Great, clean place to live! It has excellent amenities! Lots of resident activities. The office staff is very helpful and nice, they are always available to answer any questions or concerns

Great place to live. Lots of amenities. However staff could be more responsive towards residents needs. Promises should be fulfilled in a timely manner.

Overall good experience. The staff try to accommodate your needs. Wish we didn’t have to provide paper (we didn’t before) and sometimes it is noisy.

Great living with supportive staff. Needs are usually met. The maintenance staff is very responsive. The gym is very convenient despite its size.

living at this community is so welcoming. My view is amazing and the staff is always there to help with anything i need and the gifts are great

I think the biggest thing here is that there’s a lack of trash bins avaible. It would be nice to have another one but I understand that may not be possible.

Maintenance is awesome. It’s nice to have a pool. But $520 a month for a bedroom and a common space that isn’t big enough for 4 people is just way too much. Plus the apartment wasn’t even finish when we moved in. Lots of electrical issues still.

The apartment complex itself is truly wonderful! All of the amenities that come with living at Stadium View just can't be beat. If only they had 1 bedrooms!

One day I walked in and something in the gym room was broken and by the time I walked in the next day it was already fixed! You can expect good matienance.

Love my apartment and the amenities, sometimes difficult to get answers about things from staff and maintenance can be slow to respond to issues.

I still have not gotten my referral gift card yet. I do not when I am getting it. Everything else is good. I would sign the lease again if they will let me do it for 6 months.

I have loved everything about this complex. There is so much to do from playing basketball, volleyball, or swimming. It is super dog friendly I just love it.

Here is a good place because there are have a indoor gym and the office was so nice and almost the location is very close to the school because l need to go to the flower center

It has been great living here. The apartments are very nice and they come fully furnished! The residents are nice as well and i have no complaints.

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Great location, pool, all staff members are super sweet and helpful. However, I ended up having a bad experience when it came to subleasing. Make sure you’ll stay the full year if you sign a lease.

Living at Stadium View has been one of the best experiences!! I moved I. The first year that they were here and have lived here for the past 2 years. Nothing but great things to say!

This place is absolutely magical! The pools always clean, staff is consistently friendly, very well maintained, and incredibly hospitable to anyone and everyone!

the community is nice and pool is nice. the property value is high but they need to do a better job at the office. there always have excuses about why stuff isnt ready or is missing

I love living at Stadium View! The amenities that they have for the residents are so nice and it’s great to have my own space in my apartment!

This is a great place to live with plenty of amenities to make this a great experience. The team here is also great in that if you ever have a problem they respond very quickly to any maintenance requests. Only suggestion would be that if you were promised a gift card to move in make sure to follow up promptly in order to get it!

I enjoy the location of the Apartments. The place includes multiple unique things to do, such as Pooling area, Gym, outdoor areas, and Tanning. Overall the place is pretty good.

It was good and enjoy living close to the college. All of the staff was extremely helpful when I had a question and they always returned emails in a timely manner

I believe we have the best apartment community in Jonesboro. My neighbors really respect my roommates and I. The maintenance usually does a pretty good job at coming and fixing things right away.

Living here has been really fun and really nice. I have no complaints other than it can get pretty loud on the weekends but it’s not a big deal