Actual living experience has been great and staff very helpful, no real problems other than a situation in my room taking months to be fixed.

I love this place! Great place to live..I love how friendly and helpful the staff are! I do not regret resigning my lease with the arch! Y'all rock!

The reason I initially chose the Arch at Denton was because of the low price and location. I appreciate all the events they host and hope to participate in the future.

Its altight, the mantinence people could do better and yall can do something about the gross roach problem, also people can stop letting their dogs sh*t everywhere that would be nice but other than that yall iight

Sometimes my maintenance requests take forever and I feel like our rent is more expensive than it should be for my tiny apartment, but otherwise overall my experience hasn’t been too bad. The front office people are nice.

The Arch at Denton has been a nice place to live. It was quite the upgrade from campus housing. Maintenance responds fast and management is helpful

Staff is very friendly. However, walls in the apartments are just paper thin, can always hear my neighbors playing music and the sound of the upstairs neighbors walking is so incredibly loud

Has been a lot better since the matenance requests have been completed. The staff has been very helpful when I have questions and I appreciate the amount of activities that they put on.

If you don’t push your maintenance request then they won’t do it, but as long as you make sure it exists then they’ll take care of the issue quickly, which rocks. Wish the walls weren’t paper thin noise wise

I really enjoy living here, at the beginning it was rough with maintenance orders getting backed up but they do a lot for the residents. One thing I don't like is the new visitors parking policy.

It's a great area, The people in the office are friendly and helpful. I'm glad to be renewing once again. My experience as a residence is satisfied, I enjoy the gym the game room. It's all great

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It is a nice place to live at and is not too far away from my campus. It is not too noisy and is enough parking spots for everyone. The office people are fairly nice as well.

Love this place, it has a great rooms and service. There is always actvities that the apartments provide. The service here is very great from the front desk to the cleaning.

I love the community as a whole, however I feel that there are many things that could be improved. I also feel that the staff could stand to be a little more helpful.

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This place is awesome. If something is broke there is always someone to tell to get it fixed in a timely manner. They also have great activities.

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It was okay. I kept having issues with my tub and that was annoying but it wasn’t a bad Overall experience. I did like all of the activities that the arch out on and the coffee in the foyer.

The staff here are very nice, always greeted by a smile! We moved in and did have some issues but they made sure to replace the items and now everything is good!

I love the community here. I really do not have any problems with the staff or the people that lives within the complex. The only noise I have experienced is the loud train passing through at night.

So far, my experience has been good. The only thing that concerns me is the amount of time it’s taking for the gate to be fixed. I also am not too happy about the guest car registration that is going on.

When visiting the apartments, I was welcomed with smiles. Very kind staff, explained all the floor plans well and convinced me that the Arch of Denton is where I wanted to live.

Overall, I've had a great experience here at the Arch. The staff is very knowledge and friendly. I love that there is a free coffee machine and 24 hour gym!

It's not bad at all. The bus to UNT comes very often and there are food restaurants nearby. Along with living with my close friends I like living here

This place is a great at home feeling. I enjoy it so much, I like the activities and neighbors and how close school is. I like the gym and pool as well.

The one issue I have is with the gates constantly being open. I decided to live here for the gate protection and since they are always open I am feeling like I’m not getting my money worth.

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Good location, good price, could be cleaner, could have better maintenance work. It seems like it takes a long time for any maintenance to happen.

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