I am about to sign my lease for my third year. I have seen some pretty nice stuff and have seen many changes. some of them have been great but mostly some of the changes have been let downs. I no longer receive notices on any events that are going on, no more news letters, and the gates for the pool are not always opened or closed on time. Beyond that, we have enjoyed living among our small community that we have here.

These apartments have great points and rough points. I was really disappointed when they increased my rent by $20 a month, yet there are no extra amenities. They say they follow the market but the up keep on the apartments are not equal to what they make us pay. I can feel the cold or heat, whichever from outside standing 3 feet away from my windows. Hot water comes and goes as it pleases. The point job in here is crazy. It is nothing for a load to not complete in the laundromat on site. That takes me to no washer or dryer hook up in my apartment. They changed our maintenance guy and our apartment manager. Both seem like cool people, but still to just change who has the keys to your place with little or no warning is not okay. I still live around great people and feel safe here. I just wish that if they are going to increase my cost of living, they would improve the quality of where I live.

First time on here, going to check it out and see what it's about. I think it's a good idea to have a point system and to be able to earn rewards but you shouldn't have to use 140 characters before you can move on.

There very quick on getting things done. But we still have some issues around the apartment that needs to get complemented that we turned in on our paper before we moved it. Our faucets are hard to turn on and off and they drip and leak, still have some paint on our floors.

The community seems to be mostly college students. The noise level is low, neighbors keep to themselves, staff is extremely friendly (especially Renee). I am overall satisfied with the community.

The water gets shut off regular for repairs, sometimes with notice sometimes without. Calls are never returned. Pet waste all over the grass.

Staff was super friendly and helpful. Residents all seem friendly. Apartment is decent but has a few small issues. (Screen door latch broken, a few areas weren't very clean, broken drawer in kitchen)

Apartment is warm and comfortable yet older... Staff is friendly and helpful.. grounds are well maintained and beautiful... price is reasonable for the age and size .... location is perfect and the river view is very nice.

The place is nice and quiet, easy to get in and out of, but I moved in less than a month ago and they've already shut off the water twice. Other than that it's been fine.

Everyone here is nice and friendly. All of the maintenance crew are quick and helpful when you have issues. When you have a concern, they are answered quickly and addressed in a way that you are sure that it will be resolved. Overall I am satisfied with The Bluffs over the Cumberland

The community and housing is very nice as well as being very close to APSU and my work place, the only problem I have is how noisy the neighbors are early in the morning

Good there were a few concerns in the beginning but everything I asked about was taken care of the day of or the next I appreciate the quick response

The cost of rent is great, the location is great, and the apartments are fairly decent! However, there is always maintenance going on (not necessarily a bad thing!) and my water gets shut off constantly. If these things could improve, I would have practically no complaints.

This apartment complex is nice and affordable it’s really quiet over here and I love where it’s at right beside the river and the bridge lights up at night

Wonderful experience with the representatives Renee and Hannah from the time we arrived in office until the end of showing us the grounds and potential apartments; these Ladies are so patient in answering all of your questions and efficient in in calling to update you on apartment availability too. Very pleasant and welcoming experience!

We are so far very happy with the response time of putting in service request. Apt wasn't ready when we arrived for move in, but the delay was minimal. Floors were extremely dirty, turned our feet black

My experience here at The Bluffs over Cumberland has been great. Nobody bothers me and my neighbors as well as the staff are quite friendly. Plus it's right around the corner from APSU. Every now and then though my neighbors can have their music up really loud or they'll have their trash just sitting around but all in all I don't regret moving here.

I like it here because the people are nice and it's close to a lot of different stuff. They also have a pool which is a big plus for me and my little ones.

The place is great. The maintenance staff is friendly and competent, as is the management and leasing consultants. My only complaint is regarding the state of the parking lot; it's kind of falling apart.

This far, this has been a positive environment to live in. The lay out is very compatible with keeping an organized lifestyle and the grounds are well kept. Definitely good vibes from this place.

Other than having some issues with moving in, living here has been pretty nice. There's a lot of outside noise that comes into the apartment, and there isn't lights in the bedrooms, but past that it's ok.

River views on front side of the property. Pet friendly. Close proximity to downtown, city parks, marina, downtown commons, etc. No in-unit laundry connections, however. Coin laundry rooms are provided on complex.

I like the management they are some great girls and it is a great place to live everyone is friendly we have a nice pool clean grounds im happy

Just moved in but maintenance has been very responsive. Office staff is very friendly and helpful. So far everything is good. I think the distance to everything is reasonable.

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The staff are really nice and friendly the response is quick definitely really dog friendly as well they absolutely love to pet my dog Jamil