The Union is a nice place I am looking foward to live in. I took a tour of the area and it is furnished and has many benefits compared to other places around Reno.

It seems there are more community activities and more decoratives around the community. I am living here again next year and think it will be another good experience

I love the newly designed clubhouse and the pool table they put inside there. I also enjoy the luxury casino style pool and spa. theres all sorts of places to settle down and study,

It was very neat and clean modernish looking apartment. Many services that I can enjoy like year long poop is awesome and the gym looks great. I felt like home in the apartment. Great place!

I like how clean it is and how it feels like dorms because it’s so close to campus! The amenities are super fun and provide fun activities. The apartment events are exciting and it helps get to know people.

I like the remodeling. The new property manager is really on top of her game and knows what she is doing. Whenever I talk to the property manager with something she makes a solution

Great place when I first moved in. New management company seems to be keeping the place much calmer. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase leased housing

When I came to look at the community I immediately fell in love with it. The rooms are so nice, clean, and fresh. I immediately signed a least after having the tour.

There are many activities in the apartment and places to study that are very beneficial. Also, the gym is very big and clean. Helps get distracted from school

Great apartment, great facilities, good maintenance, close to school, love the spa, convenient, helpful, decent price, easy access to swimming pool

I live the customer service. Liz has been available and answered my questions with ease. All the staff there is very knowledgeable and helpful and if they dont know the answer then they will find out.

I love how responsive management is! I went in for a tour and was immediately greeted and treated with respect. I loved how clean and organized everything was!

It is a great community with access to multiple amenities. I love that the atmosphere is so welcoming and it is so close to campus. Staff is helpful

Can’t wait to live here w my babies, were going to make it super cute which it already is and we have access to so many things that are provided by the apartment community

Great Aptarment and very friendly people. You guys are more open then other area and caring about your reseidnts. Thank you for that and helping me sign up!

I love the summit, the best part is that the apartments have just what you need at a great price! Leasing agreements are very easy to fill out, and I had almost no trouble at all with applications!

Everyone is very congenial. Some issues: people who have dogs let them urinate around the entrance to buildings, which smells disgusting, and I had some issues parking pre-Spring Break because people without stickers were parking their cars in the parking lot with no consequences. Other than that, the gym and rec room are both great.

The staff are all nice and greet me whenever we meet. The gym and the rec room are both well-kept and nice. Some issues I've had - such as the walk-in gate near the bus stop being difficult to open - have been rectified after six months, while others (like the car gate that was broken for three days) are fixed much more quickly.

I enjoy living at Summit Appartments. Very good value for your money. I do wish that the office would be open longer on the weekends so I can grab packages

There’s overall effective improvement with the apartments and the constant reminders through email and text are great. I don’t ever really have much issues with the apartments.

I love the area, I would love to stay here again it was just too expensive. Will have to recommend to friends and loved ones. I think parking is an issue though.

The summit is by far the most clean and best looking apartments around inside and out! I love the furniture in each apartment and the closet space is awesome

I like the different events put on by the summit to get us all connected together! It’s a nice time to network and meet new people! It’s something I really enjoy being apart of!

Very nice and clean. Staff was friendly and helpful. Luxury amenities make student living convenient and hassle free. I recommend it to new students.

I really like living at the Summit apartments this semester. I appreciate the email updates for the community that were created. It's good to know that people are communicating with us.