It's been some good and some bad so far. I communicated already with some of the management at Talaria about some of the misses that were disappointing. The unit is nice, the location is great, and the amenities are nice as well. Mana was great to work with during the rental process. After we moved in, though, there were some real issues, including not being told when workers were coming by, the check in process took quite some time, etc.

I love the apartment but I am not happy with the concessions not given to new residents when they didn’t have all of the amenities. I am still waiting on repairs as well

Great amenities, wish there was a weight restriction on dogs. Lots of young people and families. Currently very accessible to all amenities but at capacity there may be an issue with some amenities.

It is a nice new building with great amenities. Construction completion timeline is longer than expected, which is getting a bit frustrating, but otherwise experience has been pretty smooth so far.

I absolutely LOVE the staff at Talaria. However, I was very disheartened to move in at full lease price without any amenities in place. I spoke to local and regional management about this without any sort of compensation.

The apartments are beautiful. I love living within walking distance to work. I wish the hot tub/pool was open a little earlier in the morning so I could swim before work. Thanks!

Beautiful property. A couple of initial issues that were addressed quickly. Great amenities including a pool, pool table, outdoor seating, bbq pits and much more

We have been impressed by the staff here at Talaria, who are all very friendly, welcoming and helpful. We love our new apartment, having never lived in a brand new home before we are enjoying the experience! We have had a few issues; our movers said ours was one of their most difficult moves due to where they had to park and the long walk with all our furniture and boxes to our apartment! Another difficulty has been with the Nest system, the fan runs constantly, but maintenance is working with us on this issue. We love the amenities we have here at Talaria, and plan to take advantage of everything Talaria has to offer! Our neighbors have been friendly and helpful too and we think we are really going to enjoy living here!

The establishment is very new, and for being new everything seems to get very organized and they have great staff! Place is clean, area is gorgeous and the amenities are amazing. Beautiful peaceful place!

Staff is so great. Still haven't met a lot of folks. I did have some issues with the FOB access which was rectified quickly. Otherwise, I am loving all the amenities... especially the hot tub and gym!

Very friendly, responsive, and professional staff and security people. Noisy neighbors and an ant problem in my apartment and in the pet park, but problems were quickly addressed.

good. facility is nice, especially the swimming pool. Reading room is nice and comfortable. people are friendly. Location is great. love whole food market.

Love the amenities! Having Whole Foods downstairs is the best. Talaria staff excellent. They are efficient and friendly. Easy move in process.

We just moved in... and so far the amenities are all what was promised. The leasing staff lead by Irene has been great and they made our move-in relatively easy.

Just moved in but have found the building to be well appointed and high quality. Staff has been terrific as well. Looking forward to taking advantage of all of the great amenities.

It is the best place , friendly staff , amazing service and the best community events. I love how we build community here. Your cleaning crew do an amazing job as well.

I love all the amenities and the staff are great! I felt right at home the moment I moved into my apartment. Every question I have and if I need assistance on anything, the concierge is so helpful.

I love living here! The building is in a great location for me and the amenities are perfect for what I need. The building staff are helping and friendly.

It is so far amazing to live in this apartment. I personally love the attentiveness of the staff to any questions or problems you may have. Another great benefit of living here is the availability of activities that are found throughout the complex. Personally for me this is by far one of the best apartments I have seen, and I cannot wait to fully experience all the activities that Talaria has to offer.

The apartment complex is brand new and has tons of amenities. It is really nice and relaxing . I love it here and would highly reccomend it .

My resident experience has been amazing. Yes, we moved in during construction and were woken up during all hours of the night-(only a few times).. but because the staff are an incredible group of people, all the sleepless nights have been forgotten!! Every single person who is at the front desk has been so friendly and accommodating. My family sold our home and moved to this apartment community. We didn't know what to expect. But the welcoming nature of everyone here; the leasing office, the janitorial services, the concierge staff, the overnight security, etc... has made our transition worthwhile. We would recommend Talaria Burbank to anyone, from every walk of life!

The place is luxurious and quiet. I love hitting the gym, hot tub, and hanging in the pub. I haven't been able to fully enjoy the sky lounge but summer is coming.

The experience has been very pleasant and according to plan thanks to Mana. The staff is very accommodating and the apartment feels like home

I love living here! So happy I moved in when I did! I feel safe, everyone who works here is great, I love the location and I enjoy all the amenities.

been here for 2 weeks! No complaints! very nice/ fun environment to be in! great staff and facility! I can wait to create more memories here!