Everyone at the Brock is super friendly! I love that the building allows pets which is a rarity among college living. The Brock offers so many amenities that you will never be bored.

I enjoy the events that The Brock hosts. They are great opportunities to meet other students that live so close to you, and I enjoy the raffles that are offered.

The shuttle bus, gyms, and study rooms are all great perks of living here. The Brock is very pet-friendly as well with the dog park available.

everything about living here has been great. the location is perfect, the staff is friendly and considerate, and the internet service is super fast.

I really like dogs. I Feed both of them every morning. And I give them fresh water. This is all in my dream. I don’t know what to write about other than a cat.

They need to salt the side walks and parking lot. There is never enough salt on the ground. Also, people need to stop putting their trash bags next to the garbage can.

I have enjoyed l living here a lot so far. My biggest issue would probably be the parking lot. They do not take care of the snow and ice in the parking lot and it can be hazardous at times.

Every apartment building will have their pros and cons, but over all I would recommend this building to other students. I love the free printing btw!

This place is great. The building is not to far from campus and the shuttle picks you up from the building and brings you to campus. The staff are also very friendly and attentive to you whenever you go into the office.

Awesome, the brock is great. love living here. so much better than living on campus at the school. its also fully furnished so you save money rather than living off campus and leasing a house

Awesome place to live with so many amenities included! Best part is we are able to have our pets here with us! You can choose your roommates too!

Within The Brock, I am benefiting from the interactions with residents who are different from me. With a descent noise level on my floor I also benefit from the ability to study in room with the privacy that I need.

I like the fact that all the utilities are included in the rent. The events are nice to get to meet your neighbors. I wish there was more than one computer. Also, there shouldn’t be such a heavy fee for credit card users.

The Brock is a great place to live! Maintenance is always making sure everything is cleaned and in good condition for the residents and it's close to everything in Brockport!

Only complaint is the amount of time it takes for sidewalks and the driveway to be plowed. Moving back in after break consisted of trekking though a few inches of snow on the sidewalk. Other than that, my experience has been great!

Great place to stay with all the amenities offered. Close to campus which is a plus. Access to town with mutiple resources. Great start for independence.

This apartment is extremely nice and has everything I want for such a low cost. I would recommend this place to anyone because you can’t ask for any better than this.

I chose to live here mainly because it is an off-campus apartment with plenty of amenities. The all-inclusive rent is a lot better because I don’t have to worry about things like leaving the lights on, or water.

Living here has been great, there are very kind people here who always help out and make sure that you are taken care of. I wish the plowing and walkways in the winter were better maintained but overall i'm still glad to be here.

I like the fact that I have my own room, not the traditional dorm style for college. I am provided with a kitchen so I can cook whenever I’d like to.

The brock is a comfortable and welcoming place to live. It is close to all the stores and has a lot to offer inside as well. Despite the very thin walls the noise really isn’t too bad as long as the people above you keep it to a low roar.

Love the location and the perks of the quality fitness center and common areas. Large screen TVs, WiFi, utilities included. My only complaint is that I can hear noise from The apartment above me.

I really enjoy living at the Brock. I get my own room, a full kitchen, and my parrot gets to enjoy college with me. The Brock also offers fun little community events that help everyone take a break and have some fun while maybe even winning free stuff.

Overall I had a good experience here, it’s fully furnished with a flat screen tcl smart tv, wall mount for the tv, fun events and free printing.

This places has so many nice facilities such as the little gym and the coffee bar. It’s nice and quiet. I enjoy seeing dogs from time to time. Overall great place to live.