is a very quiet area perfect for studying.

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Nice clean place to live . People very nice I would recommend it to anyone starting the new year in texas a&m Kingsville. Verry friendly environment

love it. Services are great, everyone is so friendly. the rooms are fully furnished and extremely spacious. totally worth the price. hope to lease again.

The leasing agents were so helpful into getting me approved to move in on July 1st and the rooms look awesome I cant wait till I move in. I just have to say so far I am very impresed

Very appreciated because they provided us with foods that made us feel at home and welcomed back for the semester. It just made me happy that we really matter as residents.

The staff here are very helpful and make you feel welcomed from the moment they give you a tour to the moment you move into your apartment. The apartments are furnished and spacious.

I was helped step by step to ensure my stay at Newmans Hall. The ladies that work here want to help you, any questions or concerns i had were answered. Looking forward to moving in Aug. 20th

Pretty well, love living here, quiet neighbors so far. Only downside is that I can't cook but I can just make huge batches of food in the kitchen and just microwave them.

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The free food was great in the lobby. First free lunch back on Thursday was good. I was not able to go to the talent but I heard that it was a good time

Besides the needed repairs I really like it here and I hope it stays that way for my stay here at TAMUK. Just make sure that the fans don't leak Agian