The experience is amazing, the community is so nice and the staff is great! I love my roommates and I enjoy spending time with them. Only bad thing is my neighbors above my apartment are loud when walking and talking.

The are is a great place to stay it has a lot to offer. I love the amenities like the the pool and the game room. The staff here is always friendly.

So far it’s going good. Haven’t had much problems so far. Maintenance seems to be doing better. Ready to have some community activities and whatnot.

Only lived here a short time but I love it so far. Great place ,nice staff.feel very comfortable.I don't even miss being at home as much as i thought i would.

Everything would be awesome if other residents have responsibilities cleaning at the stairs and hallways after they're eating or smoking. Overall, i still like to stay here.

I love staying here at the arch. I've been here for over 3 years and have enjoyed it ever since. I recently moved up to front buildings and things couldn't be more great.

Great company & staff. Couldn’t ask for a better place to live. Also they have a very decent & clean property. & they don’t mind getting the job done.

10/10 would live again. I can't think of single thing wrong with being here. It's nice and relatively quiet and I am able to do my work easily.

Nice apartments for college students. Would recommend to others. Nice pool and common room. Nice size bathrooms and bedroom. Really like it so far

Nice apartments. Neighbors ain't bothersome or noisy. Maintenance is slightly slow but they do show up eventually. The pool and basketball area are always clean and cool to hang out at.

Loving the arch so far!! Maintenance is as quick as possible with the requests that they have. The pool is gorgeous and the gym is great!! There's never any noise keeping me up at night so it's great!!

I love the arch so much. The staff there are so nice and help me anytime i need assistance with anything. I am definitely gonna renew my lease when it comes time for that!

Love it ! The rewards are amazing !!! It's very easy to do ! You have to submit things for points, and then once you get all the points required you get free things !!!

The arch is good but if something needs to be fix in any apartment its take while for the maintenance people to come fix it. The Pool should be clean more often

Have lived here for going on three years and have never had any major issues other than a few roommates. Staff is very nice and love the amenities.

I personally enjoy living at the arch. I feel like it is a safe and enjoyable environment for college students. I've had minor problems since I have been living here. Overall pleased.

I really like the apartment. They are very nice and I like that it gives you a feeling of being older and responsible since I'm a college student.

It's been good so far. It's very easy to receive my packages and mail. The funniest thing is people leaving the trash outside of the trash can.

I have really enjoyed living at the Arch! So far, the staff has been very helpful with our concerns or requests! Consideration of the residents will take you far.

never too loud on the weekends! appreciate them coming out and fixing problems as soon as they are available! nice community with a lot of amenities!

I was pleased with the size of the room as well as the size of the closet and bathrooms. The rooms are clean and the provided furniture was very nice.

you are doing very great. I have had an excellent experience so far. I will be doing this again and also be telling other people to do the same thing.

The Arch is a nice place but I would recommend a few things. The people who lived in my apartment before me where not the cleanest and I stayed over he summer and not once didn't they fumigate for bugs which is very necessary.

The initiative to come spray the units for bugs without a maintenance request even being put in was steller. The only complaint I have is the fact that the dumpster is broken so things are piling up.

I enjoy being at the Arch minus the roaches I have to take care of and the people at the front office are really nice. I wish the apartment was cleaner when I moved in though.