Large, quiet property. Beautiful pool and friendly people. The dog park, gym and half court are great ways to relax after a long day at work. Also loving the bbqs around the complex. Perfect way for a no hassle cookout.

The location of place is prefect!! Neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. Maintenance is on point with cleanliness too! Being close to the mall is a plus as well.

I enjoy the quiet and cleanness of the place. I enjoy sitting on my balcony and overlooking the scenery. I enjoy the comfort of my home. I enjoy the pool.

It’s been good so far, just need to get rid of the valet trash. Too expensive and don’t need it. Also rent of the pool area, too expensive.

My experience has been pretty good so far. Looking forward to my first year here. My family absolutely love the amenities and the space in our home

Love our townhouse and the taco guy on mondays, but parking is a HUGE issue here. Not enough parking for everyone. Valet trash is unnecessary, we pay almost 50 dollars for it now and I've only used it a handful of times since January. (the trash is across from our garage so seems silly not to take it out ourselves)

I have lived here in the Terrano community for 6 months. I can not say enough about the very friendly staff as well as the awesome amenities. Before I decided to make Terrano my home, looked at several different Corona properties. I AM SO PLEASED THAT I SELECTED TERRANO.....A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE !!

Although there were hiccups in our move, Rosa Maria was just amazing to work this. She was super accommodating and the staff always responds to us promptly and efficiently. No complaints from us!

Beautiful community, very upgraded, close to lots of fun things to do as a couple and family! We are very excited to be apart of the Terrano community.

The best experience thus far. Management has really helped us out with our new townhome. Definetly very helpful and honest about all of the items required

wonderful. place is great everything is clean and organized. Staff was/is very friendly . Maria Rosa our leasing consultant was very kind and patient.. answered all of our questions.

Everything is great, I like it here but there are 3 things that I wasn’t too fond of which is why I’m giving this place 4 stars. The first issue: The parking. They’re isn’t enough parking available and I have to constantly keep an eye on parking just to park close to my apartment. The second: The pool. There’s only one which makes it so crowded when everyone is there and can’t really enjoy it. The third: The fact that we can only get AT&T internet. I loved spectrum because I was able to get lakers sports net and the dodger channels. I canceled direct tv years ago and not planning on getting it again.

We just moved in a month ago and couldn't be happier with our new community. The location itself is to die for, but the community is just wonderful too.

It’s great but our doors esp hinges making noise it’s corrected by us My bathroom no control to stop the air fun continuous 24 hours ???i can hear the fun from my bedroom Apartment full of dust esp the floor and the kitchen clean by us

Great experience! Everything thing and all the Ladies in the leasing office were fantastic love the atmosphere. Clean and cozy. New memories on the horizon

Excellent experience, definitely this is a perfect place for any family, and all employees are very special. Sincerely this is very different. Thank you

Every thing is great except my upstairs neighbor smokes marijuana and makes loud noises every night. I wish the spa could be open later for adults

The experience at Terrano has been very pleasant so far. The staff is very friendly and helpful. One of the cleanest and quietest places I have lived so far...

Its cheap and not built to well. The ac sucks it smells inside. Outlets dont work well. Very disappointed. For being brand new everything should be in order and no internet room either

Staff is very friendly. They talk about garages being used for parking yet I see so many full of storage while they take up all of the guest parking. One unit has one car in a 2 car garage while they park 2 others in guest parking. Now that property is filling up, Parking must be enforced.

Rosa made our transition very easy and comfortable. We love the community and the amenities. Great location and of course brand new facilities and units...

The place has been great except for The neighbors dogs barking all the time and waking me up in the morning. Also have had a lot of problems with the electrical in the apartment.

The community is gorgeous, comes with all the amenities that one would need in the community as well as in the apartment. The trash service is pretty cool. I just moved in and they have had an issue with the directory and gate codes, so hopefully that is figured out soon. Apart from that, everything is great!

Terrano Apartments are beautiful both inside and out. The community is well maintained and the staff is great. The location is ideal as well! Everything you need is around the corner—literally.

Love the property and the staff, it's so conveniently located, right next to Trader Joe's and restaurants. I love my apartment all the appliances are included. Parking is great i have my own garage abd a storage space i have to pay for the storage but no one else has them.