I love living the at The Beacon! The giveaways and events that are hosted here are great. The rent is reasonable and it’s located super close to campus.

I really enjoy staying at the Beacon the staff is really friendly and helpful and also try to connect the residents by different activities.

The staff is friendly, but there have been a few issues with management. Also, as a resident, the guest parking pass situation is really annoying to have to deal with.

My experience living here at The Beacon has been great! It's close to campus, nice computer lab, good gym equipment, and a wonderful pool with grills!

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This place is nice and quiet. It's close to home and campus! I really like living here. The Front Desk staff are amazing and very helpful! The Beacon rocks!

My time here has been well, the people are so nice and are always helpful when I have a problem. The community events are cool and are good for getting others involved. The only thing i would change is the internet provider. It’s not as reliable as i would like it to be.

Good service. Sometimes it’s difficult to get things worked out due to miss communication between parties. (Like bus spraying). Overall great experience. Love the location

The Beacon is a great place to live. The staff is really nice and helpful and it is a great community. I would definitely recommend living here.

I’ve had a pretty good experience. The only issues I have is that the hot tub is often dirty, and sometimes when we call maintenance we have not had them show up.

The apartments are great! I wish rent were a bit cheaper though as the units are smaller compared to others. The staff is also really cooperative and nice.

Love this place!! It’s quiet, great location, and all the amenities you need. The only improvement I’d like to see is faster response from maintenance, but besides that I’ve enjoyed my time here!

The staff are always friendly and very helpful! The apartments are nice and I really enjoy the different activities that the staff plan each month.

The beacon is a nice place to live. I wish the gym had a barbell station for bench press and squats though. This would have me in the gym much more often.

I enjoy the apartment and location of the Beacon. The amenities are nice (although I wish there were a stair stepper), and the staff is always very friendly. I have noisy neighbors, but that is not the fault of the complex. My one major complaint is the hot tub, as it is always broken. Other than that, the Beacon is a very nice place to live.

It hasn’t been too bad. My upstairs neighbors act like no one lives below them. Other than the inconsiderate neighbors, everything else has been okay.

I enjoy living at the beacon. The location on south college makes it convenient to go shopping and it is close to campus. The rooms are small but functional.

I have lived here for 2 years and it has been great! The transit is such a short line that really makes it convenient to get to campus. Also, the study area is super nice.

Pretty good. Rooms weren’t clean but all other maintenance requests and things have been good. Community is quiet and considerate for the most part.

Towing is ridiculous, parking guidelines were not properly stated when I moved in. Apparently you need a visitor's pass to park in VISITOR parking. Besides parking, the apartment was dirty upon moving in, and walls were dirty. The model unit was extremely nicer, and I wish I had the opportunity to see the actual layout of the apartment that I was moving into prior to moving in. Friendly staff and free coffee is a plus.

I love living at The Bescon. The proximity to campus makes it so convenient and there is always something to do. The staff is always available and helpful.

I have really enjoyed living that the Beacon over the last semester. Everyone has been very kind and helpful when issues have come up. I have had issues in my room such as mold when I moved in, messed up locks on doors, etc but they were fixed as soon as possible!

Sometimes the noise of neighboring apartments gets to be too much, but the location and everything in the apartment is great! The staff is super helpful and nice! Maintenance is fast and efficient! I like it here!

Excellent experience. The beacon is a great place to live and I would highly recommend it. The staff are always kind and very helpful, and the amenities are amazing.

Love how calm it is. I never have an issue with noise. The staff is always very kind, and they work very hard on all the events for residents.