The Cove at Boynton Beach is a great community, the neighbors are great, the maintenance requests get taken care of on a timely manner the office people are great!

Must be good since I just signed my 19th lease I rate it a 10. Very quiet neighbors and I am not afraid to go for my nightly walks. Enjoy the office staff

It’s been relatively quiet and most of the staff is amazing lol 😊😊😊. Maintenance is good, office staff is prompt and attentive. Fun place for the kids

So far my stay in my new apartment has been great. The leasing agents have answered every question and had all my request immediately handle. The grounds are are well maintained only issue is the secure gate seems to always be opened. My family and I feel real confident about our selection for a place to live.

Maintenance is awesome, they are super friendly and quick to fix any issues. The front office is very friendly as well. The grounds always look well maintained

I really was happy about the choice I made to move into the Cove at Boynton Beach. My expectations quick started to fail, after several calls. I met with property manager Lisa Hogan. Together we resolve almost all the issues I was having with the property. I'm now feeling good about the choice I made.

The community is very nice and very well maintained. The service department handled my calls very quickly and efficiently. The front gates don’t always work.

I do like this this apartment complex .The leasing office does the best of their ability to help in situations. The worst part of the complex is parking you need a parking decal and you have to register your car if you are a guest or they will boot your car . Which is very inconevenient i would understand if there was limited parking but there is plenty of parking thru out the whole complex. If you have a lot of visitors be aware of this policy or your friends will get booted!

We first moved into this complex because it was a gated community and it seemed safe, but for about one year now the gates are frequently left opened and visiting cars tends to tailgate behind resident vehicles. We're constantly sending out maintenance requests to fix our fridge, which they do come but somehow the problems aren't resolved only patched up. The amenities on the complex are wonderful, which is more than what most apartment complexes offer.

I love the location. Peaceful, I haven't had any issues. The maintenance crew is great. My only reason for leaving would be to find something cheaper. Getting to pricey for me.

The Cove Of Boynton Beach is an alright place to live, it has its ups and downs like every place you rent. Keep up the good work.It has went through its share of ownerships.

We have lived in the Cove of Boynton Beach for 5 years, staff are very nice and helpful. However the appliances are outdated and often broke and in need of repair.

The staff in the office is always pleasant and very willing to help. The maintance staff is awsome and very nice, they come quickly when u have an issue

So far living at The Cove at Boynton Beach as been a really good experience. Whenever billing, repairs, or any complaints I ask or inquire the management office is quick to handle any issues. If they just don't know they will get an answer and respond as soon as possible.

There needs to be a better gate security, what is the point of being a gated community when one car can open the gate for other cars to follow right behind. The company hired for car booting is absurd! They are so quick to boot resident cars as well as non-residents vehicles only to leave the car sitting there for months causing limitation on parking.

I like living here because everything is close bye, and the neighborhood is good, but lately there has been breaking to cars, and they broke the window to our car, we need security cameras, and more security during the night.

I have lived here for a year now and I can tell that when new management came in they made a lot of great changes. The complex is looking great!

The staff is friendly and helpful. Very nice place to live. I've been here 5 yrs and I cant sat that it has been a bad time.....if you are looking for nice and quiet you found it

The people in the neighborhood are awesome. The maintenance staff is friendly but forgetful. The leasing office can get really nosy at times which is frustrating.

My 2 bedroom is very spacious and the community is always clean. My family and i particularly enjoy the pool area. The staff members are extremely nice and helpful

Staff is nice, pool and gym are nice as well. Dog friendly community which we love. Very interested community as far as race is. Appliances are a little outdated.

Always very prompt with any issues and extremely accommodating when moving in. I was 7 months pregnant and they worked with my family members as well for co-signing the lease.

The staff is open and friendly. Maintenance responds promptly. The ground and pools are well maintained and the gym and exercise rooms are nice.

Love the change to smokeless and the new parking rules. Keeping the place cleaner, tidier and all-around nicer for residents! Location is fantastic, really close to I-95 and the stores/restaurants/bars on congress.

The value is great. The gym could use more space and more up to date technology. It is a concern with the car break ins. Perhaps security would be a good investment.