No complaints so far! Carpet is in perfect condition. Room sizes are good. Everything was in good condition when I arrived. The floor has a little bit of water damage in the living room and the floor dips.

Location is great and rooms are super nice. The building itself is a little confusing on knowing what building is what. Moving in was great and easy with the help of the movers and when I got to the apartment I noticed my tv cable was broken and maintenance had it fixed within the hour as soon as I told them so that was very nice.

I'm enjoying my time here so far. Everyone I've interacted with has been friendly and the staff has been extremely helpful. I appreciate how close in proximity the complex is to the college.

Moving in was super easy and the staff was incredibly helpful! Neighbors are nice and close parking makes things easy. Amenities are great and work perfectly.

I love the Academy at frisco. The staff are super nice and helpful and the property is beautiful full of amazing amenities! I 100% would recommend this property to friends looking for a future home. FRISCO IS GOOD

Most of the staff is great, though some of the front office staffs and the former resident manager were very hard to work with. Great amenities and an awesome location.

people working here are very nice and helpful. The apartment is very nice and i am excited to live here. The building is a little confusing to walk around though

I love living in the one bedroom apartment. Although it was really close to the street, there wasn’t much noise and if there was, it never bothered me.

The staff at Frisco have been very helpful with the move in process and helping out with the move in checklist! So excited to actually move in!

So far everyone has been really great here at frisco and super kind. I am super excited to live here full time and the location isn’t just wonderful too

it was fun! i like living with my friends, the pool was really nice and the room was cool. my roomate had a dog but it was really loud so we made him go to someone ekse

So far having not lived in the apartments yet, my experience has been smooth. Great customer service, but slow on dates and information. It is hard to prepare to move in when you don’t know the dates of anything.

It's pretty lit dawg ya know what i'm sayin? Staff are so chill and helpful and maintenance always got your back ya know what i'm saying? You can study on weekdays and do yo thang on the weekends. Study rooms are available and Dickson is also super available. Pool is pretty cool place to chill too. That's the Frisco resident official CHILLLLL zone. I would totally recommend living here cause it's a tight place to live with your homies. Peace & love y'all. Live here.

I love it here, perfect location for an apartment and walking to class at the university. Everything is pretty laid back and there’s always nice employees to help with anything!!

So far Frisco has been so great and I can't wait to move in! I love the location because it is close enough to campus where I can still walk to class while also being close to my sorority house!

I love everything about Frisco. The community, atmosphere and the apartment style itself is so good. The staff really makes it Feel like a real home.

Love this place. Has an awesome staff who have started doing some really fun stuff! I have never had a problem in my 3 semesters living here, and I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

The Academy at Frisco is a great place to live. Staff is responsive and helpful. The apartment interacts with residents by providing free food and other interactive activities. I recommend this apartment complex!

It's been really great so far. Everyone is super helpful/responsive when it comes to questions about different aspects of living at Frisco. They seem to want to make things as easy as possible.

I love living here, the location is the best and there are always so many events and giveaways. I cannot wait to be here for for my 3rd year

Everyone there is super friendly and helpful! There is a great vibe that can be felt as soon as you walk through the door! I love how welcoming it feels

Best location out of all the apartments all around campus with the best staff. New manager is great and Frisco is definitely on the rise. Maintenance is quick to respond to requests and a very positive front desk. Life is good at Frisco

Great location and maintenance team. They give away food sometimes and that’s cool. Who doesn’t love free stuff. Overall it’s a 4/10. Could use more guest parking

pretty cool. i like the pool, i enjoy the parking garage. close to campus which is good for me meaning i dont have to pay for parking on campus

Great atmosphere and amenities. The staff is so helpful all the time and easy to contact. The apartment complex is clean and is great. I love this building.