My experience so far living here is cool but it’s not something I would recommend for the first apartment . They are really cool in the rent office sometimes , it’s just that it takes them forever to come out and fix things

I just moved in and I love it so far! The staff is absolutely amazing and so sweet! There are a few repairs that need to be done but it isn’t anything major.

I’ve only been here for a month. But so far I truly enjoy it. There are small things I think can improve over time, but that is with everywhere you go. But overall I think I will enjoy my time here.

great location, great price, great people, great food, great rewards, great residents, Walmart, food stores, zaxby’s, subway, McDonald’s, firehouse subs

I have not been happy since moving in. I have sent numerous emails regarding dryer that has torn every shirt and every pair of underwear that I own up. It has put holes in all of my shirts and panties. I have mold around window seal that hasn’t been taken care of either

The experience is nice but i feel that the apartment flooring could be updated. The flooring throughout my apartment is unlevel and cracked.

I’m giving them theee stars because they have made the improvements in my into and they have gotten better with customer service and actually listening to what I say.... I will say that the security could be a lot more secure but other than that everything is fine.

I expected a bit more from this community. There are things I’ve brought up several times, and still was neglected. I do think the staff are friendly, but things has to get done. There has been many different managements since I’ve lived here.

The place is nice and comfortable. It has a great location with many places around to shop from. The only problem is that there are things that don't work in our apartment.

Who ever lives on too of me is very loud and it's very hard to sleep at night but other then that everything is ok. That's the main problem.

I’ve been really enjoying my time here so far! I only really dislike that the rent is a little out of budget for me. But it’s been great so far.

Great community I would recommend this place to anyone who likes comfortable living. I enjoy living in this facility. Clean apartment to live in.

Living here is nice but it does have its pros and cons. I moved in because it was the cheapest place I could find and I need a place to stay for attending school. But if finances wasn’t a problem for me I’m not exactly sure if I would be living here.

As I stayed at the Alden, I’ve grown on many people. The new staff is better than the old ones, they actually care about their residents and I’ve loved living here.

Great place to live great staff and environment wonderful scenery and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to live here at the wonderful Alden

great Experience being over here no problems it’s quiet and I finally have my own place it’s hard staying on my own but other than that I have enjoyed my place neat clean and great roommate

Love everything but it’s extremely dirty! Trash is everywhere! The rooms are very nice but appliances are out of date. Everything should be at the same level of the leasing office

So far I’ve had a pretty great experience. The pool is usually crowded at night but I expected that much. Everyone has been super helpful and nice.

The Alden is definitely a great please to Live it’s very quiet here, No one ever bothers me ! Every request I put in is always handle in the proper manner I’m very thankful for #Team ALDEN 🤗

I am adjusting despite being new to the area. Roommates are fairly decent however we’re still waiting on kitchen repairs and a new couch in the front room

I live within 10-15 minutes of campus and all my friends/family. Perfect location. Staff is very friendly and easy to get ahold of. Great amenities

My resident experience so far was amazing I went in the office to get service and was greeted and assisted very well. The girls in the office were well mannered and had me very excited !

I like the location of the apartments, the rent for a furnished apartment is reasonable, and the staff always do their best to help. However, my roommates and apartment neighbors are incredibly inconsiderate with their noise levels and the communication from the office is often confusing (incorrect information, lack of communication altogether, etc.).

Great so,far,or read leasing agents good maitence department. Good General manager well kept. Clean grounds quite peaceful community thanks !!!!

Mostly of my experience at The Alden has been well, but one improvement would certainly make it better. I believe recycling bins should be added to our disposal area.