It's been really great so far. Everyone is super helpful/responsive when it comes to questions about different aspects of living at Frisco. They seem to want to make things as easy as possible.

I love living here, the location is the best and there are always so many events and giveaways. I cannot wait to be here for for my 3rd year

Everyone there is super friendly and helpful! There is a great vibe that can be felt as soon as you walk through the door! I love how welcoming it feels

Frisco was a pretty solid location for everything. But it was always pretty dirty and loud. I would not really recommend living here if you had another option.

Loud halls all the time and eh management. Not appreciating current/re-signing residents rates over late signers. The maintenance people are cool and come fast

Best location out of all the apartments all around campus with the best staff. New manager is great and Frisco is definitely on the rise. Maintenance is quick to respond to requests and a very positive front desk. Life is good at Frisco

Great location and maintenance team. They give away food sometimes and that’s cool. Who doesn’t love free stuff. Overall it’s a 4/10. Could use more guest parking

pretty cool. i like the pool, i enjoy the parking garage. close to campus which is good for me meaning i dont have to pay for parking on campus

Great atmosphere and amenities. The staff is so helpful all the time and easy to contact. The apartment complex is clean and is great. I love this building.

It is super nice and very modern. The staff is nice and always wonderful. The apartment complex is very clean and well kept. The staff is quick to respond to complaints.

Absolutely amazing amenities, great staff, and very close to campus. I love being able to walk to class and not have to deal with traffic!!!

Love the amenities and the location. Plan on staying here through my undergraduate degree at the University of Arkansas. Will definitely recommend

Great for any college student attending the University of Arkansas. Nice interior finishes and a very fun community to live in. Always something going on.

I am an incoming resident for that upcoming year and so far I have been very pleased with the head and clear communication from the staff at Frisco. It made my decision much easier and I believe there will be a smooth transition into living there.

Such a greater area and staff members are wonderful! Events are the best out of any apartment complex in town. I love the rooftop area and study rooms.

Great staff, location, and amenities. The maintenance staff responds quickly and effectively. Very loud, but that’s to be expected of an apartment complex next to a college!

Great place with great people. I like the way it’s run and cleaned very nice. When people ask about frisco I tell them it’s great. Definitely looking forward to being here again next year

Great service and so far so good with the experience I have had at the Academy at Frisco! So excited to live here because of its amazing location as well.

Location is great but something is always broken. Stairwells and hallways are messy and smell. Have stepped up some this semester with community involvement.

Everyone at the academy of Frisco is so nice and makes you feel so welcome. I also really enjoy the location- So close to school and Dickson!

The community and rewards here are so great ! One thing that is a little annoying is when you sign your lease early you dont really get anything but when you sign it later on you get gift cards and such...

Amazing Apartment complex and ya salk the nessesities conviently spread out across the residency. Great staff and couldn’t be more thrilled to live there again

Is far, I haven’t even moved in yet and I already have issues with this place. I recommend being more prepared to deal with slow staff and slow responses before signing a lease here.

I am not yet a resident but I will be next year and I’m so excited! I had the best experience signing my lease with the manager who was so nice!

It has been an experience. A really good location, and relatively clean. Not as noisy as you would expect with it being right off of Dickson.