It’s been a great experience living in frisco... absolutely great location! Super convenient for class and night life. Will more than likely continue living here.

Living at the academy at Frisco has been a good experience overall. The amenities are great, the people are nice, and the new management is awesome. The only issue is the noise but that comes with anywhere you live on a college campus.

So far The Acedmy at Frisco seems like a wonderful place to live. They have great amenities and a very professional staff. i look forward to moving in.

I love it here, wish our rent wasn’t going up, so that kinda sucks. But I love the community I have made here. The kitchen is great and spacious, my room is cozy.

My apartment is great and I really like the girls that I was matched with to room with. The location is killer because it is so close to campus, but it can get VERY loud

I love my roomates and the apartment complex it’s self. It is usually very clean and well kept. the management staff is awesome and have helped so much with moving me in

Love the location because I walk to class everyday and I get to stay involved on campus with everything that I am apart of. My friends live here as well making it a fun environment

I love it, the staff, amenities, and location are all great! Couldn’t have asked to live in a better location. I’m always having a great time here.

Other than the hallways always having trash in them, I like my apartment at frisco and enjoy living here. The pool is really nice, and I love the snack bar they have available

Updated appliances in rooms, cannot hear neighbors through walls, covered parking, many good things. However, have had some issues getting mail put into the wrong boxes. Other than that, good experience

I think that the staff is very nice and approachable and I have had a pretty positive experience. The overall noise level is the only thing that tends to bother me because it is hard to sleep when the people next door are blaring music but that doesn't really have to due with the apartment complex as a whole. The parking situation is already a hassle and because one of the gates hasn't been fixed in a month it makes it even more of a pain.

Very exciting place to live with lots of amenities. Everyone that works here is always willing to help with any problems or issues I may have. Really glad I chose to live here.

love the snacks down stairs, more snacks. i like that it is kept pretty clean, the only negative i have is sometimes maintenance requests take a while.

The academy at Frisco has given me a great experience so far I have only lived here for a few weeks but I enjoy the distance to class it’s not too far and it is here we’re all the rest of my Catie sisters are and I enjoy that. We changeg The academy at Frisco has given me a great experience so far I have only lived here for a few weeks but I enjoy the distance to class it’s not too far and it is here we’re all the rest of my KD sisters are and I enjoy that.

Great place to live. Nice,clean apartments. Friendly staff. Nice clean areas to go like the pool, the roof, the lounge, and the workout room.

Apartment is great-I like the space and all the amenities. There is lots of noise on the weekends from other students but nothing frisco can control. There’s lots of fresh and dog poop around-could be more diligent and conduct frequent checks to make sure residents are cleaning up after themselves. Staff has been great.

So far loving my experience living at the Academy at Frisco. The staff is so friendly and easy to get in touch with! I have a pool view and have noticed they clean the pool every morning, which is impressive.

The location of Frisco is very convenient for everything and the staff is very easy to work with. The parking garage situation is not thought out very well with where people live and where their parking spot is.

Pretty good so far. Cleaner than my last apt and more efficient in package notification. Wish they had better coffee. The building is a bit confusing to navigate around.

let parking be available to the future resident spots after hours!!! also let us set our trash outside the doors like sterling district!!! its so fun living here!!

Since being a resident at the Academy at Frisco, I have been nothing but pleased with my experience. The staff is so incredibly helpful and always seem happy to help with anything that I might need. Also all of the facilities are wonderful, and have great upkeep!

moving in process was difficult due to miscommunication but front desk eventually was helpful with assisting me with my move in needs. the rooms were clean and well organized once i had moved in.

I love how modern and neat the apartment complex is. Such beautiful entry downstairs, good parking. And I love the coffee downstairs. Excellent expierance

Other than the tight parking, love the safety of having to fob into the building. Not the nicest hallways but inside so can't complain, I love living here!

Frisco is a good college apartment. No, it may not always be the cleanest but you are sure to meet new people wherever you may go. It is also perfect for the crowd looking for a balance between Dickson and Campus.