I absolutely hate living at these apartments. The management does not work with you for anything. The parking is trash, I never get a close parking spot to my building.

Personally, I am not impressed with my experience here. Maintenance takes forever to respond and there are constantly bugs everywhere. There is so little places for storage

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Move in was rough but better now. All of my furniture was tore up. I asked for maintenance and they never came. I asked to get out of my lease or a new room and they said that that was unavailable. So I am going to deal with it until May and not stay my last 2 months.

Slow on everything. BUT front desk staff is great! LIKE the contest and thing that go on, but its hard to attended do to school class work and studies

When I first moved in the managers were unprepared, I had to wait over an hour for a mananger to come in on a Sunday because no one had my key, the manager did not apologize and I had my parents with me to help me move in. It left a bad first impression on my parents and myself.

My building, 8, was without proper lighting for several months after multiple work orders and discussions with maintenance and CA's. Having an unlit hallway is dangerous, especially when the gate at that period of time was left open 24/7 due to it being broken. A week or two to install lights or fix a gate is reasonable, however 2-3 months without proper visibility is downright neglectful. Seeing as there is a maintenance room across the hall there are often things cluttered about, when paired with no lighting this could lead to "obstacles that prevent safe entrance or exit from the unit" which could qualify under 8-I.C. LIFE THREATENING CONDITIONS [24 CFR 982.404(a)]. Also, under TEXAS RESIDENTIAL RENTAL CODE SUBCHAPTER D. SECURITY DEVICES Sec. 92.151. DEFINITIONS. (2) We must be supplied with a “Door viewer” which means a permanently installed device in an exterior door that allows a person inside the dwelling to view a person outside the door. Since there was no light outside the apartment, it rendered both peephole useless, thereby failing to adhere to this security measure. This paired with the fact that last August I returned to an unlocked apartment, after an employee or contract worker left my door wide open and lights on for unknown amount of time. Anywhere from a day to a week. As a women living alone, anything could have happened to me, I praise God that nothing did. This horrendous and neglectful act left my apartment and valuables completely unsafe, paired with an accumulating electricity bill, as well an infestation of pests. This goes against countless regulations and safety precautions that it would probably take too long to list them all. Although across from a maintenance room, and several workers passing by every day, I had to bring this to the attention of employees. After discussion with a CA, my electric bill was reduced but no other compensation was given, regardless of the glaring repercussions the complex could have faced. It is apparent that The Arch has a serious lack of concern when regarding tenants safety.

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The staff is nice, but that is all that I like at these apartments. I think the price is too high for what you get and it is suppose to be student housing, but I live around a lot of families.

It’s a good experience but not the greatest. The front office facility is great but the gym and individual apartments could use A LOT of remodeling.

When I first moved into my apartment, I was very disappointed. The bedroom, bathroom, and closet that were mine were not cleaned at all. There were belongings left behind from previous people and it was very dirty. The shower head leaked and flooded the bathroom and maintenance did not do anything about it until weeks later and even when they did, it still leaked. The furniture is scratched, the dresser drawers are broken, and the dishwasher does not work effectively. The price of the apartment is not worth all of the issues and should have been straightened up and cleaned before someone new moved in.

While Staff in the front office are generally nice the maintenance staff lacks much to be desired. They very rarely fix the problem the first time and the are not very knowledgeable. Also the apartments are nothing like the show apartment and need a lot of maintenance.

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I have not enjoyed my experience living at my apartment very much. There have been many instances that I have shared with people in charge that do not seem to care.

This place is awful. The stuff is rude. And they’re not considerate of others. And the manager of this place is the worst or worst. She’s not nice and if she is it’s only to your face

Terrible management. Several complaints and no one helps. Very old and not clean. I would not recommend this place to anyone and would not live here.

When I first moved in there were bugs on my bed and we didn't realize until the office was closed and when I left a message on the emergency line I was told that not having a place to sleep in an apartment I pay for was not an emergency. Following that, I had to put in a request for my living room and bathroom to be painted all one color, which should have been done before I moved in, and they came and painted the living room and left so I will have to call the office again to request that the painters finish the job they started. I also don't like that the pool has been closed the entire time I've been here.

Was moved to another apartment post surgery. Lower quality room. Bed smaller, sink doesn’t drain, smaller closet..racks in closet about to fall

Personally I’ve had polar opposite experiences from the first year that I lived here to the second. My guess is due to the change in staff and obviously the fluctuation in new residents. Originally when I moved in back in 2016 it was quiet where I lived and Megan, Oscar, Andrew etc were the former crew and they were all great. I understand that the staff they hire mostly encompasses younger students thus their schedules and time commitments are sporadic. However, the new staff is far more incompetent. It took around 3 months to get my “rewards card” profile working so that I was able to actually redeem a reward. Through multiple email attempts at resolving the issue and to no avail I might add; to the employee I communicated with at community rewards whom has very poor customer service skills. The maintenance is hit or miss, that part of the staff is friendly and I do understand are quite busy, but they can take their time as far as completion of requests go. The internet company this community uses is Pavlov and i’ll let you know right now it’s trash. Plenty of times the internet cuts out or lags, videos won’t load or play, overall it feels very buggy. The same can be said with the cable. I know this because I’ve checked in my apartment as well as another person that lives here as well. Could it be our building or location, perhaps. Moreover they just upgraded their services, but when I returned home for the evening my Ethernet cable wasn’t reading on my gaming console which I find incredibly curious since they just had the company out that day, and it worked everyday until that point. The staff at the desk is mostly lackluster and not near as interesting to interact with compared to the last lot. For example every member of the previous staff remembered my name and face every time I went in, the same cannot be said now. I’ve also had issues with my gate code, it still has not been resolved nor have I been informed on the matter. The community events that are held are nice for everybody, but I think they should either have more or have less of them at a higher quality. The gym is fine and most of the repairs get fixed in a timely manner, the pool and volleyball/basketball court are typically nice and fun to use. As far as your living space is concerned, mine was great as I stated previously, however I’ve had some glaring issues with certain substances and noise at all hours of the night. Now I will say this is a college community living experience, apartment walls are also thin, so I do expect noise and usually shrug it off. However in the past I and others have confirmed the smell of various illegal substances in the apartment and it’s fairly irritating. I’m not sure where to rank the safety of the area, as this is Abilene after all and the city in general has a high crime rate. All in all I’d say look all over Abilene if you have to live in this town, but if you are out of options then this place will offer you an apartment that is furnished and relatively cheap as far as positives go. Do be mindful of payments and late fees, and do check their math on your account as they are wrong sometimes as well.

There are lots of bugs and things seem to quit working a lot. It’s close to school and walmart. The cleanliness should be better. I probably wouldn’t recommend.

Staff is okay. Roommates are a bad idea. I think everyone I know gets a bad roommate out of the two extra people that live with them. I can't wait to leave and have a rent payment at a house for the same amount!

The Arch in Abilene had started off as a hopeful place to live. However, only a few implications have arised. For example, maintenance requests have not been completed in a timely fashion. Secondly, what was said was done on these requests, was NOT done: "Mattress replaced." It was most certainly not. "Couches cleaned," the couches looked exactly the same with even more hair on the surface by the way. Furniture was promised to be replaced however no furniture was replaced. Also I was delivered a printer to my door and when I arrived to my apartment. Printer was missing. There is no security of products. Please take into consideration these constructive complaints and please find a way to correct them such as actually following through-- maintenance.

Needs to be better taken care of, especially the dog poop pretty much everywhere. Staff are friendly. Need to fix the front gate so can be ensured safety

The staff has always been friendly since I've been here and that was a year ago to this date. However the maintenance team can be slow to respond, the noise and amount of partying/alcohol/weed I've smelled or had to deal with and all hours is excessive even for a college living community. People do not clean after their animals or properly dispose of their own trash I.e beer cans or cigarettes. Overall it's been a pretty dissapointing to average experience thus far.

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I am routinely dissatisfied with various aspects of the apartment but then I realize is 500.00 a month all bills paid and I chill out. Things are good. The quality of my neighbors is low. I wish they'd stop leaving their trash outside.

The apartment community is an okay environment to stay in. There are not too many complaints with the residents and everyone just seems to mind their own business for the most part.

Not the best maintained. Many residents are rude and annoying. Could do a much better job. Haven't fixes things I've asked to be fixed or just did a half job.

Apartment was very dirty when I moved in. Paint needed to be redone, carpet was stained, and furniture looked terrible. Cabinets are not put in well.