Apartment has a major bug problem. Me and my roommates are disgusted and uneasy everyday. We have spent so much money on this problem but everyday its 20 new silverfish in our apartment.

This complex is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever encountered. When moving into this apartment we had a broken dryer. We were charged almost $500 for one months worth of electric, yet they couldn’t explain how that was even remotely possible for 3 people and refused to send anyone to check the meters. That same month the AC was broken for 3-4 days before someone came to fix it, still couldn’t give us answers on how we “used” $500 worth of electric with no AC for 3-4 days. We called higher management on this issue and they also agreed this was way too high considering the average family pays roughly $200-$300. Due to the high electric bill and us refusing to pay it without answers they shut our WiFi off, still have the email as proof stating they were shutting it off. When we complained about this they immediately lied stating they never told us they were shutting it off and told us we had to call to get it back on because they weren’t going to. Our door didn’t latch when moving in, they “fixed“ it by stuffing paper in the lock and calling it good. Our dryer broke again and the maintenance told us “if doesn’t look broken I’m not fixing it”. Recently had the bathroom ceiling started leaking from the previous patch done before we moved in, when I asked for a mold test for that area I was told no because they didn’t have record of the previous repair. We have had several issues with this place and I’m sure we will continue having issues due to the lack of management intelligence. I would NEVER recommend this complex to anyone, this place is a joke.

**DONT EVER EVER EVER EVER LIVE HERE** I read all of the bad reviews before I moved here and ignored them all and they all ended up being true and I am begging you to not be as stupid as I was, and please read and take my experience into account. Here is everything that has happened to my roommates and I: 1. I left my apartment to go down to my car to get something (leaving my keys in my apartment) the maintenance crew came into my apartment unannounced while I was gone, and locked the door behind them leaving. I called the after-hours number (that I had to ask for because I had previously had a noise complaint) to have the on-call person come and let me into my apartment, however after calling 20+ times there was no answer and I had to sleep in my car until the clubhouse opened the next day. 2. There are bugs. Everywhere. I killed 3 silverfish in my room just last night. 3. Our downstairs neighbors smoke cigarettes in their apartment and it seeps up into our apartment so our whole place also smells like cigarette smoke...how fun! After complaining and having multiple meetings with the manager (David), 3 months later, there was still no action. Also, after looking on the website to find his email, I received no response. After going into the office asking why my email hadn't been replied to, I was informed that he actually had a different email that was nowhere to be found for residents to access. 4. One time a trash bag (that was not ours) was left outside near our apartment door, and my roommates and I were each charged $25 each because they said that they "found one of our names on something in the trash" and only after attempting to contact the manager David 3 separate times did they finally agree to take it off 4. The walls are paper thin and I can hear music from the people 2 floors below me almost every single night. I can hear conversations from the people below us as well. 5. When we toured and signed our lease the people working at the front desk told us that they have never gone over on the $25 utility cap. We have gone over every single month sometimes by $30-$40, and we definitely do not use them excessively by any means. -All in all, do not be sucked in by the low price, this place is by far the worst place in columbia, and I cannot even count how many hours I have spent trying to deal with the many issues that have come up.

The workers are great, but the facility is absolutely horrible. The insulation is horrible, the heating is grim, the furniture is so bad that it looks like something out of the horror movie Saw! Literally coming home is so depressing, I have to drink to mitigate the thought of this one of many vortices that is sucking andfeeds off the happiness of everything that surrounds it.

The furniture is falling apart, the walls are paper thin, the shuttle is unreliable, parking is a nightmare, the gym is a joke and the management is beyond incompetent. I almost had to take legal action because it took them two months to give me my signing bonus (which the contract stated I would receive within 30 days). If I could go back in time there is no way in hell I would live here.

I had so many problems with this apartment complex. Honestly wished I had listen to other people when they shared their concerns and experience living here!

Terrible maintenance, incompetent management, lackluster amenities. All appliances/furniture has been falling apart since move in. Misleading signing bonuses. You couldn’t pay me to live here again.

Probably will never recommend anyone to live here. I definitely liked my old complex better. I have more bad to say than good. I wish they weren't so cheap here

For the most part its a great place to live. But when your promised something and then it doesn't happen it gets old. I was promised a gift card when I signed my lease. Been told for months to wait a week. Here it is half way thru the lease and still have not received it. So I'm frustrated and don't recommend staying here for that reason.

I would give this 0 stars if I could. Management does not care about their residents. I am extremely disappointed at how they nickel and dime you for anything and everything.

I didn't like living here, so I subleased my apartment. There were bugs, the dryer didn't work, and it was a mess upon move in. I would NOT want to live here again.

noise noise and more noise and the internet is always going out. I’ve informed you all about many situations with my neighbors and i don’t think you all do anything about it.

My residence experience has been terrible. Loud neighbors make it impossible to study. Staff is trying to help but nothing has worked. If I have exams coming up, I have to stay the night elsewhere in an effort to actually get sleep or to be able to study.

Why is there a Bug infestation in all the buildings? Why do people rev their bikes at 2 a.m. in the morning?? Why is there so many bugs? Crazy

Not as quit as I thought. People slam their doors all the time and it shakes my room. Parking is horrible I always have to park far from the building because of cars that don’t live here. I had a bad leak & mold on my ceiling and they just painted over it. Only good thing is rent is cheap!

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I think the way the Arch management has handled roommate disagreements and accusations are aggressive and can come across as rude and is very unprofessional.

From the outside the complex looks really good, and on the inside it is very spacious. Nevertheless, my roommates and I had had to call pest control several times because there are spiders everywhere. We had several issues at the beginning of our lease, but it is all good now.

This place is not the same place I visited a year ago, it's falling apart, dirty, and worst of all horribly managed. It's really just sad. When I have complaints and want to get Ito contact with the manager there is NEVER a call back. I had extremely high expectations about this place that have really fallen short.

What do you know about it, when it wey do it all in the phone book some times it feels like you gotta let it all go to make it feel worse sometimes.

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This is not spam tell your stuff to shut up you just lost two stars I hope your happy about it you should have just let me said what I was finna say

Management is unorganized and not friendly. The apartments have thin walls but they do have huge bathrooms which is great. Maintenance is creepy and very slow.

The property managers take months to respond to emails regarding concerns. I do not feel entirely safe at these apartments. I tried to enjoy the pool one day and two men brought in a massive speaker that was so loud it was shaking the windows. I politely asked them to turn it down and then I was cussed out by this irrational man that was acting like he was on drugs. I'm 100% my neighbor is a drug dealer. I can smell the weed in my own kitchen and bathroom with they smoke. He got his door kicked in by an angry customer. Yet, he still lives here. What if the person next time kicks in the wrong door?! Zero concern for safety here. When I moved here, during the tour and on the application I requested to be placed near graduate students. These students are not graduate students at all.

The physical apartment is pretty nice, however my neighbors smoked and played loud music nearly every night and I had to even leave sometimes it was so bad. Management doesn't really seem to take complaints very seriously and I ended up giving up asking for them to help. I ignored the bad reviews before I signed and wish I hadn't

It's fine. Fairly bad management, but somewhat nice apartments. Two bedroom is shockingly small after touring the four bedroom and seeing the three bedroom. Sometimes they lose packages.

Good starter place because it’s close to town and schools as well as fernished. lots of broken things and stains on house, plus the have young adolescence working which makes it hard to get answers when you need them.

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