The staff is super friendly! During our visit at the office and touring the staff was very attentive in answering our questions. It was great!!

it started off rought but eventually it worked itself up. the management was bad at first but with the new workers, they were able to meet everything that i wanted. the apt itself is amazing and with everything that the arch has been able to provide; the giveaways, the food, and the new renovations, everhthing had turned out to be great!

The community is great. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Also things are very clean and kept up with around the complex which is a huge bonus.

I haven't had any complaints with this complex. Unfortunately parking for guest is a little hard with the app, and people consistently keep driving through the gate but for the most part I have enjoyed it.

Liked living here for a while, but I really hate the wasps problem. Also, really noisy people live around me which has made part of my stay a bit annoying.

Great place to live. My only concern was the visitor parking situation. I think it was too complicated for my friends to visit me. Other than that, everything was fine and my favorite place to live while at college.

Living at the grove as been a pretty good experience. Haven't had any major problems yet, one thing I wish was different was the trash service. Living on the 4th floor taking out the trash is EXTREMELY hard. If they had valet trash service I would have loved it! Plenty of parking but could have more guest parking (guest parking process is annoying) & the new upgrades are awesome. Good management, they always get things done on time! Would love to see more food events.

Great apartment with great staff!! I always get work orders don’t quickly and my questions and concerns have always been a priority . Great community overall

Very good experience here at the arch. No problems whatsoever. Management is very nice and sends frequent emails for upcoming renovations, events, maintenance, etc.

I love all the CA's, they're very kind. Shout out to the maintenance team who complete all the work orders on time. Working diligently day and night. Court is my favorite

I think that this is a great community and I’m excited to be living here in the fall. This is the first apartment complex that I’ve had high hopes for

So far i haven’t moved in yet, but my experience in signing my lease was very nice. The employees were very helpful in giving correct information and easing my concerns

I’ve loved living at the Arch! It’s been great. The apartment is a nice size, and the bedroom gives you enough room for all of your stuff! The staff is super friendly and maintenance comes super fast!

It seems pretty friendly, excited to move in and officially start my residency. I seriously enjoyed viewing the new pool equipment like the grills.

I love it here so much it’s just so comfortable and is so homie i also love living with my roomies they are the bomb too. Management team is good too!

The complex is really good at providing free food and fun events. The management is also very helpful. They’re doing lots of renovations so the place looks great.

Although it was a rough beginning when I moved in, I do enjoy living here. The staff is nice and tries to be as helpful as they can. The one complaint I have is that the electricity bill can be unpredictable. We will use the same amount of energy and sometimes it will go over our cap and other times it doesn’t. The renovations are nice, and it feels like a second home.

I wasn’t so sure about this apartment complex at first but after the tour I was hooked! I absolutely fell in love with the place and I can’t wait to move in the fall!

Have yet to physically stay in them yet however I have multiple friends who live there and say they would resign their lease and do it all over again if they had a chance !

I really enjoy the arch is a great community and the fact that they concern about giving us better ammenities is great. They also provide a free starbucks machine which saves so much money in my starbucks addiction

Living at the arch is awesome. Maintenance requests occasionally do not get satisfied. But almost everything else is perfect, especially for student housing and the price.

The apartment is, overall, really wonderful! My room is incredibly spacious, and the living room is pretty well-sized too. My only complaints are the bathroom toilet getting clogged sometimes and the tow company that ties cars even when they’re checked into the system.

They are very nice and friendly. Helped me get to know the place very well. Extremely informative and helpful. I am very excited to live here!!

First week move in was a little shaky but overall these are great student living apartments i'm glad i made the choice to move here I have awesome roommates and they give you rewards just for staying here

It’s been a decent experience. We had washer issues and it took a while for that to get fixed. But I like the location and the space in the apartments.