Management is great and apartments are very nice. The community is clean and the grounds are very well kept. A very nice place for the price. The only thing I would say is a con is sometimes the office is unorganized.

Neighbors can be rude but I like it a lot. I really appreciate the fact that when something is wrong it doesn't take maintenance a long time to reach us. The walls are paper thin tho. You can hear everything

The Arch has a great community. I love how it's pet friendly and all my neighbors are lovely. The amenities are what I expected. I like how the arch is a gated community and that we have the shuttle to campus.

It has been pretty good so far. Really nice staff and neighbors. Walls are thin so it's easy to hear everything going on above me. However, the Arch has everything I could possibly need.

Have had some negative experiences with the office staff, they have been rude when I have addressed issues. Somewhat uncomfortable with the fact that they do not make appointments for maintanence.

A bit of an organizational problem with the move in process but other than that great. I really like the beds compared to the last apartment I lived in.

I've lived here for two years now, and I like the size of the space. It's fairly affordable. However, my apartment is always either freezing or ridiculously hot. There's no middle ground. Also, some of my items have broken easily. These are just little things though. The biggest thing this year so far though was the shuttle drama at the beginning. Thankfully I have a car and wasn't very affected by it, but my roommate doesn't and was screwed over a couple of times. Otherwise, obviously I've liked it enough to live here this long.

The apartments are terrible maintenance can be slow front desk workers don't always know what they're talking about and management is mediocre.

It's a good experience im from Illinois so it's a little different down here not much is different but it's interesting and I enjoy being here

Decent place, unfortunately inhabited by some trash people. Exercise your right to evict repeated rule breakers instead of letting them have a unit to themselves.

The Arch Columbia is relatively cozy for the price. I have, however, had many maintenance issues that could've been easily fixed before my move in day. That is my only complaint so far.

When I first entered my apartment it was nice, clean, and overall what I expected of student apartments. The staff and maintenance crew is super friendly and well qualified as well. I would recommend the Arch to my friends.

The community is great, and the apartment is decently nice. Though not as pretty as the model shown to me, the apartment is still good. The people are kind.

Pretty good so far just very stressful at times... waiting in gift cards and maintenance and things to be fixed around our place and glad the shuttle is finally working wish it ran through the weekend

Altogether, community is good. The place is perfect for a student. Unfortunately, there are many spiders in the unit I am in, and no one has come to exterminate even though we have called and left notes.

Great job from the staff handling the shuttle bus issues- unfortunately even with the service fixed, the hours that the bus is running are not sufficient, especially considering this past spring the last bus was 8:45pm instead of this semester's 5:50. I am having to drive myself to school instead of using the shuttle so that I can attend club and activity meetings.

I like living here because of the proximity to campus, and the inexpensive cost of living. My roommates were matched with me perfectly, I couldn't be happier.

The shuttle system has been the only drawback of living at the arch so far. It has not worked fully or at all for any of the days we have been here.

improve maintenance room inspections because when I moved there where several things that needed to be adjusted. For example, a had an old couch, a loose table, and clogged up shower.

Really like the arch. It's a good quite community and it's always clean. I like the fact that it is pet friendly and all the people that live there are nice

It's a good complex. Some of the workers could be a little friendlier. Some of my appliances didn't work well for the first few days but they got everything fixed promptly so I appreciate that.

The bus could use some major work, the schedule is rough but I love the apartments so much! So much space and feels a lot for home-y than abnormal apartment.

So far so good I haven't heard any screaming, late night ragers, heroin overdoses, or car crashes so that's really nice! The only thing I want is clean carpets, which this place does not have

beds were very dirty with stains going down sides, carpet was torn, waiting on repair and waiting on night stand that still has not arrived.

The Arch is a fantastic apartment complex! I love the pool, work out room, and the bed room size! The front desk staff is very friendly! Great place.