I am not likely to live there again, the rooms were too close to others I could hear everybody. Workers were not very helpful, they gave me the wrong keys.

Safe, wonderful people, and a lovely place. Good for students and everyone who needs a place to live. The apartments are wonderful and clean, and the people are just as lovely.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about The Brock! I have lived here for 3 years and it has been the most wonderful experience! My roommates have always been great and so has the staff!

I love living at The Brock! Maintenance staff are doing a great job! I love when residents bring their pets into the office so we can meet them!

The place is clean and the amenities are nice but the new management ruined the place very rude and unpleasant with concerns. Also things break very easily all the time and speaking with other residents it’s a common thing yet management makes fun of us. Don’t know what kind of nasty people you have working here but I’m pretty sure paying customers shouldn’t be ridiculed, just shameful. Also the walls are so thin I can hear my noisy neighbors all hours of the night, have made multiple noise complaints and nothing is done. WiFi cuts in and out a lot. Would only recommend living hear if you are a college kid and want the “dorm” experience much rather spend my money on a real apt then this place. So expensive it’s a rip off charging each person almost 600 dollars to live in a 4 bedroom they definitely making their money off already broke college kids with little options. It’s a no for me.

The new furniture is good except for the kitchen tables and chairs. The staff is nice and helpful. I like that we can have pets here and the new laundry system isn't horrible. I also like the privacy of having your own room

Nice place, love all the extras, like the gym and pool table. The location is great. It is very close to SUNY Brockport and the rest of the town making it a perfect place.

Great place, a lot of room, and very peaceful. Kitchen is great as well as the living room and bedrooms. The free coffee is awesome that they have for you to get whenever you want it and it’s great

I’ve had enjoyed living at the Brock so far I have to say it’s been an experience. It is a nice place if I were 32 years younger and on my own for the first time.

I have not moved in yet. My lease does not start until August. However, I have toured the apartments and I am in love with what it has to offer. I cannot wait to be there. I know that it will be just like home.

I love the people i live with, the staff have been really nice and as a resident i fell appreciated and welcome to live here in the brock and its nice we can have animals

Ive had a great experience living here. The new furniture is nice and comfortable. The floor is also easy to clean and looks nice. Room size could be bigger though.

A great environment with great HELPFUL staff! There are plenty of useful amenities as well as fun events. There’s transportation to the schools and shopping center making everything convenient.

the staff and facilities are nice. It would be good if there was more than one computer or atleast printer. one of the things that could use improvement is the maintenance. especially in the winter with the snow removal and icing the side walks.

It's been relatively good. Nothing too crazy. The events are fun, staff is nice. One of the things that could be improved on is better snow clearance in the winter and better icing and it gets slippery.

Great place to live, Fire alarm goes off a couple times a month other than that great place to live. Dog and cat friendly, appliances are nice and work!!

Everyone at the Brock is super friendly! I love that the building allows pets which is a rarity among college living. The Brock offers so many amenities that you will never be bored.

I enjoy the events that The Brock hosts. They are great opportunities to meet other students that live so close to you, and I enjoy the raffles that are offered.

The shuttle bus, gyms, and study rooms are all great perks of living here. The Brock is very pet-friendly as well with the dog park available.

everything about living here has been great. the location is perfect, the staff is friendly and considerate, and the internet service is super fast.

I really like dogs. I Feed both of them every morning. And I give them fresh water. This is all in my dream. I don’t know what to write about other than a cat.

They need to salt the side walks and parking lot. There is never enough salt on the ground. Also, people need to stop putting their trash bags next to the garbage can.

I have enjoyed l living here a lot so far. My biggest issue would probably be the parking lot. They do not take care of the snow and ice in the parking lot and it can be hazardous at times.

Every apartment building will have their pros and cons, but over all I would recommend this building to other students. I love the free printing btw!

This place is great. The building is not to far from campus and the shuttle picks you up from the building and brings you to campus. The staff are also very friendly and attentive to you whenever you go into the office.