I have lived at the Bowie for 6 months now and have really enjoyed it. Everyone that lives & works here is extremely friendly and it’s an amazing location.

The building, pool, gym, location, and staff are great. The break ins and handling of the break ins, parking, and handling of the break ins aren’t so great.

Growing increasingly uncomfortable with the break ins that have happened recently on my floor, on the leasing office.. I havent heard of many initiatives that would help or prevent this from happening more

I have lived at The Bowie for nearly two years and I really enjoy the location and the building in general. There are some issues, but overall it is a great place to live.

My experience has gone down. This building is more like a fraternity house than a fine residence. Animals are allowed to pea on the elevator without owner cleaning up. Elevators are dirtied by residents with dropping paper, liquor, enter elevator dripping wet from pool. Pool is overrun by non inhabitants. Dumpster room floor not regularly cleaned. Concierge keep changing so no continuity and no familiarity with residents or community. I am peeved at management for withholding information on lease office break in from March until August despite police involvement. Smoking and vaping is occurring in garage and elevators despite repeated reminders. Large number of packages delivered daily is big problem in lobby. A dedicated space needs to be provided and high users should be charged a fee proportional to usage.

Please my son to individuals that work reception have been amazing It was working Sunday afternoon And the guy that work Sunday night Also a big thank you to the girl always on the 36 floor watching the pool area Amazing job

Overall great place to live! Amenities are nice; there are however, days with slow elevators and dogs off leash, but you’ll get that everywhere.

Love The Bowie :) Great neighbors and the leasing staff is amazing. I have been here nearly 3 years and have no plans of leaving. Very happy with amenities and service.

Love the Bowie's location and amenities! Always have polite staff and very clean and great looking building. Very nice residents and pet friendly!

I have lived in two units at The Bowie now. I love the layouts and the community here. The amenities are amazing. The staff is very friendly. And the roof top pool is the place to be!

I love living here, everything is great. The concierge missing is a pain at times but that is unavoidable at times. Great location and great people

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In general a good residency but room for improvement when it comes to handling packages, visitors and also available amenities. For the rent requested it should really be free for residents to use the pool kitchen which is not really a kitchen since it’s not complete - should be first come first serve unless it is reserved. Also to just allow 2 guests per resident is not great, can’t really have my group of 4 friends over on a Sat or Sun without having to rent out the kitchen for $500. Should be possible to add to a guest list if the amount of guests exceed 2 and manage amount of ppl that way.

We really enjoy living at the Bowie. The concierge is always friendly and we feel secure living here. It always clean. The cost of living here is reasonable too.

Great place to live and lovely staff! Maintenance does a great job at maintaining the building. I couldn’t see myself living any where else but here :)

Overall great amenities and units. Location is everything being close to Whole Foods. When leases are renewed, rents rarely have increased too much.

Everyone has been really accommodating and very helpful. I’m talking about the leasing office, cleaning crew, maintenance, Andy front desk. Everyone’s is always helpful and nice.

It’s a very nice building and location. Have had a lot of problems with a common area near me which has been unpleasant. I am also not a fan of the security measures that were added as I don’t see the value add.

Bit of cosmetic damage in the apartment and outdoor noise from the train (thought windows were double-paned) cuts a star off an otherwise fantastic experience.

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I've only been at the Bowie for a week, but it's been a great experience. The only frustration i've had is with receiving shipments from UPS / Amazon. My package has been mishandled by concierge twice, and they also had misspelled my email address, so I wasn't receiving notifications. Otherwise the experience has been great so far.

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I have lived here a very happily for 2 1/2 years. I’ve always had a great experience, but lately things have taken a very dramatic turn to the negative. The property management and front desk staff have become unresponsive and unhelpful and the condition and quality of the facilities has started to decline dramatically. The pool chairs are all broken, and despite constant inquiries about replacement from residents nothing is done.

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Move in experience was great - the staff have been very helpful. Location is very convenient to everything! We really enjoy living here so far!

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The apartment is not only beautiful, but it has an amazing balcony with a view and awesome amenities. The pool and workout facility are great.

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Excellent community feel with a fantastic building and great people who live here. I love the location, the views and the rooftop and 31st floor amenity decks.

Excellent place to live and a great community of people. The amenities are fantastic and the location and views are some of the best in all of austin.