I haven’t moved in yet, but the staff has been beyond helpful and answer my questions completely every time I call. They have been polite as well.

I've been at the The Blue for almost 2 years and when I first moved in I found alot of issues.. (Room wasn't clean, Beatles everywhere in unit, Outside was trashed, and the maintenance took forever to respond to your requests, ETC). But I am pleased to say now that they have definitely grown and improved alot with these problems and with them being one of the cheapest college dwellings I do think you get your money's worth.

It's a decent place to stay..its comes with good and bad. I wish they will hurry up and finish the entrance. I have been living here for the past 4 years

Great place for mtsu students , clean, they have shuttle bus too from 7:00am to 5:30 pm I think and low rent it's cost you 570 $ includes everything

very great people that live here you have fun roommates . the staff is very helpful and if you have any problems or concerns they will help you.

Apartments are very well kept. Any time I put in a maintenance order Patrick is at the door the next day! The construction on both entrances at the same time is a little frustrating at times but it’s temporary

Good place to live... Good match with roommates...Was skeptical at first but it has worked out nicely. They offer All kinds of activities monthly and also the amenities are awesome. The application process is very fast and simple.

It’s a nice place to be. They have a lot of community activity to do to meet new people. Also they had just open up a gym so u don’t have to worry about going a spending money at other places.

It's cool just to much drama. But other than that its a good place to live. The people in the office are cool and laid back. All and all I would recommend this place to anyone.

Great here good people cool roommates just enjoying life love the swimming pool seeing the dogs walking around great gym to work out in and love playing pool

I love it very much because there are many things to do and they tells us what is happening at the blue. It is fun to play pool and used the computer inside the main building

I like living here, it's quiet. They have friendly staff and the new gym is amazing. The community is friendly, and very clean. They maintenance of the inside of the homes could use some work but overall it's a great place to live

I havent had many issues at all living at The Blue , but if I did then the staff was always nice and actually took care of it. All the problems ive experienced are the usual college apartment issues so it's never been a large problem living there and the community is kept up nice for the most part.

It’s alright living in here. The manager finally came and talked to me and mroommates and some issues we were having and got it all sorted out. Still prob won’t live here next year

The blue is a new complex which have just been owned by a new company. This place is relaxing because i can see them working hard to keep residents happy. Amazing gym. Refrigerator was broken, and replaced within less than a week

Excellent service. I’m very happy that I choose to live here. The staff is nice, and they are always upgrading so thing to make you stay at the blue more enjoyable.

Living here has it's pros and cons. The New fitness center is awesome. They have something new for residents every other day. Overall, it's a nice place to live.

Love the renovations! Staff is friendly, maintenance complete tasks in a timely matter. Rooms are spacious! And I absolutely love the walk in closets

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The experience is nice. I never had my own space like that before. As far as the living conditions they were awesome. I really love it it was awesome.

It has taken some adjusting to just waiting for all the construction to be done. I wish the shuttle bus to the school campus would run later too.

I must say I thought it would be crazy living here but it has been nothing but great.Quite and relaxing with a great staff who is always helpful with your needs. I would recommend this place to my freinds

I love my roomates and everything about my apartment. Coukdnt be happier with stay. Cant wait to renew mt lease. The gym is a big plus i love getting to use the new equipment

I love luving here no drama and when i have a issue it gets fixed..i would definately reccomend to somebody else and with out a doupr. Renew my lease

living here at the blue amenities are awesome the residents are cool just police is deep out here it gets a lil noisey but other than that its find