I love it. My family loves it. It instantly felt like Ike has home the second we walked in. The paint it beautiful I just wish it had outlet stores outside

It could be better but it’s a place to live . You’re getting what you pay for so can’t really expect more than what is given besides basic amenities

I love living at the Brumbelow I just wish there was more communication between the leasing office in their residents because the last owners tried more to fit personalities at least in Munich opinions when it came to roommates .

I’ve been staying here for about 2 years now and I’ve seen so much growth throughout the community. The new management is great so far. I love how they make sure everything is ok in your unit and around the complex’s.

This is my 3rd year living here at the Brumbelow and I have enjoyed it. The rent is affordable and management is very nice. It has a convenient location since I go to UWG. It’s calm and there aren’t a lot of complaints.

It’s a great price and a great location. I love that we have a pool and that the green belt is right next to us. The rooms and the common areas are good.

I’ve have no problems so far with new management. They have already fixed all the minor issues I’ve had in my apartment, in terms of painting and stuff. I also have no problems getting into contact with them and they are all very nice people.

I enjoy being a resident at the Brumbelow ! The amenities are great and super convenient! Maintenance always comes and fixed things on time. Overall, it’s a great location

Great staff and living accommodations are quality. Location near campus allows for easy access to classes without the need for driving and bus services further reduce the need.

It has been a great experience here everyone is very helpful and they get stuff done on time tell help everyone out. Their maintenance Has improved a lot over the last month

I loved living at the brumbelow I stayed for two years. It’s so close to campus and it’s an easy walk. The green belt is right there perfect for running etc. the basketball courts stay lit and the pool is very nice. I do wish the pool Had longer hours.

It’s okay, the past management were very rude & I didn’t like them so I never came around. Hopefully this new management will be better, so far so good.

The Brumbelow is affordable student housing that is convenient and close to school. I love having the pool on the property, it’s so nice! The Brumbelow has been a good away from home!

Century 21 was awful management wise. They did not take care of any of our request. We had to live with mild and other issues. The new management seems to be much better.

This apartment has suited my needs at college perfectly! It does get a little noisy, but that is the only issue I have run into while living there. The size of the apartment is not too big or too small and the price is amazing!

My apartment experience was great, i love the set up of the apartment and didn’t have much issues with it. The community was also great very fun and friendly.

Great livin here in the Brumbelow. Honestly don’t want to move out . I love the people in the office and never had any issues with them up front . Pool great and basketball court nice . I had lot of fun living here thank you Brumbelow for everything.

A great small community, where maintenance is pretty quick with resolving issues. The location is great, right near the Green Belt and walking distance from campus.

Everything has been great; staff is friendly and will fix problems in your unit within a timely manner. The only thing is the pool not being open on weekends.

loved the apartment! and the pool and basketball court were a great addition. wish the office and the pool stayed open longer tho. being a athlete it was hard to get into the office when i had time

overall my experience was pretty good. Other than when my sister and I were told we only had to get one roommate and then two people we didn’t ended up moving in without any notice

Living here has been great! Everyone’s nice and it’s so close to campus! The staff has always been helpful and the pool and study room is always a plus!!

So far with new management it seems to be better, but it has only been about a month since they have taken over. Overall, they are better than the management before.

It makes everything easier. It has a great layout and the features are easy to find Also I like that they ask you to put in emergency contacts and if they are aloud in your apartment or not.

It’s been a good experience living here at the brumbelow! Great amenities, cheap rent, safe and quiet environment. Also it’s very close to campus!