I have enjoyed my experience here at the carter, the lovely building and the friendly staff has made that possible and I wanted to thank them for all their hard work

Great Staff, Great Amenities, Great Sonos Sounds Speakers. I’ve enjoyed my time at The Carter immensely and would recommend anyone looking for an upscale living situation to live there as they would not be disappointed. If my new job wasn’t taking me out of the area I could see living there for years to come!

Great place to live. Its near the museums and medical areas. I also enjoy being near both Rice and St. Thomas, not to mention TSU and U of H.

Everyone is so helpful and living here feels like living in a hotel! The amenities are amazing and the view of Houston from the 19th floor is breathtaking!

Gave it only 4 stars due to some issues that need to be addressed. I love this building BUT the pool needs to be cleaned more often. The hallways need paint touch-ups.. it's been a couple months now. Light bulbs need replacing in the lobby.. bulbs are frequently going out in the bar area... these are small things that can be fixed in a matter of minutes or a couple hours! Also.. the parking garage could use power washing on each 7 floors. It doesn't look like it has been power washed since the building opened. I hope this helps better our community!

The move in was rough, but the residents and staff have been really nice. We are just getting settled in but love the location and the residents are very nice and helpful

I love The Carter. From the staff to my neighbors to the community events. Honestly the perfect place to live. Can't forget about the stunning views. I love having and entertaining friends and family it's like living in a hotel. T

Maintenance is the only item to improve slow and incomplete, elevators down a significant time making it inconvenient. Must be willing to put money into the property

Love the apartment and the people. It feels like a community. The apartment have a home feel to it and o feel safe. The concierge personnel are the best.

Wonderful staying here I love the environment just wish the elevators were faster but that’s a small issue. I also like that they fixed the garage door because I didn’t like any. And everyone to be coming in and out

Our past 4 months has been awesome. We love The Carter. Very community driven and all the residents are always well taken care of! Thank you

Community is definitely amazing. On top of that, there’s a lot of activities scheduled almost every day to connect residents. Property is definitely luxurious but also cozy. Amenities are the best in Houston area.

I really do love it here! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. My dog and I also love that the area feels like a real neighborhood, going for walks is such a pleasure. Not to mention the park is just a couple of blocks away.

Unfortunately, I ran into a situation with the building management, which showed the lack of communication and training of the Greystar organization. It has tainted our experience; and we will never try to use the Penthouse amenity again which ultimately takes away the value of what we are paying for. It would also be nice for the concierge to put up some type of signage for when they are away from the desk and when expected to be back, this way we are not waiting longer than expected. We still do appreciate the happy hours, and the community and location of the Carter.

Love living here. Only additional wish is that there was a hot tub. Hope the construction surrounding will be done soon. Overall great experience though.

Love living here. Love that the parking garage feels secure and never has break-ins (was an issue at my last apartment). Only additional wish is that there was a hot tub.

The twenty-four hour concierge and valet is extremely kind and irreplaceable. The Carter’s location on the edge of the Museum District is unbeatable.

Things have changed a little since new management took over and I would say the concierge department has suffered as far as availability and such. The community has changed but I still love it here. Garage safety is a concern and access to the general public has been an issue but it’s not something I feel has put myself in danger.

Like the amenities, free bar and events for residents. But sometimes dogs around are annoying even during the night time. Management has to be more stern with people who don't​ follow the rules of the community.

I moved here after losing my home to Harvey. The property is so nice that it made the move much more bearable. I've met lots of neighbors and it feels like home.

I like living here, it close to my work, close to downtown and alot of restaraunts nereby. The people that live here are friendly. There are a few things I noticed around the the community that needed to be addressed, for the most part they have.

Overall, best place I’ve lived in a while. Some amenities are issues at times but minor inconveniences at the worst. Staff and residents are friendly

The staff was very accommodating and we look forward to moving here. We are also very excited about the complimentary wine nights and the valet parking.

I love the quiet building and neighbors. Great insulation. Probably cause it’s concrete. Concierge and valet are great. Would love a pet park.

I believe the building’s overall aesthetic and amenities really do relay luxury and fine living. I just wish certain things were prioritized here allowing for the full luxury experience. Some of the gentleman from valet couldn’t care less about their jobs & that’s apparent. The staff including the concierge lack of knowledge concerning the workings of different features in/around the building is inconvenient and inexcusable. The resounding smell of dog throughout the elevators and entrances are repulsive. And lastly, attention to the maintenance of outdoor furniture, gym equipment, lighting in the garage, on the building and in the halls, and outdoor area seems to be neglected. Outside of those concerns I believe this place makes for a nice home.