It's an awesome place to live . Very nice club house with very gentle and nice staffs. They are helpful. I like being part of the community. Come to join us!

While I don't actually live here yet, I am so excited! The staff is so friendly and I love the emails because it makes me feel like a valued resident. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because you said you do not offer early move in for members of Greek life who go through recruitment. It would make my experience so much more enjoyable if we could move in just a couple weeks earlier!

Took a week to fix our A/C unit at the beginning of the lease. Furniture is sub par at best. Walls are thin and you can hear even the slightest noise from outside your room.

I have had a wonderful experience at the grove. I do not yet live there but everyone I have interacted with has been very friendly and willing to help us with whatever questions we have

Everyone is so helpful with the leading process and I am super excited to live here next year with my new roommates! They have really been welcoming

The tours were great and you guys were very friendly! I went on two tours and both leaders showed enthusiasm and answered all of our questions. One even went as far as to show us her own personal apartment!

The Grove is awesome. You all made the application and lease signing process so easy and fast, and it felt good to know that I have a well kept and friendly place to live for the next year.

Nice place to live, poor management however very friendly and helpful front desk staff. If you have a maintenance request, the staff is nice, but generally do temporary fixes.

I can't remember the workers name right now but he has always been extremely helpful for me. However, I do wish I would get emails or something notifying me how much I need to pay or when it's due cause I have no idea and then get late fees.

Of most the apartments in Columbia, MO I think The Grove is one of the best. There are so many different amenities that they offer. The fact that I can go to the gym literally whenever I want. No more paying for tanning memberships. The Grove really offers you everything you initially want for an apartment and more.

Living in the back building and having to park far and walk in the winter is not fun. Too many people don't pick up their dog poop. The chairs are in horrible shape with screws falling out. Overall it's not bad living here, but there are a few minor improvements needed.

corporate has lost our rent before, the apartments are okay, everything in the apartment is cheap and breaks easily and often. the employees at the main house are awesome. the amenities could be better. but other wise over all pretty average

I have enjoyed my time as a resident at the Grove in Columbia. The only issue I have encountered so far is the fact that a replacement room key is $100 dollars I find that to be a little ridiculous considering it's just a piece of plastic.

You are doing some effort. But it is not enough..yiu need to work more on your maintenance. Do you belueve that i have been waiting for 14 days for ny washer to be fixed!

Management is unorganized and not friendly. The apartments have thin walls but they do have huge bathrooms which is great. Maintenance is creepy and very slow.

the pros: the customer service is good. The managers and student workers are nice. Cons: the Parking is terrible. For a person that lives in a back building it's often hard to load or unload things.

The staff is friendly and helpful but maintenance could be better. Also the apartments and the furniture are in really bad shape. The grove needs a serious make over.

I personally love the Grove and I haven't had many issues. Had a couple maintenance issues when I first moved in but I got all of those cleared up! I wish the bus came more frequently, but the bus schedule is still good.

The staff at the club house are super friendly and remember you by name which makes for an awesome experience! The apartments are decent size, love having my own bathroom!

Overall the complex is nice and good location. The costumer service could be severely improved on. I have had numerous issues and haven't been helped in a timely or efficient manner.

I think the grove has done a great job and I am glad that I have been here for almost two and half years now. The workers are great and try actually care about you!

I love the grove. My roommates and I had a smooth move in process and our apartment was clean. Our furniture was not damaged. The shuttle is usually on time too.

I love living here. The only reason I'm moving is to be closer to my boyfriend in an aprtment thats larger and cheaper than the grove. Love y'all

I would give this 0 stars if I could. Management does not care about their residents. I am extremely disappointed at how they nickel and dime you for anything and everything.

Trash gets left everywhere because there is only one trash compactor. People park in handicap spots with no punishment. Maintenance never gives notice before showing up to our apartment.