Rent is not to expensive, apartments could be cleaner and have updated appliance. The noise is a little high but it varies. Overall the lease was not to bad .

Great staffing! I felt welcomed and invited before moving into these apartments. There are a numerous amount of amenities that these apartments have at an affordable price.

The management team at the davis has always been wonderful to work with. My townhome is perfect for my needs and the gym is very well furnished.

They are very spacious and comfortable apartments, the rooms are nice sizes. The office staff are very friendly and helpful. They were there when you needed them.

I have yet to live at the Davis, my lease begins this fall. But I love the included utilities and the friendly staff. I also love the option to of roommate matching as well as chosen roommates.

Pretty nice place. I am excited to meet my new roommates. I love that utilities are included. Makes things so much easier. It’s a much better upgrade from my last apartment

It has been a thrill and I have my roommates. The neighbors around have been super helpful, and also helped me move in. Also the leasing manager and other staff were really sweet and helpful.

This is the absolute worst place that you could ever sign a lease at in Greenville. I have had many many problems with this property and it’s the way it is ran. First off, I pay the most out of all my other roommates and my bedroom is the smallest unit in the apartment. I have seen closets bigger than my room. Second, it was disgustingly dirty when I moved in. I found a blunt in the corner of my room just laying on the carpet after move in. Third, this place is just nasty and not kept up with at all in general. The light in the stairwell leading up to my apartment has not worked since I moved in. There are spiders/webs/all sorts of bugs in the area outside my front door who have had a happy home there for months because the property is neglectful when it comes to cleaning. The list could go on and on. Fourth, the maintenance and management at this property is some of the worst I have ever seen. The air conditioning has been broken in my apartment for a month and a half and we have submitted work orders twice and called to complain to the front office both times and still we are left waiting for them to get it fixed. When I called to complain I was told that even though I am still paying full rent there is nothing they can do about refunding me since I have not had working AC because apparently it’s my fault. I can not begin to describe my frustration and dissatisfaction with this property and I just hope that nobody else has to go through what I have. Avoid this place at all costs.

The apartment as a whole is fantastic. The roommate matching could use some improvement but beyond that I have really enjoyed staying at the Davis for the past almost 2 years

The main office staff is great. Maintenance is always very responsive and quick. The town houses are reasonably big. Also pet friendly and the 24 hour gym is nice.

I enjoy living here, the community is nice and quite. It’s nice to have somewhere to just go and study if needed. The pool is always open if anyone wanted to go

I love it here! Its quite. Peaceful and my roommates are cool. The staff os very friendly and always there when I need them! We even have a pool how cool!

this year i have had to pay the rent for the masters despite not staying in it. utilities could do with an update. we have had roaches since we've moved in.

It's a smoking around my bedroom. I am hearing too much profanity and noises over my head. Please don't reveal it's me revealing. Thanks so much for your time and consideration

The Davis is a great place to live, the staff is awesome and very helpful. The staff have different activities in the Clubhouse to earn gift cards and different amenities.

I absolutely love it here! Great amenities, great price! I have friends at other properties paying double and it isn’t even enjoyable there.

It’s ok. I really like how blah and blah and really blah. This sis great to tell about stuff that I don’t know about. I really wish I didn’t.

I really like the environment & it’s a nice looking community. My apartment is nice, my roommates are cool people & its close to many food places.

The apartment itself is nice, I get what I pay for. That being said, there is a consistent unpleasant scent in the hallways of my building and the people above me are incredibly loud.

So far I like it nice and quiet and the area is Wonderful and great people and the place is beautiful and clean and homey and I definitely would recommend this place

Great place to live in a quiet neighborhood the staff is always very very helpful and will always answer any questions you might have they also have great amenities

Living at the davis is an amazing experience. Staff is friendly and helpful, and know people by first names. They really make it feel like home

Staying at the Davis was the best decision ever. Maintenance is timely with responding to issues and the workers are really friendly and helpful.

I have loved living here. The staff is super friendly and helpful. I love the renovations that have happened and love that I feel safe living here.

My experience so far has been so amazing! The staff is so helpful and friendly, if I have a problem they help with it so quickly and the neighborhood is so quiet and I absolutely love my roommate.