Very affordable prices with a nice pool! The staff can be hit or miss but most are helpful and ready to answer any questions. Only complaint is shuttle times

Great location, friendly staff and management who is very accommodating and caring. The price is comparably good for the space and apartment quality and I see myself here for my time in college.

The arch gives you a lot of space at an affordable price and I really like that! It’s close to campus so it doesn’t take me long to get to school.

For the most part I enjoy living at the arch. I’ve only had a few issues, like the shuttle running extremely late and being late or missing class. And my upstairs neighbor walks around really loud at night and for like 30-60 ish minutes at a time just being really loud. But I think the community is great and I like the events.

I'm not a resident yet, but I signed a lease for next year and I cannot wait! The prices are incredible and affordable, especially for the quality!

I love the amount of space there is in the living room and in the bedrooms. It is only 5 minutes away from campus and the clubhouse is so cute and homey. Something my sink gets clogged but that is the only problem I have!

The upstairs neighbors are really loud. I also wish the bus route could be improved. But the front desk is always ready to answer my questions and the amenities are amazing.

Everything here has been fairly positive so far. I love the community, the speediness of the maintence group. There are a couple things that i wish were different but i don’t exepect things to be perfect.

The employees are very kind and always have answers for questions. The apartment is nice, however, it is a little smaller than I prefer. Some of the appliances or furniture could be better and better maintained.

My residence experience has been terrible. Loud neighbors make it impossible to study. Staff is trying to help but nothing has worked. If I have exams coming up, I have to stay the night elsewhere in an effort to actually get sleep or to be able to study.

The Arch has been a great place to live. I really love the location. It's easy to get to campus and to stores around town. The rooms are a great size and it has been really quiet. The staff are very helpful and always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Front desk staff are always nice. The options to gain results are nice as well. Decent price for housing. It's gotten better since they removed the speed bumps in the parking lot too.

Actually I haven’t moved into the Arch, but I believe that will be a wonderful experience because of patient and helpful staff like Dave and Jessica. I am looking forward to living there. Also I will update my living experience here.

My time at the arch has been very hit or miss. One thing that the arch hasn't figured out yet is communication. I have had many battles with the arch to solve small problems. They either take forever to respond or pass you from person to person. Every person on staff is very nice and welcoming but they aren't all on the same page.

Great facility just some of the residents are rude and doing illegal activities and have very little respect for other tenants which will make a lot of good residents leave

Apartments and facilities are nice; however, some of the worst and a noxious tenants above my apartment. The property manager has been working with us which I appreciate

The apartments themselves are alright, but the staff is very difficult to work with. The owner is the only one with authority and knowledge to get anything done, and because he manages another complex, it is difficult to get in touch with him.

love the arch it’s very clean and well kept! i like how the lawn care is very well kept. i feel like there are a few fun activities i like participating in and it’s a good community of people.

I have been pleased with everything here except for the maintenance. We have had a few problems that people have been sent here to fix, but they have never been resolved. Overall, good experience so far.

Its ok somethings can be better overall. I would like to see more maintenance done. Giving back to the residents should be something they include. Keeping the club house open 24/hours & gym

I love the location and the units are very good for the price. I also feel that the office staff does a great job of being friendly and helping you. The maintenance could be improved.

Great staff and reasonable prices, especially with the amenities provided like the pool and a small gym. Only drawbacks are the slightly outdated units, thin walls, some bug problems and the fact that the shuttle to Mizzou is shared with another property. Good for the price, however.

It’s a great place to the live, some of the appliances can break pretty easy, but all you gotta do is place a work order and everything will be all good!

Nice community and staff, prices are good and not over the price. Very helpful with questions and also community stays clean and presentable

This complex is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever encountered. When moving into this apartment we had a broken dryer. We were charged almost $500 for one months worth of electric, yet they couldn’t explain how that was even remotely possible for 3 people and refused to send anyone to check the meters. That same month the AC was broken for 3-4 days before someone came to fix it, still couldn’t give us answers on how we “used” $500 worth of electric with no AC for 3-4 days. We called higher management on this issue and they also agreed this was way too high considering the average family pays roughly $200-$300. Due to the high electric bill and us refusing to pay it without answers they shut our WiFi off, still have the email as proof stating they were shutting it off. When we complained about this they immediately lied stating they never told us they were shutting it off and told us we had to call to get it back on because they weren’t going to. Our door didn’t latch when moving in, they “fixed“ it by stuffing paper in the lock and calling it good. Our dryer broke again and the maintenance told us “if doesn’t look broken I’m not fixing it”. Recently had the bathroom ceiling started leaking from the previous patch done before we moved in, when I asked for a mold test for that area I was told no because they didn’t have record of the previous repair. We have had several issues with this place and I’m sure we will continue having issues due to the lack of management intelligence. I would NEVER recommend this complex to anyone, this place is a joke.