I love the apartment. I personally love having a gym in close proximity and the restaurants nearby. The only thing that can get irritating is the noise from the construction. Also I can sometimes notice parts of the apartment that look like the construction was rushed due to the quality of it.

So far has been an amazing experience. Jeremy is always around when you need him and all the residents are respectful. 10/10 recommend to anyone.

Everything has been great. The only thing is since Jeremy only works on Tuesday through Saturday, if I have a package come on Sunday or even Monday I am unable to get it. Sometimes it wont even be delivered. I had a package come a couple weeks ago that needed to be signed for and it came on Thursday, but Jeremy was a some even on campus and it was not able to be delivered and then I tried to have it delivered again on Friday and he was not there again so it was not delivered. I had to take an uber down to the Post Office about 4 miles awhile by the Ralphs in order to pick up a package that contained my medication that I needed. It would be great if there were like mailboxes that were like the ones from amazon that just have a combo on them that when your package is delivered you get an email with the mailbox number on it and the combo that way you can get mail even when Jeremy is not working that day such as on Mondays.

The kitchen is nice and the living room cozy. The bathrooms have a a modern feel which is appealing. The bedrooms are a comfortable size and the space is utilized to its maximum.

Love the new appliances, easy to clean floors and the general vibe of the entire place. The lobby is gorgeous and has super comfy couches! Only complaint is that my window is on the Foothill rd side and gets all sorts of noise throughout the night, not sure if there would be anyway to fix that but my kingdom for whoever figures it out. Also, I wish the courtyard area had some greenery or something to soften it up.

Location is great as far as the neighborhood and it’s within a good amount of distance from campus! If you’re looking to be closer to downtown and the bars this isn’t the place for you. They have good amenities and the whole building is brand new so they are in a great condition.

Love The Academy Chorro!!!! Close walk to school, great patio, great living room and kitchen. Only issue is the noise/traffic from Foothill keeps us up at night.

Everything has been great and all the people here are awesome. The only thing that kind of sucks is that we can not receive packages on Mondays because no one is working here to receive them. It would be great if there was another way for us to get our packages. Such as a main mail room through amazon that they put the packages in them and send us a code to get them.

This apartment complex has been amazing thus far. The landlord (Jeremy) has always been extremely helpful with anything I need and I’ve loved living here.

So far, my experience has been good. There havent been too many problems and I am enjoying all the amenities. The gym is great and our apartment is very spacious.

Well we haven’t moved in yet but I am really excited to get moved in and see the final product. Ever since I signed the lease I have been really excited about moving in and seeing the final product.

Although The Academy has not been completed yet, it does appear to be on track for completion by move in. Additionally, all of the people I have dealt with at The Academy have been very polite and helpful.