I really enjoy the apartment so far. It was in good condition upon moving in and was a simple process. I like the amenities like the play area and the pool.

The neighbors are ok as we keep to ourselves, minus those who make up their own parking spaces and aren’t towed. The new office staff is friendly but the property manager doesn’t treat us fairly.

Nice clean affordable apartment..its in a great area for work. I got the lower apartment since climbing towers all day will be exhausting. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Office staff are very helpful and friendly. They always handle problems promptly. For the most part the neighbors are friendly. I have had no problems with anything.

I really love these apartments, they aren’t too small and everything is so nice. The people in the office are also very nice, they helped me every time I have needed something in a timely manor!

We barely moved in a few days ago but so far we love it! Love the fact that this apartment complex has both a pool and gym! The grass adds a touch as well.

Everything was excellent since I went to request information about the apartments, Bianca the person who attended me has been very attentive and kind to me helping me in the procedures of my apartment and the doubts I had

Very comfortable community. The location is great and the weather is nice here. We have not had a tornado, hurricane, typhoon or earthquake. Safe.

Quiet community, when I come in from work, I am able to get the rest I need, office workers go above and beyond to make sure you feel invited, and they always have a smile on their faces...

Great apartment, parking is somewhat an issue though. First day that we moved in our vehicles got scratched on the door. neighboors take double parking and don't let others park.

Just moved in and so far everything has been great. There is no noise complaints. Having an apartment with a washer and dryer hookup is the best! A gym available in the apartment complex is also a plus. Only negative comment I have is the parking area. Unfortunately, our apartment parking is by the alley and the road to go in is full of pot holes and the parking spots themselves are a little compact. Parking is first come, first serve so even if my apartment is closest to the parking lot, at times we have to park in front of another apartment building due to the small amount of parking spots available for over 3 buildings. Other than that the staff is nice and helpful!

Very nice and easy to talk to. And it's good to be back in Texas. Born and raised in Pasadena tx and it's so nice to be a part of the family

Great place, nice environment, nice to finally have a place of my own. I was scared that this was going to feel scary but everyone I've met so far has been friendly and things have fallen into a really nice rhythm.

I really wanted to give more stars bc I'm happy enough overall, but there's a lot of problems that have come up very quickly - our carpet full of plant burs on day one, my toilet's reluctance to flush, etc. It's sort of odd, too, to give your new residents a microwave popcorn bag when the place doesn't come with a microwave. The staff are very friendly however.

The apartment staff have been great! I have had to set up apartments for my employees via email and over the phone and they have been able to answer all of my questions and make the signing up process a breeze.

It’s quiet and located in a good area. Maintenance is lacking needs a serious upgrade on windows and doors. Apartments are small for the price we are paying.

The apartment community looks very friendly and the staff is awesome and your assistant manager was so helpful and courteous she made my move in so easy with my work schedule

wonderful experience so for. quick response no issues since day. Enjoying my stay every day. quiet peaceful i love it here best apartments i have live in

Excellent place to live very family oriented and peaceful. Maintenance is very knowledgeable and respond almost immediately. Overall been here for 3 years definitely staying another year.

Great So Far. Excellent location. Very convenient to my work and my daughters school. Good rates compared to other places in town. Good amenities.

I like living here and the staff has been very understanding and hospitable. My door swelled up from the moisture and they fixed it As soon as I asked them to.

High priced they charge hidden fees that makes no sense. You have to continuously remind them to fix things and somethings just will jot be fixed. They have excuse for everything.

We just moved here and I like living here but I want quicker maintenances. Our toilet won’t flush right and we clamed it on the day but it’s been like this almost a week now and I don’t even know when it will get fixed.... also a cable that’s needed for installing wifi box wasn’t installed in our room before we moved in so we can not even set up wifi. We found it out when at&t came to set it up yesterday. We are hoping we can set our wifi ASAP!!!!

Communication is poor. Submitted apartment inspection four months ago, and nothing is fixed. Rent is inexcusably ridiculously high. Not a permanent residence.

Just moved in and my family is loving it. There is enough room for my dog to run around and play. Also the laundry mat is just a few steps away from my apartment! :)