Since being a resident at the Academy at Frisco, I have been nothing but pleased with my experience. The staff is so incredibly helpful and always seem happy to help with anything that I might need. Also all of the facilities are wonderful, and have great upkeep!

moving in process was difficult due to miscommunication but front desk eventually was helpful with assisting me with my move in needs. the rooms were clean and well organized once i had moved in.

I love how modern and neat the apartment complex is. Such beautiful entry downstairs, good parking. And I love the coffee downstairs. Excellent expierance

Other than the tight parking, love the safety of having to fob into the building. Not the nicest hallways but inside so can't complain, I love living here!

Frisco is a good college apartment. No, it may not always be the cleanest but you are sure to meet new people wherever you may go. It is also perfect for the crowd looking for a balance between Dickson and Campus.

This has been a great experience. The staff at Frisco has been so nice and helpful and the apartments are very nice. I am very impressed with Frisco.

Anytime I have needed help with something the employees have been nothing but kind and helpful in every way! I have only moved into my apartment, have yet to live there, and I already love the kindness of the working crew. They have helped me so much!

I have lived at the academy at frisco for two years and about to live there another year! I love how close it is to campus and dickson street!

Awesome location! Won’t have to purchase a parking pass at the University, and love the overall look of the apartment and the lobby. Also, I love that the Academy has a gym and a pool.

I’m super pumped to live there!! I’ll be living with some great girls and the apartment looks so nice. I love it’s fully furnished and modern

It’s akways pleasant, fun, and nice when I have been at frisco. They are really helpful with the beginning process and make sure you stay updated with your lease through them.

Very nice apartment complex. D2 floor plan is the way to go for a 4 bedroom apartment. Good price for what you get. Workout facility and study rooms are great.

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Its such a nice and friendly environment! Everyone I know who lives here loves it! I've met so many great people and the staff is so friendly and helpful!

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I love living at the Academy at Frisco. This place is really nice and is a fun time. The apartment is a huge upgrade from living in the dorm.

I am not yet a residence in Sterling but I have stayed in this apartment complex before and really enjoyed it. The living space is comfortable and clean. The location is the best part.

My time at Frisco has been a good one! I have made some friends here that I would have never made had I not lived here. I enjoyed it so much that I renewed my lease for next year

Frisco is a very beautiful place to live with great amentities and location. There is a lot of noise and maintenance can be on and off. The staff can be helpful at times, as well.

I accidentally haven't lived there yet, but I will be in the fall of 2018. However, I know many people that currently live there and went there numerous times to visit. So based on that it's ight.

Really awesome! I have only had good experiences at this apartment complex. I would say that the noise level is a little loud at some points but otherwise it is great :)

twas great i really enjoyed the frisco very nice place to live had a wonderful time full of exuberent experinces would definitely do this agin in teh futre

Great place to live and to do life. I really like it. Its awesome. I really like the pool and the gym. Great place to live. Geeat room size and i love living with friends

Very nice staff. LOVED JENNY!! Best person you’ve ever hired. Knew me by name and was always so sweet. Sterling as a whole could be a lot cleaner and better taken care of

My experience with the Academy at Frisco has been very easy and stress free. The only trouble I had with Frisco was trying to get them to change my guarantor (which is not even a big deal at all)

Well Ive lived here for two years and when compared to previous years there are way more rules now and I’ve got a few stupid fines and a few bill overages that didn’t used to happen so the new management isn’t the best.

When I came to tour the property the ladies at the desk were so nice and helpful with my roommates and I’s needs. They told us all about the property and answered all our questions.