This place is awesome to live at. I put in a maintenance order in and they came in and too down all my complaints and are currently fixing them.

The maintenance needs to be worked on badly ! Other than that the staff is helpful. The gates don’t really serve a purpose in the area they are in because it conflicts with traffic.

I've moved here June 1st in a temporary apartment. That was okay but when I moved into my primary apartment, SMH is all I could say. I'm not 100% happy or satisfied. I've placed several maintenance orders in and only 1 have been completed. I'm patiently waiting.

Everything here is fine aside from the lack of communication within the leasing office. I get multiple calls a day from different people talking about the same thing. Also the gates aren’t working and when I picked up my keys I didn’t get a card to get inside of the gym area.

The Blue has grown to be my home away from home. The amenities assist me from being bored out of my mind. The various events held, from a pool party to trivia night, also makes the community feel more wholesome overall.

It’s very nice living here. I’ve had most of my maintenance requests fulfilled within days and overall the workers are very helpful and nice.

It has been great so far. I feel the office can use better communication with residents but other than that, it’s convenient. The apartment itself is nice.

I have had a good and bad experience in this apartment! But i enjoyed living here and i hope it’s going to be better by this year and improve their services!

I moved In on the 1st and so far everything has been great! I would definitely recommend this residence to someone looking for a place to stay.

Excellent service and wonderful hospitality. This is my second year here and I absolutely love it here and may return for a third year and possibly a fourth

At first I was very upset because of the people I was placed with but the blue went out of the way to help me and get me taken care of ! Now I love it and I’m happy to live here ☺️

Could be better handling stolen property. Needs more security cameras or better yet hire onsite security. Amenities are great but safety is still an issue.

The pool area is always clean. I have had great experiences here at the blue. Amazing people around and great maintenance! The rooms a are a good size. I love the layouts. Well put together. It is a good price for the area.

Neighbors litter and leave their belongs or trash outside. It makes the entire building look bad. I was matched with the total opposite if what I wanted. The appliances could be updated.

I like it it servers my needs im happy to have found rhis place Ive been hear for about 2 years and will be staying untill im buying a house

It’s nice living her i ahvent has to many major problems besides the strict rules about company as long as rent getting paid it shouldn’t be a issue especially if the roommates are okay with it

It’s a quiet place to live, but hard to get things done in the apartments when there’s a problem. Most of all it’s a great place to live for a young person who’s new to adult life & wants to be on their own

Amazing staff, great facilities, an overall awesome place to live. The location is conveniently close to school and has its own bus as well.

Average all the way around. Good gym, cool pool when its not green. Affordable cost and fees. Parking for guests is harder than it needs to be

My apartment is great. I love pool and gym. And I am happy to walk to many stores and many restaurants near my apartment. I am comfortable with it.

Once i moves in the blue has a good reputation. Throughout the time it has been a disappointment. Lately, everytime there is a storm the internet in out building shuts down. I wonder if it will keep shutting down every time there is a storm.

Didn’t move in yet. Seems nice. I will move in soon, then I will have more details to talk about. So as soon advice hat happens I will have more info.

I love the new manager Miranda, she is very helpful and makes sure things are handled corretly. The pool area is amazing and so reserved. The movie theater inside of the office is a great place to meet with friends for a movie night or even during the day.

The blue community is wonderful, bigger space than my last apartment. It’s also clean , the office workers and even the maintenance is sweet. I promise you won’t regret it if your reading this gone ahead and request some leasing info.

It’s pretty nice here. I never even see my roommates so that’s great. My apartment just needs a few things to be fixed then it’d get 5 stars.