To date the experience has been wonderful for many reasons! The staff, amenities, attention to cleanliness, safety....It truly offers you a place to live, exercise, relax, work all within a short walk...Very well designed!

Great community , great location , close to everything yet private enough. The apartment is nice and gives you a sense of home and comfort. It also feels safe and secure .

It's a pretty good complex with a nice gym and outdoor area. Nice people and nice atmosphere . Very pet friendly. I enjoy living here. The location is perfect. It's within walking distance from NYFA and not to forget the Wholefodood store at the base of the building.

The services that you offer are great and all but the mechanical issues like the Garage Doors are really annoying. The last time it was under maintenance, it lasted for more than two weeks. Another issue I have found lately is allowing for Whole Foods Employees to park within our structure. Although I do not have a problem with the Workers I do find it a problem as we do pay in order to park within our structure.

Noise is constantly an issue: • Neighbors above us are constantly stomping and dropping things on floor throughout the day/evening/night. Clearly not a lot of sound barrier for the price of apartment. • We’ve had a noise that comes from what seems to be ducting that we’ve reported. Nobody has looked at it or tried to fix. It happens 24/7. • Children constantly screaming and running up and down hallways. • Parties going too late in pub area. In fact, this just happened last night. With people screaming past quiet hours. Amenities: • Amenities are nice...when they’re working. • Business center is used as a daycare. This was a selling point when looking for someone who works from home, which I do. Yet, I can’t use it because there are constantly children in there who are not quiet. • Theater room - when not broken is constantly booked. A bit difficult to use. • Gym is probably the best amenity. Experience: • Overall, has been poor, to be honest. • We’ve had ants multiple times since moving in. With the added inconvenience of chemicals in the home to try and get rid of them (and now we’re being charged an additional fee each month for pest control?!). Food was ruined due to this, yet no offer or follow up from staff. • No door fits properly in the apartment. Bathroom door upon move-in would not close because it was left too long. Rest of doors in apartment have been severely undercut, leaving huge gaps that don’t allow privacy. • During/after the rain our patio (and by the looks of it every other patio) was overtaken by worms. They’ve since died and dried onto the concrete. We’ve tried sweeping and they’re not coming up. No offer by community to remedy. • Dishwasher was broken upon move-in. Were told it a couple of days. Ended up being a couple weeks. • Pet spa area construction - was supposed to be a week. Has been multiple weeks. • Garage door broken for weeks. • Have been here nearly 3 months, yet still have not received $1,000 gift card that was promised and in contract. Does this mean I can break lease and move out since you’ve broken the contract? Staff: • Has pretty much been the only redeeming quality since everyone is friendly. However, nothing seems to get done/held accountable? Overall, I can honestly say this has been one of the worst experiences I’ve had in a community, especially for the price. I’ve lived in tents in the middle of the desert that have been more accommodating and had less issues. It’s *very* disappointing. I’m honestly dreading having to be here for another 10 months if things stay the same.

Beautiful property with great staff. Everyone is always friendly and helpful The location of this property is perfect! Having Whole Foods adjacent to the building is such a bonus.

Good neighbors, fabulous fitness and business center which we enjoy using service, friendly snd service-minded staff, convenient location with Whole Foods just few steps away, lots of activities going on in the community

Dude, this place is the stuff. Billiards and smoking happen on two different floors. I mean how many ways can I say it to try to make this sentence and description 140 characters. I guess we're going to find out!

Great management team, hard working cleaning staff and great amenities. The location of Talaria is also outstanding and in close proximity to the Whole Foods downstairs and many studios and nearby restaurants and freeway access.

Very friendly building staff. Floors should have been more soundproofed - can hear loud noises in apartment above and music in apartment below. Elevators and parking gate seem to malfunction frequently.

Most neighbors are friendly. I used to give this 5stars without question. Lately, I feel like all the rules and regulations are hindering us from having guest over. I also think the hello Alfred should be an optional charge. As much as I like Karen, it's just not a program for everyone. I would pay for an extra parking spot over hello Alfred any services. Perhaps that could be an option?

It's quiet, clean, and a fun considerate community is being formed. The events are great. I wish I could attend more of them. I use the gym all the time and I live being able to take advantage of the pool.

We are so happy with our new apartment. The service has been excellent, the location is convenient to all of our favorite spots, and our view is exceptional! So happy to be Talaria residents!

It's a beautiful place, great location and very friendly staff. I moved in a month ago and everyone has been extremely helpful. Great place to live.

The coffee cans in the third-floor business center are always empty. Others are amazing! The people, the amenities, the location are all excellent.

Very nice , hot ! Safety , quite ! From the beginning a didn’t Believe it I’m leaving this room , but afterwards I start to really ! More over it’s like an dream !

Love it, the building is great the people are wonderful! I will say it is taking to long to get things repaired. I have been waiting a month for my dishwasher and ice maker to be fixed. The security is great and I love Karen and the Alfred team. The building events have been wonderful and well planned. Would love to see more yoga classes and perhaps some morning classes outside in the courtyard.

From the moment we came to view Talaria, it has felt like home. All of the staff has been incredible and our apartment is absolutely gorgeous. We are currently moving in and cannot wait to enjoy everything this building has to offer!

The environment that has been created is very special and brings out the best in people. There have obviously been some great minds and great people behind Talaria!

Just moved in, so far so good. However, for a new building, it's a little rough in regards to maintenance: Dirt on hall walls, walls around Alameda elevator chipped, Light fixture near freight elevator broken. Also, move in is incredibly difficult: Loading zone is far, no ramp, can't hold doors open and freight elevator has lots of non- freight traffic.

It’s been nothing less than perfect living here. Keeping aside the amenities which would send any normal resident into overdrive, management has been beyond helpful with every and any aspect of my stay here.

Good staff. Good amenities. Only issue was with construction crew supervisor from owner team tried to access our unit for filter change when it was already done and he had been expressly told by property management team that they were not permitted to access. Construction supervisors disregard for property management and tenants express instructions a problem.

been here for 2 weeks! No complaints! very nice/ fun environment to be in! great staff and facility! I can wait to create more memories here!

Love it here, the people, the staff, the amenities, everything. My kids can run around and feel safe and I feel safe having them run around. Everyone here is so kind.

I was desperately looking for a transitional place. This place has everything I've been looking for in one place. Convenience to work, to high ways. above Whole Foods, 24 hr gym, outdoor pool and many more.