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Read about how we've helped conventional and student multifamily properties turn their residents into their best marketers.


Amber Bigham

Residents are now sending qualified leads

"Community Rewards Program is a great program that not only engages residents at your community, but gives the property a platform to focus on new leads, new qualified traffic and generate a return on your investment! The Community Reviews portion is a great way to showcase your property by allowing current residents to showcase how amazing your community is to others. Modern Message's support team is knowledgeable on all things social media and use their expertise to continue to grow and reshape how community's utilize social media to capture their audience."

Adam Byrley

Amazingly efficient portfolio rollout

"Modern Message is simply brilliant! I found the product on one of our competitor's Facebook pages. I knew immediately that it was a must have if I wanted to stay competitive. Since signing up, all of our properties both Student and Conventional have seen significant growth in reputation ratings. The team at Modern Message is amazing and makes using their products that much more enjoyable! Modern Message has given our Residents a voice. The one in which we were dying to hear!"

Jessica Mabry

Interacting with residents is amazing

"We are loving all the interaction we’re getting with Community Rewards!"

Jerry Wojenski

90% reputation improvement

"In less than 30 days, with the exact same audience, we've managed to identify over 121 advocates who have collectively completed over 1700 social actions. And in case it isn't immediately clear how identifying and empowering your resident advocates can impact your property, Twin River Commons went from a 2.1 star rating to a 4 star rating on Google+ during this same time period."

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Cindy Inman

Prospects are signing leases blind!

"More prospects are leasing blind since we started with Modern Message based on resident reviews and specifically those about our staff. Community Rewards works!"

Emily Prevost

Advocates truly move the needle

"We've gotten more 5-star reviews for our properties since working with Modern Message. Cannot say enough how amazing Community Rewards is."

Melanie Ling

Perfect for appealing to parents

"Incorporating resident advocate reviews and activity into our website was a perfect way to market to parents."

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