It's friendly and tolerant, but the furniture is iffy at best, the apartments are somewhat shabby, and the amenities are a little lacking, such as the printer frequently being low on paper, the coffee machine requiring assistance if you want ice, the dumpsters being a pretty far walk from the apartment. Overall, not bad, but could be better. Maintenance takes a while too, if it gets done.

This is an awesome place to live! Great location right by UNT, furnished, utilities, and a beautiful community. While it may seem small, it's just the right size for a student.

Great amenities and a great living space with a big closet a big bathroom, NFL network AND NBA tv (amazing) just wish I had a ceiling fan but love everything else from the pool to the game room

So amazing. I love it so much. so amazing. free money. greatness, so college. wonderful. So wonderful, cant wait to use again. Will recommend to everyone

The staff is great, though the amenities come broken or very used. Many of the residents are nice though there are the few roudy neighbors. You can also hear the people living above you walk around

I give it three stars because when infirst moved there was water on our floor. Secondly the apartment was dirty and things that needed to be fixed around the apartment.

The experience is very nice and i love it sp much. They know how to take care people and they are nice. I encourage people to join the Arch.

It has its problems, but that is like any apartment. Comes furnished, and paid utilities with a electricity cap but that is high so no worries about that. Good apartments, could use some improvements but that is every place.

This place is ok. That mantince is very slow. Our washing machine broke and it took them 1 nothing to fix it. The people who work here are nice though.

So far I have really enjoyed my time here in the apartment complex. Parking and trash seem to be issues at the moment, and our gate needs to be fixed, but once everything settles down I feel things will get better.

I really enjoy living at the Arch Denton! Their office staff is really friendly and the apartments are well furnished. The only thing that I would say is a negative is the speed of the maintenance requests, majority of the time it takes weeks to fix our requests and most are fairly simple.

My time here at the arch has been amazing. The staff is great. They nice, caring and compassionate. The maintenance is the best part of the arch. They're all cool and chill. They're quick, efficient, and know what they're doing. Keep up the great work!!!!!

It is pretty nice here and I haven't had any problems so far with anything. Very quiet which is good. First time living in here and its okay.

Following up with maintenance orders is slow. It was dirty when we moved in. But other than that its good here. I like the events they put on.

So far, I really like the environment and the living conditions. The only complaint I have is about the trash never being moved since move in.

Doin alright. Got a lot of spiders though. Staff is cool and friendly. Apartment buildings are a nice size, as well as amenities. Overall a good place to Stay

I was the last one from my roommates to move in, and they said that it was dirty and had to clean it out. The fire alarm also goes off in the middle of the night. We also haven't had hot water in 2 weeks.

Great View, Very Clean, Very affordable. I like that the community cares and are friendly. I feel like it is safe and I would recommend others to stay.

10/10 would come again! It's is a very cool place to and I would totally recommend it to all my friends. I mean who wouldn't want to come here!

Me and my roommates love living at the arch! There's always fun things for us to do, and they have really fun activities planned like free food Friday. It's pretty obvious they care about the people who live here!

Live in building 3 , it is noisy around the pool , also the train can be very loud and distracting. Other than that my overall experience is going well.

Great way to get residents involved! Like how you can be able to network and participate in different polls to see how our apartments are. so far so good.

The apartment is nice, and the pool is very relaxing. The only problem I have is that the walls are very thin so you can hear somebody from the next room. Plus you could also hear the top floor stomping around.

The maintenance system needs fixing. Also communication needs to be improve, between residents and the maintenance team. As well as the office needs longer hours

The maintenance has been very prompt which is awesome because my apartment had plenty of problems when I first moved in. I am happy to have those problems getting worked out already