I'm still trying to love this place. There was a lot that needed to be impoved but it's been making progress. I'm hoping to later on love the place I live in.

Pretty nice place but have already been charged extra money for a return fee even though we can't even move in yet and it's the first payment

Fire alarms are a real big issue as well as crappy construction. On the bright side all of the staff are very helpful and friendly. Hopefully once construction is over things will be better.

Were off to a bad start with horrible security, constant fire alarms, everything unfinished/broken. I was also reassured last year that the construction would be done by move in day, but because of their complications with bad construction companies, that obviously didn't happen. I feel that because the first companies didn't do their job, the final ones felt rushed and didn't do as good of a job as I would have liked, but that isn't Summit's fault entirely and they are fixing the issues that people have. They do seem to be working on these problems now, and I appreciate that. Things are getting better and the security is now super helpful and some of the people in the office are amazing. Maintenance is helpful and sometimes will even help you with things that aren't their job to do. I needed a white board drilled into my wall and asked nicely and it took two minutes. They really are doing what they can to make this a great place to live.

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I love my room and my apartment. I wish there was more parking spots and I wish the buildings weren't so rushed being built. Overall I love the atmosphere.

Community is all around fair. The community is safe, quiet, and clean. The management could be stronger in accommodating everyone to what is actually being needed.

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The staff is very helpful and knowledgable. The only thing is that this complex should of been done before we move in. It's also a over priced.

A great location but there has been lot of construction and the fire alarm goes off almost weekly. It is nice that the rooms come with furniture.

Nice looking community, just few cosmetic flaws that came with the apartment due to poor construction. The second round helped to fix itt, but still significant flaws remain.

best most controlled turn ups! Security has always had our backs in relevance to towing and staying true to policies. AS much AS I WISH sterling was controlled with mail... my mail got placed into the wrong mail box and i lost $400 from my grandma who only gets to see me twice out of a year... only issue.. super upset

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I am disappointed with the staff. Since moving in I have had many issues, and had trouble getting them addressed until my mother managed to get ahold of the manager, which is made virtually impossible for residents. Other than that, I like the amenities and am pleased with everything else.

As far a "luxury" student living goes, they're trying their hardest. They hire nice people in the front office but things are always going wrong. Plus, for as much as we spend on rent, the pool should be open year round.

I enjoy the hot tub and pool. I also enjoy the Monday donuts along with the club house. The free coffee and tea definitely helps in the mornings.

I am pretty happy at Sterling Summit--the only issues are the noise, the lack of service for the things broken in the apartment (things that were broken before we moved in, not after), and the construction. I think once everything gets put together, it'll be a great place. Except the rec room is only open during office hours, which really takes away from the point of it, for me.

The buildings are coming along beautifully, and I am looking forward to August 15, where I will be moved in with four of my closest friends.

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Hot tub and pool is nice year round, it is always kept up. Gym in really cool. Beds are comfortable. Security is good. Nice TVs in each room. 5x5 layout is pretty cool.

Here at sterling summit I really like how the community all treats each other with respect and kindness. Every resident is friendly and loves to talk / hang out with each other.

I really enjoy the community and accessibility of the summit. I also like that amenities ando the security. I really feel safe everto day. The staff is also always helpful

The staff here are always on top of things! Even though there have been complications in building three, the staff knows how to help everyone stay calm.

The experience has not been that great. Maintenance tried to fix something in my apartment but it stays broken. I cant believe all the construction is still going on after a month of living here. Its dangerous. It would be 5 stars if move in was on time last month and all the construction gets done.

It's a beautiful community I LOVE the look of my apartment. But, a lot of work needs to be done as far as staff improvement and finishing the community. These apartments were presented as move in ready and were barely finished when we moved in.

I like the fact that I have my own space, and happy that my roommates are pretty great people, and I enjoy using the gym and going to the pool since it is heated.

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Nice new community. Still a good deal of construction going on on the premises. Staff is pretty responsive. Rather respectful as well. Decent amount of parking. Packages received on time and notifications are prompt. Gym is kept neat and clean. Hallways are messy after weekends of if partygoers and party throwers.

Move in day was terrible, I didn't even want to live her. I was excited to use the outdoor activities like we were promised, but they weren't even built yet. Now it is getting better not because of the building, but the people around us. Like neighbors and friends. The apartments are nice, but I wish they took there time building it so there wouldn't be so many errors.

Community amenities are convenient and do offer a wide variety for residents. Elevators often are dirty and frequently smell as if an animal used the bathroom in it.