I moved here after losing my home to Harvey. The property is so nice that it made the move much more bearable. I've met lots of neighbors and it feels like home.

I like living here, it close to my work, close to downtown and alot of restaraunts nereby. The people that live here are friendly. There are a few things I noticed around the the community that needed to be addressed, for the most part they have.

Overall, best place I’ve lived in a while. Some amenities are issues at times but minor inconveniences at the worst. Staff and residents are friendly

The staff was very accommodating and we look forward to moving here. We are also very excited about the complimentary wine nights and the valet parking.

I love the quiet building and neighbors. Great insulation. Probably cause it’s concrete. Concierge and valet are great. Would love a pet park.

I believe the building’s overall aesthetic and amenities really do relay luxury and fine living. I just wish certain things were prioritized here allowing for the full luxury experience. Some of the gentleman from valet couldn’t care less about their jobs & that’s apparent. The staff including the concierge lack of knowledge concerning the workings of different features in/around the building is inconvenient and inexcusable. The resounding smell of dog throughout the elevators and entrances are repulsive. And lastly, attention to the maintenance of outdoor furniture, gym equipment, lighting in the garage, on the building and in the halls, and outdoor area seems to be neglected. Outside of those concerns I believe this place makes for a nice home.

The community is great! Like-minded people who are friendly and welcoming. I love getting to know my neighbors and feeling like I belong. The amenities are great.

I love living at The Carter! I love the amenities of the building and I love the area. The concierge people are GREAT and friendly. Thank you Carter!

What I love most about The Carter is the staff. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. The main areas and grounds are kept really well, and are very presentable. The only reason I’m deducting 1/2 star is due to guest parking. Since valet isn’t 24 hours, I have to plan around that and I suspect street parking will become more scarce once the adjacent apartment complex is completed.

Amazing staff, very welcoming and very organized. Had one issue with the apartment that was solved same day. Building super clean and always smelling good.

Very good experience. Wonderful Place to stay. Not fond of changing certain service and amenities during the lease as some signed up specifically for those amenities. Such as 24 hour concierge and the bar selection. Other than that its great!

I was so excited to live here when I first got a tour around the building and got to learn about all the awesome amenities. It has an awesome view and everything has a luxury feel from the lobby to the granite counters to the wood floors. On my move in day, we were told we had to wait until noon to move my stuff in, only after we had arrived at 10am. After a 2 hour wait, we walk in to an apartment still being cleaned. I have lived here for a little over 2 months and my realator had not received commission and I have not received the gift card of $1000 has promised. I needed my tub stopper repaired, so I put in a work order online and selected the option to be notified with a phone call before anyone entered my apartment. I never received a phone call and got a notification it had been fixed at a time I was physically in my apartment (and no one ever entered.) There have been really loud noises that are quite alarming at early hours of the morning that I, and other neighbors, have reported that never were cleared up. One instance that happened was a very loud hammering sound on a Saturday at 5am from the maintenance closet behind my bedroom wall. It was hard enough to knock picture frames off. It's awesome that the apartment is dog friendly, but the elevators always have pee in them. I'm not absolutely disappointed, just irritated because I feel like this process and living here would have been a lot more lux to fit the monthly rent rate and advertised promise of ease.

Great amenities, especially the happy hour allotted during certain times and days of the week. Feels like you’re staying at a luxe hotel 24/7

I am enjoying my experience so far. Friendly staff and community members. I enjoy seeing the familiar faces of our neighbors! I hope the management can better control those who are smoking, I smell it constantly on my porch.

So far the community seems great. I love my apartment and I will enjoy getting to know the museum district area. Staff has been attentive helpful and friendly.

So far the staff and service are great. I only had some minor issues with a balcony door and requested it to be repaired or adjusted. Otherwise, my experience has been great.

The community seems to be going downhill..It is still a great place to live, but everything seems dirtier and less well kept. I also don't like how the garage door remains open. It doesn't feel as safe.

The Carter has been a great and safe place to live, however they have made some changes that were crucial to me signing the lease in the first place. For example, when I signed my lease, they had 24 hour concierge, which as a single woman, was a deciding factor for me. Now, concierge is only 24 hours on the weekend and only until 10 o clock PM during the week. I also signed at the Carter for the garage safety, however, now the garage doors stay open until after dark and then are closed just for the night. The bar hours have also changed and the staff running the bar does not clean up after the happy hour ends, so in the mornings, there are wine glasses and beer glasses left out in the lobby. Otherwise, I am very happy at The Carter.

Move in was seamless. Been living here for two weeks only but so far so good. Loving all the community socials and what not. A great touch to making living here pretty fun.

Love the place, super clean and friendly staff to welcome me every time I come home. The location is perfect, the only problem is the construction, when they finish it wilp be awesome

Staying at the Carter has been a pleasurable experience. The management staff has done a great job at addressing questions and concerns. The concierge service has been very helpful. The maintenance staff also keep the amenities clean and ready for use. 10/10 would recommend. Thanks!

The apartment itself is very nice as are the amenities. What’s lacking is the customer service. We pay a lot to live here as does everyone else and the level of service just isn’t there. The staff is very nice but when it comes to actually taking care of residents they seem to drop the ball. Maintenance is so so, it usually takes a long time for them to come by to fix issues and when they finally do some things are still broken after they leave. We decided to purchase a home and leave the Carter because it just isn’t worth the money. I’m also a Realtor and it makes me sad to say that it’s very difficult to recommend the Carter when I know first hand the level of customer service.

Just moved in the apartment is beautiful. The experience was smooth hope I will enjoy my time here as I settle in more. The concierge is prompt and helpful.

Very Beautiful apartments with immaculate details!! Quiet and reserved with outstanding guests services! Something truly amazing to call home!

Horrible service . Unreasonable . Hard to work with. Nightmare. Can’t believe I moved into a place that’s so hard to work with. I already have regrets