General complex could be better cared for but otherwise it's nice. Friendly staff and in a nice and quiet location with little traffic noise.

Love living here. Close to my work and my kids school. The community is nice and is close to entertainment, dining and other activities. I highly recommend.

Its a nice quiet community. Spacious town homes and not too far away from schools as well as shopping centers . Glad to be living in the community.

I really love living here. Very quiet. Whenever their is a problem which is not often, the problem is always taken care of. We love our Property manager. He always has nice community things to participate in.

The community is great! There could be some improvements and upgrades on the building! Stairways and doors! But it's a great place to live!

Very quiet, easy access to everything. Very quick on repairs. Nice enjoyable office staff. Would be 5 stars if they could manage those who don't clean up after their pets.

Very happy with Leasing office team, very good in maintenance. Great place to live. Good Neighborhood. Kids are having a very safe place to play.

I am very impressed with the new management. Community areas are being improved, and maintenance requests are being fulfilled hastily. The only problem I have is the odor from pets in the shared areas of our building, but management is doing their best to correct that as well. Overall, my experience has been great so far!

The management is very good, nice and kind people. The only thing that would make this place better is a security system at the clubhouse. A lot of kids, from other districts, come and destroy the nice place.

What is an instagram? How do I earn points from this. Thanks for social event in April. Let's have more.. Having some trouble with Luxor process

Overall the community is nice and taken care of. Repairs are done promptly. The workout facility and pool is very nice. Only recommendation is having a weekend clean crew and for pet owners to make sure to clean up after their dogs.

Property looks much better since Troy took over. The grounds are cleaner, buildings are not dirty. Dog waste stations added around the property now. Lights on pathway are finally working!

We were very satisfied. We needed a place with in 3 days coming from Chicago and the leasing agent was on top of it all, we move in and the community is so quiet and clean. Very happy renters.

One of the best complexes of lived in, thus far. The star are always available when needed. maintenance is always on time abs gets the job done the first time.

Very enjoyable so far. Everyone is very nice and our neighbors are super cool. Can't wait until the pool is open again! The dog park is super convienent and it's always clean!

The complex is looking way better. Amenities are awesome. Pool lights are looking good. All the improvements with the gym were worth it! Still some stuff that need fixing with the neighborhood but its not the staff fault

Overall we love living here. We are enjoying our neighbors. It seems like the front office is trying to engage with the community more. I hope there is less turn over in the office moving forward and that they won't raise my rent obscenely next lease cycle. The proposed amount this last time was a $300 per month increase, which seems a lot when we are have been quiet and good tenebts who would want to stay here a while if the rent doesn't push us out.

I really enjoy living here the people are friendly it's a good location not any traffic noise the things that I would want added would be dog poop bins on the back side of the back side of the apartment and recycling bins in more places

This is a great apartment community. You can see the staff out and about everyday working on fixing things and keeping the place nice and clean.

Great facilities, great staff, great residents, great neighborhood and great location. Could not ask for more! Keep up the good work! Lots of new and exciting things!

Overall a good experience so far. The folks in the office have been nice and seem helpful. We enjoy the dog friendly aspect of the place and like to see the grounds crew out changing the dog waste baskets every so often. This place is just what we were looking for.

I super love living at Stratford Wood. The people are bonkers awesome and the spaces are beautiful. The grounds are well kept and there is tons of fun stuff for adults and kids alike.

Stratford Wood new management has been so helpful! I'm excited to see the new pool updates as well. I wish the dog park was just a little big bigger

I moved here in Oct. 2016. I have been very happy with everything so far. The neighborhood and location is great. It's not too noisy. There is a lot of things to do here to keep children busy.

The Stratford Wood Community is very welcoming. The best part about my apartment is the view of the courtyard, but my favorite place to go is the FREE gym. :)