I do not like living in this apartment.and I'm looking forward to my lease being up in August. I feel like I'm being overcharged. I can go up the street pay less rent and have a full size washer and dryer. .When I moved in I reported the loose electrical outlets and the broken screens..needless to say the leaking ceiling that I lived with for months..I should have been given a discount for that..My balcony is raggedy looking cannot relax on it, scared it may fall apart. Messy paint job..Just a unhappy resident.

Pest control issue needs to be addressed for everyone not just for as needed. When a tenant leaves the place should be fully exterminated and the surrounding residence should allow or be willing to have pest service done to help contain bugs. The place needs a full 21st century remodel for the amount of money paid monthly. Eliminate more trees, what if a storm came and the damage that would be done could be less costly if the trees wasn't so tall and hovering over the apartments. Brighter lighting or more lighting should be on site it too dark in some spots and it could help with crime of vehicle break ins. It should be high fenced off or gated access to help residence feel more secure. Upgrade to children play area which is not maintained well to many bugs, big ants crawling biting kids and too many mosquitoes flying can't play if your getting chewed up which leads to the trees hovering over the playyard having the bugs be more around the playyard area. The showers are to high in getting in and out need a Bath fitters makeover and not so low toilets that someone with bad knees or health issues can get up and down it shouldn't feel like your squatting to use the toilet and some people have to sit longer than others and its could make it hard to get up off after long sitting. Grab bars especially in the shower should be a must. Kitchen with provided microwave, refrigerator with connected water line and ice maker, Better cabinets to hold more stuff, sink with garbage disposal, better dishwasher to cleans better. All windows to be replaced or cleaned and caulked. Near cabinets openings caulking should be done to eliminate pest issues. Weird to have many switches that doesn't control anything and outlets that doesn't properly hold a plug or partially working. Ceiling fans in each room will help air circulation and if lights are part of the fan will provide lighting to be able to connect to one of the switches. Oh and it doesn't help that its only one door entrance to some apartments especially since the main entrance is near kitchen and that could be where a fire is occurring or what about the fact that the fire extinguisher is close to the stove that good but what if a person walked away for a moment to the living room or wherever and came back to kitchen and fire on stove but cant get to the fire extinguisher to dye down the flames because its not near the entrance of the kitchen in some apartments. The front door to much space between door and the frame making it easy for air draft and bugs to come and go. Also not a very secured door. It needs a modern look with key/keypad entry will make a great look appeal. Along with screen door. A door bell will be great as well since the doors are old and the peep hole is so high doesn't help a short person to be able to feel comfortable to open the door especially if unexpected guest and even so at least with a screen door that could help secure break ins and also once the door opens you can see who is present at the door for that unexpected quest. Im sure the lawn service gets paid a lot and for them to not help put grass in areas that lack it would be a good inquired suggestion and then they would have grass to actually cut instead of spreading dirt and bark around. Tired of stray aggressive cats roaming, and their should be Dog bags and trash pole disbursed it sucks that the tenants that have pets doesn't feel or care to clean up after their pet makes me wonder how they inside corridors look and why bugs are another way to infestation issues. Overall an full upgrade with a more modern feel to Yorkshire will make it more appreciative to rent at the asking rental price. The things that I am mentioning I have seen in many apartment rentals and brings great attraction and better tenants because it not just about feeling a vacancy but to provide a cozy home living environment. These repairs does not have to be expensive and costly if you get the right contractor to come and do the work that you ask and the appliances or items need could be low in cost if order in large bulk by the right company. The cutting corners and half service maintenance is bad and lack of maintenance service because it makes it hard for them to be able to do a better maintenance job instead of repeating the same problem with a temporary fix or half job. Also maybe a tenant form should be uploaded and accessible to the tenants to fill out any and all repairs needed and then to acknowledged on what is able to be serviced. I really could see a more modern and upscale look to Yorkshire Downs and hope that some of the items listed will be taken into consideration I know once word gets out about Yorkshire remodel upgrades to Kitchen and Bathroom mainly the other apartments will try to compete and step up to the plate to try to win over new tenants who are seeking a good apartment that feels welcomed and cozy and updated kind of like the front office looks modern. Thank you I hope this helps for improvements in the future.

Pay for an alarm system I dont use, plus they made a hole in my wall which I had a scheduled a time for maintenance to come (even took off work so I would be home) and they never even showed. I asked maintenance to fix my toliet when I first moved in because it was leaking and they left with it still leaking! Had to call them back a second time to actual fix it. My window was broken before I moved in, the carpet is torn up, Walls damaged, the back balcony railing is falling apart..the entire apartment needs an upgrade. Too pricey for what it is, will not be leaving here after this year.

It’s so so. The gutter above our door is broken such that whenever it rains there’s a sheet of water constantly falling directly in front of the door and no one wants to fix it. The lock on our door sticks. The oven light is broken. We JUST moved in. All of these things should already be taken care of.

Overall good experience. Can hear neighbors through the walls, but that's expected in most apartments. Property managers are great, attentive and personable.

It’s very quite and everyone seems to keep to them selves , the front office staff is great and helpful. In the summer the pool is great, fun

Great maintenance team, get staff, but the apartments are alright at best. Other than that it's a great environment, especially the schools.

My three years at Yorkshire downs have been nice, with minimal issues. Maintenance is usually timely, but it seems like landscaping is paid more attention to in some areas than others.

Angelica and Gary have always been a wonderful help, answering questions, going the extra mile. Maintenance gives their best always. A great place to live.

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Great place to live at, so peaceful and quiet. Nice neighborhood and nice neighbors.things to do around the area are close so your not too far from anything

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I’ve been residing here for almost four years now. Very nice community to live in and the location is great. Not far at all from Langley Air Force Base and grocery stores are close as well.

It is nice to live here, very spacious and close to Langley Air Force Base, also walking distance to Food Lion and a variety of other restaurants.

Great staff. Clean location. Wish the rent was a little lower so that we could get more thing for the apartment and live the no pet restrictions, but all in all great.

The office staff has been accommodating and I like the area. Haven’t been here long but I am happy so far. Every question/complaint has been taken care of in a timely manner.

We really enjoy the quiet neighborhood!! The walking trails throughout the apartment complex are awesome!!! The dogs love going on walks and the gym is awesome too!

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Nice area, close to base, apartments are nice inside and love the California Closets. Area is close to everything you could need. Nice wooded area around.

I have had the pleasure of living here for 4 years and what I love most is the location. Hampton, Langley Air Force Base one way, the other way I’m close to Grafton, Newport News. Wouldn’t change anything about it!

With the exception of our upstairs neighbor, who seems incapable of quietly walking up the stairs or softly across the floor, the place is wonderful.

We love it here! The location is great, the staff is super helpful, and we love the pool in summer! There are a few amenities in the kitchen that could be updated (the stove/oven and dishwasher).

Quiet place to live. Great space and friendly staff. Everything is clean and spacious. Perfect for couples just starting out or any small families.

Great area, clean. Helpful staff, friendly staff, big apartments. Big walk in closets. Like that you can have pets up to all sizes and breeds

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Wonderful staff! Any time you call they are right on top of things. If they tell you it will be done it will. Also it’s a very clean area very nice

Apartments updates are nice. Management was professional and courteous. Things are taken care of quickly when there are problems. Would recommend.

Great area, and great people in management, some things were wrong with the apartment when I moved in, but they have been fixed soon after I moved in.

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Great people who work in the office, and love my neighbors! Always help when I call randomly, and have almost become like a second family to me.