Everything has been great so far. Had a little verbal argument with another resident and it was handled by management appropriately. I'm looking forward to the next few months here.

Great. I just recently signed my lease and you were very helpful to make sure that I knew exactly what I was going to be getting. You made the process really easy

The service at the grove is amazing. They do everything they can to make you feel like you're at home away from home. Not to mention the apartments are top notch!

Cheap and decent place to live. Pros: Cheap price, covers utlities. Great internet, it's actually fast! Maintenance actually does work! :D Free food and drink every once in a while. Nice folks at the office. Cons: Funiture is lame (recommend get your own) Small refrigerater. Lots of trash all over the place outside! :( Any area that has grass, it's a dog poop mine field. D: Noise and parties can be a problem, (recommend getting a loud fan to sleep with.) Over all pretty good, not perfect but not bad.

I think with the new management, Grove should do better than before. The maintenance requests are being taken care of which always used to be a problem.

Apt is nice and convenient.Have had maintenance issues on occasion. Walls thin. So can hear heavy footef neighbor s. Office staff usually helpful and pleasant.

So many things are broken and take forever to fix. My microwave has been broken since October. My stove top is broken. After the 3rd time complaining about my bedroom door that eats my key it was fixed. Neighbors are super noises. There is dog poop everywhere. The front desk is friendly though.

I really enjoyed living at The Grove. One of my favorite things is that when I moved in I didn't have to worry about moving all my furniture it took so much stress off my shoulders.

Not bad, just need my places for dog poop disposal. Customer service is good. My problems are usually taken care of withing a timely manner. High chance I will resign.

I have been living at Grove for almost 20 months. I like the privacy in a shared accomadation available at Grove. The Office has very good amenities like Gym, Pool, Game room and Monthly free lunches.

Love it here its a great place to live I love the pool and the fire pit is pretty cool its it's nice to have a gym near me and a basketball court

The Grove in Abilene offers a good price with amenities and a prime location. Some have reported a lot of noise issues in the past. However, in the nearly 2 years I've lived here there has been little noises issues to report and the staff puts a lot of effort into working with you.

I think the Grove is doing well excepy for the various changes that you made to the time without making us aware of them and the way we came into our apartment because it was not ready.

I enjoy living on your property. I enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing that your workers are keeping the property clean. I don't mind calling the front office when I need a question answered because the front desk staff is polite.

My neighbors are loud and inconsiderate. I've called the office about them but nothing changes. My walls are paper thin. My dishwasher barely works. The carpet is coming up from the floor. Maintenance is a joke. Dog poop everywhere.

There were some management issues before, but since the new semester began, the new management has done a really great job turning things around.

Love how the apartments are furnished and come with all bills paid for the most part. I just would rather everyone were out in different buildings. Oil field workers and and electric crews in one area and college aged kids in another.

The Grove has been a great experience for me this far. Beautiful living spaces, fully furnished homes, amazing rent control. I've been at the Grove for two years now and the management is ten times better and the overall experience is wonderful.

I love the staff! They all know me and greet me by my name. I just wish we had more ellipticals in the gym and a working printer at all times!

Decent place to live. The furniture is old and chipped. The kitchen storage is very limited. Management is ok. Hate that they don't have assigned parking. Don't let you keep your rate when you renew your lease.

Living at the Grove has made my life extra comfortable. I haven't had to worry about furniture, bills, or bad neighbors. The community is fun and the staff is very accommodating.

this place is great for the price that being said it is the cheapest place to live in the city good service great location not secure no working gate dog poop covers the grass everywhere except front yard

While the grove is not the worst place to live, maintainence is lacking. You must submit a work order multiple times for them to come and fix anything, and when they do show up they never have the parts to fix the problem. Also the front desk staff are never on the same page, so you never quite get an answer to your questions. But it is spacious and could be worse.

My time here has been good. I like it here and the different people that I meet. The help in the front office has been good. And the notifications that I get are also helpful.

Easy transition and friendly staff! Get promotions and great gifts all the time! They have tons of fun and exciting things to do! Anytime I have a issue they always do their best to fix it!