I love it here. The rooms are nice and full of amenities. I wish the maintenance was more responsive and actually fixed things though. That is frustrating

The Staff has always been friendly and extremely prompt when handling issues that have arisen. The building is always clean and the rooms were clean upon first move-in.

I think the Academy on Charles has been great so far. The maintenance is quick and easy, and the leasing staff is very nice. It is a mostly quiet place to live, which I like, and the occasional community activities are fun. The criticisms I have are that I wish the leasing office had a better idea of how much my rent would increase when I originally signed so I knew what I was getting into, and it can be frustrating sometimes when some friends and I want to hang out on the roof but it's been reserved. I think it'd be nice if an email could be sent out a calendar showing when it is reserved so my friends don't have to walk over to the apartment just to have to walk back after finding out the roof isn't available. My last criticisms, would be that there isn't much cabinet/pantry space and the heating system seems to heat the apartment unevenly so my room and the one adjacent get very hot while my roommate across the common space receives little heat and gets cold.

I really like living here! The staff is very friendly, and the events they organize are always fun. Maintenance requests are always answered quickly. The amenities are great. Only downside is it’s a bit further from campus than some other housing options, but it’s not ridiculous.

I've really enjoyed living at The Academy on Charles! The apartments are beautiful but still cozy, and my roommates and I have had no issues so far!

my resident experience is really good! staff are always friendly and facility is always clean. really appreciate the security guard at night as well!

The place is awesome, the rooms are spacious and common areas are equipped with a lot. the staff are nice and helpful, a great experience overall.

The academy on charles is a really nice apartment but it can be overpriced at times. The staff is nice and helpful, but again it is still expensive.

This apartment is great! All the amenities are amazing, staff is very friendly, and maintenance comes pretty quick. LOVE the coffee machine and study room

Experience has been great! Staff is really helpful especially with rent concerns and maintenance requests. They're always friendly and receptive to issues.

Great amenities and services. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Rooms come furnished which is nice. Only downside would be the cost.

Very helpful and responsive staff. Apartments are very nice and clean, facilities are great. The only downside is WiFi is sometimes a little slow

The living space is beautiful and I love my view! The management is friendly and learns the residents' names/info, which is really nice. Some of the walls are a bit scratched up and wifi is kind of shotty. Also, I sort of wish the management was easier to contact at night & price was lower. But, the amenities and wonderful events really make up for any small complaints. It's really an overall lovely and enjoyable living environment. :)

The building staff is very good and attentive, they fixed any problems we had right away. The amenities in the building are also very nice. I love the terrace, study room, and the work out room. Overall, a good experience.

its alright, however i think rent is kinda high considering that 9e is almost the same price.... 9e is closer to campus, newer, and has more food/etc nearby. Also the heating and cooling resets to the minimum temp and idk how to change that

I am giving the Academy on Charles 5 stars because the team is outstanding. Each team member working here goes above and beyond to make living here great. Each event offered with free games, snacks, drinks, candy are the best pick-me-ups. My favorite event so far was the paint night as I was able to paint my own masterpiece with an instructor. Any time I have an issue with my apartment, payment, even printing my material, the team does everything they can to fix whatever they can plus once the issue is fixed, they somehow always leave me with a smile on my face.

Facilities are not explained during move in well, so it took a couple of days and some searching to find all amenities available in the building. Doors are loud at night, especially on weekends

I really appreciate the free printing and drinks in the lobby, how clean the facility always is, the security, and the attentive staff! Im defintley staying here next year.

Comfortable, modern, and friendly staff. Instalations are new and spaces are vast. Social areas such as gym, terrace, and study room are perfect for students.

The people here are great and it's a very nice building to live in. When you need something fixed maintenance usually comes quickly. The rent is kind of pricey but you get what you pay for.

The Academy on Charles is a pretty nice place to live. The staff are accommodating and maintenance is quick. The small room size is the main disadvantage.

communications are confusing at times, such as the renewal emails about whether rooms were going to be held. Wifi didn't work in the beginning and took a while to fix. Overall though most things have been hassle free and work orders are done quickly.

I love living at the Academy ! The staff is great and the amenities are nice. The gym and the study are convenient. Maintenance and emergency calls are quickly resolved.

The building is amazing! The amenities that it offers are great, the gym is very decent compared to other building gyms, and having a washer and dryer in your apartment is very extremely convenient. It is very close to Hopkins and the walk is really nice. The Academy organizes events for its residents which involves a lot of free food! Great experience and I definitely recommend.

I'm really enjoying the more resident activities that the Academy has put effort into planning, such as the omelette station, the pub and paint night, and all the other event during resident appreciation week. The staff always has a smile on their face when I pass by and it really makes a difference.