Convenient location, affordable housing, awesome amenity perks. Staff is friendly and available to help when needed. Community cleanliness has improved.

Overall good experience! Just can take them awhile to fix things, but when they fix them I normally don’t have problems with them anymore. The works are really nice people.

The apartments are very nice. The noise isn’t really bad at all. The maintenance is highly needed. It’s not a bad place to live & affordable

Since I have been here everything has been okay there is things that needs to be fixed in the apartment like the floors and stuff but other than that I’ve had a good experience

It was great and i enjoy living here and everyone is so sweet. If you have a problem they get right on it. The Alden is the place to live,sikeeee

Very Peace Place To Life Location was perfect. Less than a minute from shopping center lot of nice places around, felt very safe in this area. The apartment are clean, all necessities were there.

Living here is fine my only problem is my hot water doesn’t last long at all but everything else is good my room but big bathroom is nice and it’s a pretty nice area.

Affordable and good when you have respectful roommates. Biggest issues would be after hour noise and trash. Front office staff is usually helpful to the best of their ability.

It’s good so far I’m loving It then it’s very easy for me the location is great and more then the safety with the gates are good to me and everything else

The Alden is nice. Wish it came with internet and smoking areas though. I want new roommates. Rent comes around too fast every month. I need a free month.

I enjoy living here. My roommates are great! My only concern is the in house pest control but other than that it is great. I would recvomend this space to all college students

My roommates are a little weird i can say , but ny bestfriends and girlfriend stay here so i dont bother me as much. Living at the alden is pretty lit! I have a great time for tge last month.

The neighborhood seems very safe. I do sometimes have trouble finding parking due to parties at night in peoples apartments. Maintenance has seemed to have gotten slow.

It’s a great place to live if you are a student. You get to meet new people! A well gated community that has security guards that make sure we stay protected at all times.

The Alden is a great place to live! Friendly people, great security, and plenty of opportunities. I love it!!! I will recommend any college student to the Alden.

Overall my experience at the Alden has been nothing but amazing so far . I love my roommates to death. Everybody is so nice & outgoing . I love living there .

I have to be honest, my experience with the Alden was a really bad until I moved out there was a lot of change in management and property laws and stuff like that but the bookkeeper David definitely made moving out process easy for me. unfortunately I will not be back and it wouldn’t be my first option to give someone if they were thinking about moving to Birmingham just because of my personal experience.

I was nervous moving here from georgia, but once i got settled in and all of my stuff was here, it began to feel like my new home and i love it here.

I moved in on 8/21/2018 , before moving in there was a slight communication issue but it was resolved and I had a great move-in . All of the employees were very friendly and helpful

The Alden did not clean my apartment beforehand like they promised so I paid $504 to live two weeks. They do not call prior to visitations..

So far I have enjoyed my stay here at the Alden . I have had no complaints besides just the couch and the termites in our sink but other than that it is very nice . Their is not a lot of noise it is very quiet , also I just love the fact of being out here with different students from different colleges and stuff .

I like the Alden. They are a good apartment complex in my opinion. The only thing about it that makes me mf is how the late fee and stuff is

love the alden because it is so cheap and i have great roommates and they are cool and the staff is nice even in bad situations YAY we love the alden

The Alden is fair-priced for student living. It is conveniently located near schools including UAB, Jefferson State, and Lawson. The Alden also includes a great view of the mountainside of Birmingham

I have lived here for about 3 years and I have enjoyed it. However, I think there is still room for improvements. I am grateful for great roommates and friendly staff who are helpful.