When I first moved in I experienced a lot of issues with the apartment. The aparment staff got everything fixed eventually. These apartments need start updating the units but not a bad place to live !

Fun events, great maintenance and customer service. Outdoor amenities are well kept and lots of fun. I would definitely recommend The Arch to friends!

So far the staff has been helpful and have had great deals to help the incoming residents like myself. I’m excited to see how my stay at the Arch will reflect on my living experience in Abilene.

So far I haven't had any issues with anyone in the community. Everyone I've talked to has been incredibly nice. I hope that this stays this way as I continue my stay here.

Great facility and amazing programming! There are so many opportunities to be involved with the community! At the same time, there are places that allow you to wind down and relax or study hard and get work done. All in all, a great place.

My lease signing went relatively smoothly compared to stories I had heard about other people signing leases and othe complexes. It was easy.

Great student housing, good amenities, good workout center and pool. Has separate leases for each person! Free printing for students!! Love it

It has been an amazing experience since I moved in here. I have never enjoyed a space as much as I enjoy this place I now call home. There is no deal better than having to pay one's rent and not have to worry about any additional bills. What I am most thrilled about is the level of security starting from the gate to my very room. The staffs are also a bunch of respectful and patient fellows, and the promptness of the maintenance crew is unbeatable!

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It’s a great place to live. I had my ups and downs but at the end of the day , the workers made sure , I was comfortable and taken care of..

It's great. It has every thing you need! And we each have our own bathrooms which is extremely nice! I would recommend living here to anyone

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Really good place to live, but unfortunately there are no efficiencies which is a huge downside. Also the grounds aren’t well kept because there’s dog poop literally everywhere. But other than those 2 things, I can’t complain.

The Arch is a great community for college students because of the amenities. I have loved my time at the arch and the community assistants are very helpful.

Utilities are included and I love all the amenities. And the units are very spacious for the price. The staff is very friendly and easy to work with

Great living atmosphere, quiet, serene! Love the Arch, just been here less than a month. The staff are very helpful. I will surely recommend The Arch to anyone interested in living in a student friendly community

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It’s been great and awesome to be there. Lots of help from the management. They work with you on almost everything. Also huge improvements is the last couple of years.

My experience at The Arch has been wonderful so far, I just wish there were more community events like grocery bingo to meet more neighbours and stay plugged into the community.

The Arch is a great option for students and especially young professionals who are moving out of state or from a different because of the furnished and all utilities included.

I really like it they come by and finish working really fast they preached our refigirator in like few hours and same with our dryer and same with my bathroom

The apartments look very nice and the staff is very welcoming and very helpful with any questions that we had. The apartments come with a lot and t is at a really good price it couldn’t be beat.

Very excited to move in. When we checked out the place we could tell that it was well maintained and it was somewhere where we wanted to live.

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Best place in Abilene to stay if you are a new student or military. You won’t have to worry about furniture & everything is included in the monthly bill so all your payments are centralized!

The stage apartment looks so much different than what you get, but they are very nice at the front office and try to help with any problems.

I haven’t moved in yet but I am very excited about living in the arch. From the price to the awesome community opportunities, the arch already feels like home.

It has been wonderful living here at the Arch in Abilene. My apartment is great. The couch and chair that it came with are the most comfortable couch and chair of all time.

A great place for students to live. Great community! Lots of activities and ways to get involved in the community. Also a great place to meet people.