It has been a great experience! I love the amenities and the facility is really beautiful. Will definitely be renewing my lease! Best building option near campus.

Big fan. I really like the amenities, such as the free coffee because no other building does that. I also appreciate the community events. The building is very nice too

I like my apartment a lot. It's a little small and feels slightly cramped but my roommate is AWESOME and we love our kitchen. The hours available to pick up the packages make it hard to pick up since we usually work 9-6 pm.

It's a great place to stay. One of the downsides is the walls are thin so I can hear our neighbors yelling in the middle of the night. In addition, it would be great we could fix the heater.

I like the amenities provided and how available staff are. Other residents in the apartment are amenable, although there isn't really a 'community'. (I don't need one though)

Love it so far. The printer still hasn’t started working and sometimes the staff don’t know answers to questions. But the view? A 10/10 !!!!

It would be nicer if the elevators were linked so that you would not have to press buttons for both of the elevators. I also wish we could print more pages for free. The lobby is really nice.

Love living here! The amenities are incredible and the staff are so nice! My favorite part of living here is getting the chance to live with my friends but having my own bathroom.

My resident experience has generally been good. The apartment is spacious and the recreation room is very nice. The cabinets in our kitchen are not set up to maximize storage space, but this is not a very large issue.

it is really great here in the academy on charles. Surrounding enmironment is good, air conditioning works perfect, and vacume cleaner is available to borrow.

I like the neighborhood and the amenities provided but would have liked my room to be bigger in size and better roommate selection. It can be difficult for so many people to live in one small apartment at times, but otherwise I like it.

The resident experience is a good one. The building makes a great attempt at keeping the residents engaged by hosting different events and opportunities to meet with peer residents.

Good support of every issue I had, AC I see working fine, very friendly staff, accessible. Honestly there isn’t much to say except the support is superb

Great staff, response to maintenance requests, and awesome place to live all around! No complaints, I got locked out one night and the manager came and let me in my room for free. Thanks man!

sometimes the neighbors are too loud and you can hear it instantly. The maintenance is good but the rent is still too high and when people try to sign the contract they can't even see the actual room.

Amazing amenities and community, communication and reliability of management leaves something to be desired. Issues with being charged the wrong amount of rent.

Its been pretty solid thus far. Not too bad. I really like the downstair's amenities. I am thinking of refering a couple of friends for the next school year.

Very nice place. Amenities are best part. Rooms have up to date appliances and the bathrooms are great. Only with our living room was larger.

My experience at this place is one to remember forever. the people here are incredibly nice and everyone is very happy. The people who live here are also very nice

Apartment is great, good ac and comfortable rooms and living area. The kitchen can get a bit cramped with three people but the activities hosted by the academy are fun.

The lifestyle is amazing here. I love the environment here. I would definitely recommend this apartment to a future friend. I also love the views from the rooftop

Very friendly staff, extremely helpful and welcoming on move-in day. Community events are awesome and relevant to college students. Overall great experience

Since moving in several days ago, everything is good. However some of the outlets are ridiculously difficult to use or un-usable altogether. :(

Everything is pretty good especially the move in week events which help us quickly know more people and make more friends. The rooms are clean so that we don't need to worry about doing some cleaning stuff.

The maintenance staff are nice. The building is well finished and rooms are furnished. All the utilities are included in the rent making life much easier.