Living at Stadium View has been pretty wonderful. I love having my own space but also getting to live with my best friend. It is great that Stadium View is pet friendly also! I enjoy where we are located in Jonesboro. Being right next to Arkansas State, close to downtown, and near shops and restaurants makes this a great place to live.

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The new management is better than the last one. I also believe stadium would benefit from having an extra trash receptor in the complex closer to the other units

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lots of issues. oven broke. ac broke. power went out. porch door locks us out. maintenance takes forever. needs more dumpsters and the one dumpster is usually full. pool is loud and rules are not enforced. my car got towed from my own spot.

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Stadium View since having undergone new management has been absolutely wonderful! Respond quickly to any needs/concerns and take care of any problems right away.

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Living here at stadium view student living has been great. It is very close to Arkansas state university and hospitals. Parking is no issue.

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I love how close the apartments are located to the Arkansas state university campus. This allows for easy quick transportation to and from class.

Stadium view living is good apartment complex. It is close to Arkansas state university. During summer time, one can walk to the school. Amenities are good.

they need to do a better job with trash and making sure that the apartments are clean on move in and not over charge people during moveout cause that is just wrong

Stadium view is a great place to live. When I moved here a year ago for a job, it was the only place that I toured that stood out to me. The only complaint I would have is that the apartment that I moved into this past August was not complete. I transferred from a two bedroom to a four bedroom, and there was water damage and we were missing several items (including my bedroom door). The maintenance men have been the most helpful in trying to fix it, even though they have been understaffed.

Nice place but has some problems with maintainers...dogs owners never clean after their dogs ...these are only 2 problems this place has..everything else if on point

Been here for 2 years and I love the Ser up of the community. My room is extra large with my own bath. The kitchens give me a feel of being at home.

great location but there is always a problem with something. Nothing ever gets fixed and new problems continue to arise. It is a great value to live here though for the price

There is a good place to live and the roommate was so nice. And the swimming pool and the gym, was very clean. Good location there are not very far from school.

Overpriced. The management and clubhouse employees are less than professional. Extra fees during move out for no reason when it was spotless before I left. Glad to be gone

My experience was absolutely terrible. The second roommate that was put into my unit was a thief and had different men over all hours of the night. When I was getting ready to move out, I was promised they would help me find someone to take over my lease. When I found someone they were told no one was allowed to take over my lease. Also, one of the former staff members stole some of my personal belongings when doing an inspection.

It’s nice when everything is taken care of. Good facilities, not everything works though. Ridiculous fees, seems better now, maybe with the new management.

My experience here have been very good! However there are just a few issues that me and my roommate and friends have been having lately. There have been some sketchy things happening lately such as car windows being smashed, things being stolen, apartments being left unlocked and uncomfortable strangers parked in the parking lot. I feel like it would be smart to shut the gates if possible. Also the outside it kind of nasty and there are fleas everywhere. I saw a flea jump into my car the other day because no one cleans up after their pets. But other than that I am really enjoying stadium view because the apartments are very nice and the service is very helpful.

this has Been my first time staying at a apartment complex. So far the status seemed very friendly, and everything is fairly accessible. I hope that it is a smooth year here, as it has only been about a week.

Great amenities and very clean apartments. The rent is super cheap and the place looks like a resort! It can get a bit noisy if you live close to the clubhouse but I'm sure that will die down as school starts

My experience at stadium view has been good. I would highly suggest you to anyone to live here if they are looking for an apartment within luxury.

Very nice and clean apartments! So close to campus, so it's very convenient. Love that it's fully furnished and amenities are included! Great place to live!

I have been living at stadium view for almost 2 years and it's been a great experience so far. Love the facilities, and the apartments setting. Never had any issues except that sometimes it can get a little loud but it's rare.

It’s very clean and very taken well of. Staff is very helpful and nice. Could do a little better with the maintenance but other than that everything is good

Stadium View is an awesome place to live. The apartments are so nice and Stadium View also has several awesome amenities for residents to use.

I think stadium view is an amazing place to live! It’s so close to campus and has so many things to offer residents. I also enjoy that the apartment is fully furnished