I have really enjoyed living that the Beacon over the last semester. Everyone has been very kind and helpful when issues have come up. I have had issues in my room such as mold when I moved in, messed up locks on doors, etc but they were fixed as soon as possible!

Sometimes the noise of neighboring apartments gets to be too much, but the location and everything in the apartment is great! The staff is super helpful and nice! Maintenance is fast and efficient! I like it here!

Excellent experience. The beacon is a great place to live and I would highly recommend it. The staff are always kind and very helpful, and the amenities are amazing.

Love how calm it is. I never have an issue with noise. The staff is always very kind, and they work very hard on all the events for residents.

It is a good place to live. Close to campus so I don't have to drive. Nice staff that are super helpful. Pretty grounds, but sometimes it takes a while to get things fixed in the apartment and to get them fixed all the way.

The beacon is nearby my school. It can save lots of time to school. And the office has everything I want. Like the gym, swimming pool and the study room.

I love my apartment! Not only is the staff and maintenance workers very nice, but I never have to be afraid to ask stupid questions. It comes as a plus that I have my own bathroom too.

Great closet, bedroom, and bathroom size. Furnished bedrooms are the way to go, the dark brown goes with almost any design ideas a person may have

Great community and nice staff. The grounds are always clean and they anwser maintenance requests timely sometimes. There is always room for improvement

My community is pretty chill. It’s close to Walmart and school. A lot of my friends stay here, so I always have somebody to talk to. The staff is very friendly. They always have stress reliever activities to do.

We have had great luck with maintenance requests. They are prompt and follow up afterwards. We even got a new washer and dryer. They knew we had issues in the building with AC and checked up on ours.

I’ve had a generally good experience. I haven’t had many problems with my apartment, but one time we called maintenance and didn’t hear back from them for a week. We were able to solve the problem we called them for though.

I have had a pretty good experience with The Beacon. Maintenance requests are completed in a timely manner and the staff is very kind and helpful.

Awesome unit, helpful staff and great value for the price. It’s a super quiet community and the amenities are great. I’ve used the study room and the gym the most and love them!!

Really great opportunities to get free food and participate in activities each week. The location is super, and you may need a lot of maintenance, but the maintenance staff is pretty quick.

Fun events, good staff, and good location. They have really good amenities! Love the pool. Bugs were a problem at first, but have seemed to calm down.

Fun events, good staff, and good location. Walls are a little thin, but it's not that bad. A lot of people ride the transit so that gets a little crowded, but still manageable. Bugs were bad when we first moved in but haven't seen many since.

I love it here. I am close to campus, I am close to I-85, and I am close to the Auburn Aviary, which is where I will be doing the majority of my Masters' Thesis research!

I absolutely love living at The Beacon. Most of the staff is friendly and helpful. The grounds are clean and very well kept. I would recommend the Beacon to anyone.

Very attentive and helpful staff. Not the cleanest, especially when you first move in. Matenince gets to residences in a timely manner.Facilities are top notch.

The Beacon has been amazing so far. The amenities are great and the staff is so nice and it all makes for a very positive living experience.

I love the beacon! The grounds are nicely kept, there is okenty of parking and the office staff is super friendly. The bedrooms are on the smaller side but the private bathroom and walk in closet make up for everything you are missing.

Hasn’t been bad. The staff in the office are pretty friendly. The maintenance people aren’t the fastest but they’ve fixed the problems in my apartment.

I’ve loved spending two years here and look forward to next year too! It’s so nice and has a great transit route for getting to campus quickly!

It id a good apartment, there is a bus stop which is very convenient for students to go to school. Also, it is close to the Auburn UNIVERSITY, students can drive or take the bus in ten minutes.