Lovely community and great staff. Lived here 5 months now and not a complaint yet. I really love everything about this place, especially how close it is to the university.

Very quiet neighborhood. Statf is very friendly. Apartments are very old and rent keeps increasing this is the only downfall. Maintainence is great.

we love it here. it’s very quiet and the tenants are friendly. we love the staff and the quick responses and hard work they put in for us. we love the amenities, can’t wait to use the pool this summer !

The Bluffs Over Cumberland is an amazing place to live. My old apartment was constantly disgusting all around the grounds and they constantly tried to mess with my payments. I don’t need to worry about that here at all. The management is amazing and I love ms. Sarah. I plan on living here until I can afford my own place. Amazing all around.

This an amazing place to live. The staff is very nice and helpful. I have never had any problems living here. I woulx highly reccomend living here.

I like it here because the people are nice and it's close to a lot of different stuff. They also have a pool which is a big plus for me and my little ones.

Other than having some issues with moving in, living here has been pretty nice. There's a lot of outside noise that comes into the apartment, and there isn't lights in the bedrooms, but past that it's ok.

Clean surroundings with friendly staffs and quick maintenance service. Close to campus and downtown, it’s very convenient. Pay rent online!!

This apartment complex is nice and affordable it’s really quiet over here and I love where it’s at right beside the river and the bridge lights up at night

The office is always there to hell and maintenance is super quick. Over all I love this apartment complex. It is also very quite and peaceful

This far, this has been a positive environment to live in. The lay out is very compatible with keeping an organized lifestyle and the grounds are well kept. Definitely good vibes from this place.

Living here has been an awesome experience. Great staff and friendly residents. Referred and had friends live in the property. If you’re looking for a great place that is near downtown without the downtown feeling, come on over and check this place out. You will love it like I am.

I came here sight unseen and it is better than expected. This is dfinitely a place I can call home. I’m also glad it is so pet friendly are there are other pet owners around.

The staff here are really nice they absolutely love my dog Jamel every time they see her they just want to love on her and pet her very lovely.

The staff are really nice and friendly the response is quick definitely really dog friendly as well they absolutely love to pet my dog Jamil

So far, the apartment community has been peaceful, which is a welcome change to how I was living before. The staff have been nice, though I have yet to meet any of the neighbors.

They helped us a lot through out us living here making us comfortable as possible I enjoy living here it’s very quiet and there are nice people here

I absolutely love it! The staff is wonderful, very pleased with everyone so far. The apartment is gorgeous. I love that every place comes with a Padio/Balcony. The parking is a pretty tight squeeze but we make it work!

This apartment is very nice. The management is very helpful. The facilities are also very beautiful and well kept. I would highly recommend living here.

My experience here at The Bluffs over Cumberland has been great. Nobody bothers me and my neighbors as well as the staff are quite friendly. Plus it's right around the corner from APSU. Every now and then though my neighbors can have their music up really loud or they'll have their trash just sitting around but all in all I don't regret moving here.

Nice quiet community. Very friendly staff. I love how cozy the apartments feel. Very nice sized 1 bedroom. Definitely will be recommending this place to friends looking for apartments.

So far everyone here is very friendly and welcoming, a nice change from the place I came from, also I love how much parking there is, I get home from work late and it’s nice that there is always a spot right in front of my place.

Excellent complex, relaxing and quiet, move in was stress free. Brand new apartment amenities. Friendly management and security is great. Great view of the river!

It’s not bad actually. I just hate the person above me that keeps making all the noise but other than that I like it. It’s like pet central too

The staff are very lovely I'm new to renting an apartment they were very patient with me. The apartments themselves very nice and well kept.