Stadium View has really nice stainless steel appliances, utilities are included, and living room comes furnished. Only bad things are the small gym, no pool, and management isn’t the best. It’s overpriced compared to similar apartments.

I love that we have a gym, however cleaning products are not always available to sanitize equipment after lifting. I love the tanning bed, but it always seems to be out of order and there never seems to be sanitizer available to clean it. Close to campus, which is nice. Our neighbors are very loud and blare music in the middle of the night on week nights, they have not enforced their noise ordinance found in the lease. Stairwells get pretty gross, been puke only semi cleaned for 3 months. Nice apartments with nice appliances, cheaply built.

I have lived at Stadium View since fall 2018 and generally enjoy it. I will say it has gotten better with new management. I enjoy the valet trash service, but snow removal in the parking lot/side walks could improve.

Great amenities. Friendly staff! Great location during the fall football season! A little pricey, but Stadium View has such amazing perks for the price

Overall very good compare to other apartment. I hope they can provide short term lease. It was very good experience during one year leasing period.

I went for a tour and all the ladies were very helpful. They answered all of our questions and were very friendly. Can’t wait to move in this fall!

It's a really good first apartment, nice rooms and your own bathroom with walk in closet. Bus comes right outside and is super easy. Great spot if you love tailgating!

Stadium View is the best place I could ever imagine living! Especially since I get to live there with my besties! It has so many great amenities! It also is in a great location, right next to jack trice which will be great for game days!

The apartment comes in great condition, and includes everything that someone is looking for in an apartment. It comes with plenty of space, and there shouldn't be any issues with that.

Stadium View has been declining in excellence over the past year. I feel like we have a new complex manager every other month. I wish they would stop having these silly little events in the clubhouse. I hope that's not what my outrageous rent is going towards. Who want's to pay $650 a month anyway? Also, it's kinda messed up that there are people whose rent is almost $100 less than mine. Just saying. And that is your daily dose of tea. (Insert tea emoji)

Absolutely amazing community that strives to be there to make you succeed and be your best self! There are so many opportunities to work on your personal and academic goals to brighten your future and the person you want to be.

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I lived at stadium view for the 2017-18 school year. I ended up trying to live somewhere else for the 2018-19 school year but found that nothing matches stadium view. I ended up moving back to stadium view in October 2018 and have been so much happier!

Comfortable apartment with modern interior and a bus stop right in front of the apartment. Stadium View also offers many incentives to residents.

The amenities are good and the rooms are nice. The apartments are located close to campus, and they have a covered bus stop right across the street.

So far I've enjoyed my time at stadium view. It's within walking distance of Hilton and Jack Trice and my only complaint is that the walls are a little thin.

I have had a great time living at Stadium View Suites! The ammenities are great (coffee bar, gym, tanning, outdoor grill, gathering spaces, game nights, etc).

I really enjoy living at stadium view. so far I have had only a positive experience. I really like the fact that they pick up the trash for you as well as each room has its own bathroom. also it is reasonably priced.

The community is great! Lots of activities to do and the apartments themselves are nice enough as is! It’s really a great place to live! Super close to campus also

Great community and living experience! Loved the apartment and also all of my roommates. Great people. The apartments are super nice and I can't wait to live there.

It’s a really great place with great perks(free food, drinks, gift cards, and other awesome rewards) but wished they had an elevator, pool, underground parking, and recycling and it be a dream come true!

Amazing staff that are so welcoming to nice tour that we have. The price for what we get are just worth it. Definitely would recommend friends and family.

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Great place to live. Awesome location right by the stadium. Walking distance to Hilton. Very spacious rooms and even pet friendly. Come check it out!

My experience at Stadium View Ames has been great. The only thing that I would change if I could would be the location, I wish it was closer to campus, but other than that my experience has been good.

Stadium View is an amazing property with large high quality apartments, but the management of the property is the worst I have ever had to deal with. If you are looking for a beautiful, new apartment and willing to put up with terrible management, Stadium View is the place for you.

Poor communication skills from Stadium View staff. This had made it hard to have a good experience, but other than that haven't had too many problems.