It's pretty here but the hallways are so long and it is kind of tedious although there isnt anything you can do about it. Its enjoyable here and I enjoy the extra things you guys offer.

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So far I do like it alot . It's close by stores and bus stops and even right up the street from my job so I don't really have to worry about that . I don't like how the keys don't even work to any of the outside doors that's kinda a safety issue .what if I was walking somebody followed me home n I can't run into one of the side doors ? I would have to go through the gate which will open wide enough for whom ever is following me to get in and they could still follow me all the way to my door.

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So far loving it at the apartments, maintenance is awesome, only thing they could do better is to get a lifeguard for the pool during the week

I move in on the 9th the arch made sure my roommate's was a great match for me and the arch is really friendly it's a good community you'll love it here

I don't live at the Arch yet but I've had a good experience so far! I've heard good things from my friend who lives there right now. Can't wait to move in soon!

It's a pretty decent apartment for the price and the staff is helpful and resourceful. The rooms and bathrooms are spacious and the parking is great

I don't live here yet, but the staff and everything I've done with the Arch thus far has been awesome. I truly cannot wait to move into my apartment in the fall.

I like the security The Arch has. Though I have concerns about the value of my lease and some concerns about parking. I find that living here is easy, and the ability to walk and easily commute to campus is great!

i love the location and security meathods at the arch. it is easy to get to and from every day and i feel safe while doung it. my only complaint is the build up of garbage outside the building

I love living at the arch! It offers so many different things to do, from the pool to the workout room to even having afire pit to have bond fires!

Its been a decent place to live albeit expensive. The Arch is very close to school, however, the only way is to go under the overpass which is filled with trash and broken beer bottles.

im so excited to move in and meet new people , the staff is great! answered all of mine & my parents questions, keep up the great work ! its very appreciated

I have only lived in the Arch since June and so far I have enjoyed my time. I had alot of people telling me I would not like it and the management was terrible. I realized they were here under old management and this is not the case now.

So far it's been stellar. I greatly appreciate everything the Arch has done. They have good communication and are very engaging with the residents!

Although things were rough when first moving in I feel like the new management has taken every opportunity to make things better. So far I would say you all are doing a good job.

Ever since the Arch took over the Grove, there have been many improvements. Damaged items in the hallway have been replaced and even vacuumed! I think that the best thing the Arch can do is trying to control it's residents to prevent trash and damage to the hallways.

overall- good. Wish garbage situation was better and there was more recycling. The overage charges for utilities are not explained very well- documentation of use age would be appreciated.

The building has improved so much in the short time that management has switched, but there is still a lot that could be done and they really need better security.

The new management is awesome and eel looking forward to the new changes. Love the services and the place. Excited to see what's in store with the new management. The staff is very friendly and supportive.

Great social atmosphere that allows for residents to engage with one another with they normally wouldn't engage with. Also has great amenityes included also.

Pretty solid experience overall. Work orders could be resolved faster. The pool has finally become worth attending. Security cameras would be a nice addition

So far, so good. Maintenance has come through at expected times to check on the apartment on time, and has been very helpful with any questions we've presented.

Since the switch to the Arch, I have been very pleased with this property. The overall maintenance of the propert has to improved. Management has stepped up their game and now things can only get better. Keep up the good work.

The Arch has a lovely property and a great staff! I gave it 3 1/2 stars because there is lots of trash in the grass (residents' fault) and I have experienced a bit too many mold problems for my comfort. However, they always promptly respond and quickly take care of it! Overall, it's one of the better close-to-campus options.

Since switching to the Arch, I've been very pleased with this property. Management has stepped up their game and the overall maintenance of the propert has seemed to improve. Keep up the good work.

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