Overall, the Younion isn't bad. The staff is very friendly and nice. The trash system is nice but I think it needs improvement. The internet cuts off here and there and it's annoying when homework and assignments need to be done. Maintenance is slow & doesn't really do a good job, and the elevator also breaks from time to time.

Well organized and well kept, the place has a fresh vibe that screams college and is bursting with activity, I would recommend to my friends and peers

I like how close it is to campus and how the bus comes to our stop. The bus stop is nice because it is indoors which is really nice when it is snowing and raining. Other then that the appliances are not good and we have to get it fixed every other week.

Beautiful and very updated. I love the dark cabinets and the updated appliances. The gym is very nice and the 24 hour study lounged will become very helpful.

i have enjoyed my overall experience but the trash system needs a lot of improvement and “construction” has taken place in an inconvenient manner

I enjoy it. Just kind of thin walls and can be noisy. I really enjoy the convenience of the work out room and the office is very helpful. Thoroughly enjoy living here.

Overall the Younion is not a bad place to live but there are definitely problems. The noise from neighbors can be very annoying and I feel that noise complaints are not taken seriously. Also, there is not enough parking for all the residents who live here so possibly purchasing the old warehouse parking lot nextdoor would be a smart move. Internet constantly has problems and cuts out. Time for a new ISP?

I like that the apartments are near campus and how there’s a reasonable amount of walking distance. Campus is close . The apartments are convenient

It has a nice gym and a nice pool. It’s pretty clean with a friendly staff. It’s nice that they take out the trash for us. Wish that they had more open parking however.

Love how convenient it is and everyone is super nice in the leasing office. Also love how the gym is open 24/7 so when I can’t sleep I go and work out

Great trash pick up. I really like how the trash company makes sures to get the trash and picks up trash around the complex. I’m not sure if it is the trash company or workers from the younion, however it makes me very happy

This apartment complex is the best! I really love all the amenities that we are provided. The pool is open all year around which is awesome and the staff is always so helpful!

maintenance repair requests are quick and efficient. love the community available activities like the pool and recreation room with pool table and ping pong table.

It is a nice place! The only thing is that our dryer does not dry even with a small load. The dryer blows warm air, but it does not dry due to a blockage in the exhaust of the dryer most likely (found through research).

Living in the YOUnion is very nice. It has a nice atmosphere to study in as well as a social environment that is easy to make friends in. I will be resigning my lease any day now.

This apartment is great! Love the quick access to campus and all the perks that come with it. The printing room is my favorite. I also love having my own room and bathroom

I really enjoy living at the Younion for multiple reasons. First of all because they offer reasonable prices for a good amount of space. They also give reduced prices for resigning your lease which no other student living offers and shows that they value loyalty and their tenants. The pool is amazing and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. They are also well organized and make everything from paying your rent to picking up a package very simple and easy which takes stress off of me and I really appreciate.

The Younion is such a short walk, drive, or bus ride to campus which makes it ideal for college students. You can live with your friends and still have separate bathrooms and rooms which I love!

Maintenance team always makes repairs promptly and does not waste time. The trash service is also very reliable and is always on time. Great place to live.

I love seeing all the different type of people that live here! Especially into a new city – it may be tough to meet new people. In apartment communities, there are people of all age groups which makes apartment living the ideal place for developing friendships. I also love the fact that if I have a clogged toilet or sink that won’t drain properly. Maintenance is there to fix it! These apartments have technicians on-site, and will come resolve the issue immediately, which I love!

The amenities are very nice. Elevator sometimes isn't working, but I do like the trash service. Maintenance can be slow at times. The gym is nice and usually not busy

Younion is a nice place to live at while at school. It is close and the pool is nice as well. They have a gym which is nice cause you can stay and workou5

Very organized and comfortable apartments .. really creates a feeling of home. I can’t wait to live here next year , which is why I chose to live in these apartments

I like being here for sure, and plan to live here the rest of college. I do hope they continue to work on improving every aspect of the Younion since within just months of being here i can tell they want to improve and have been working on it as well.

I love that the apartment was already fully furnished. So far I’ve had a wonderful time living here. The staff is very nice and helpful and the amenities are a nice addition.