i have really enjoyed living at summerstone. it's a normally quiet neighborhood, with the exception of the occasional (in my case weekly) neighbor arguments. although it's not a deal breaker. lovely amenities and the staff is very accommodating and the maintenance guy is awesome!

It's very quiet most of the time. No hassles and we'll maintained. Main issue has always been parking. Wish visitors had a dedicated parking away from the buildings, so the actual residents could park near to their prospective building.

Very good area no crime and office is very responsive. Overall a great place to live very clean and everyones really nice to you. Love these apartments.

The management team is always willing and ready to help. We had some trouble when we first moved in but they were quick to resolve the concerns. Great maintenance team! Always fulfilling requests within 2 days.

I enjoy living here though I wish they picked up the trash more or did not give me fees for leaving bags on my porch. I have a one year old and work 80+ hours a week sometimes so it’s slightly tough. But other than the menial trash issue which I can obviously suck up and get over it’s a solid place.

Pretty nice so far nice parking n close to everything, close to our gym so it really isn’t a hassle with traffic heading to get a workout in

As far as us choosing these apartments we love it it’s just right for our little family it’s our first home ! The lady’s at the leasing office are so kind and helpful you see people walking peacefully walking there dogs or even kids playing I really like these apartments so peaceful .

My experience living here has been nothing but positive. Everytime I have had an issue the staff has went above and beyond to provide assistance and speedy repairs.

It's been great living here!This area of Bedford has been my home for almost three years now and I love it. A lot of my friends live in the area and I'm only a short drive away from friends and family in other towns.

Great Management, repairs done quickly Stephany is so friendly & helpful Highly recommended Great Area , close for everything Thank you

Things have been great so far. The leasing experience was good. It’s only been a couple of weeks that’s I have been there. I look forward to using all the amenities.

Love everything! Glad to see yall keep the apartments maintained well. The pools are clean. The only wish we have is the hot pool fixed. Would be nice to enjoy it during colder days.

Everyone is very friendly. The maintenance staff is great. Apartment is quiet and I love the location. Could not be happier with my decision to move here.

Great we really love our neighbors and being close to the park has been awesome especially with little kids. The pool is always well kept and the yard maintenance! Thank you!

I’m happy to have a biggest space ever and the neighbor are so kind, nice and the office employees are so much kind, nice good people. I love this place , I recommend everyone how like Bedford to come check in summer stone . Thanks

I love Summerstone Apartments. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Maintenance is always there on time when needed. I would definitely recommend them.

The individuals that work in the front office are so nice and friendly, as well as the maintenance individuals. Some things I would change would be cheaper covered parking, having big issues fixed the first time around, fixing the gym equipment, having the wipes in the gym filled on a regular basis, having more gym equipment. And when painting around the complex happens it’s very sloppy... Paint on the door knobs or on the pavement. Just doesn’t look nice. We pay a good amount to live here, but the little things count and they aren’t done...

The office staff is super friendly and always willing to help! The complex is well kept and looks nice. They are always making improvements !

Clean and very serene environment. Friendly neighbors and the pool is cleaned frequently. Maintenance staff is quick to respond. I wanted some paint for my walls and the management arranged for it very soon!

I’ve been here two years and it is good place. Cozy and friendly people in the office. Clean environment and they our on time with listening to you.

Large floorplan for a good price, walls aren't as thin as most places. Some maintenance needed on move in but mostly taken care of. High electric bills.

it's very peaceful and they are very nice to the residents and they have a nice pool and a nice dog park. the apartments are very nice and well maintained

I have enjoyed living here. If I need something fixed Stephanie is on it, and has it done quickly! Very quit, Apartment Complex! I love the fact they have covered parking !

Office staff is super helpful &Nice. The maintenance team is very fast & efficient and getting my work orders completed. I’m happy overall. 😁

I feel like there are something that need improvement. The laundry room is one. The maintenance on the buildings. I had plenty of issues when I first moved in. Management is awesome though!