love my apartment, rent is pretty cheap compared to other places around here. My living room is nice and big, they replaced my dishwasher as needed and help with anything else that I need all the time.

I really enjoy living here, it’s not too far from campus and it’s close enough to walk to the football stadium on game days. Would recommend.

This place is a great place to live. The location is not too far from campus and I like how I can walk to the Bill Snyder stadium. I have some noisy neighbors though.

So far, it’s been a great experience. Staffing is very warm and friendly. People are usually kind. Not looking much more I could ask for. It’s a good time.

Great environment to live in, the employees are great and super nice. They are helpful anytime I have any issues with my apartment and they come when I need something fixed. I’ve been living there almost two years and it’s been a great time. Sad to leave.

Living at The District has been wonderful for the most part! There were some hiccups and minor bumps that kept me from giving a five star review, such as losing my check for rent and the emergency maintenance taking five days to respond when we had a major flooding issue with our toilet. However, the apartments made the rent situation right with me, and when we had the same problem with our toilet again a few weeks later, they sent maintenance the very next day to take a look at it and return the next day to replace some parts. Overall it has been a good experience here, and I’m pleased with the reasonability of the prices and the kindness of the staff.

It's fine. Really good whenever they do things like host food. Kinda wish the laundry was cheaper, but at least now I can access it all the time! Ronnie's the best!

The management is helpful. They finish work orders in a timely manner. The apartment is right by campus. A very good college apartment complex.

The district At manhattan is a good place to live because of the amenities. The staff that works at the front desk is very friendly. The only part that could be improved is the timeliness Of work orders.

Our neighbors are very friendly, but haven’t gotten the chance to meet them yet. The upstairs neighbors are loud sometimes. They are up at late hours of the night and early mornings making noise.

Great staff and a very welcoming community!!!! Gym and laundry are walking distance from each building and easy to access! Great distance from campus as well.

it’s great so far, I love it here! The staff is very friendly and kind they’re always willing to help me in any way. I can see myself living here for a while!

it's been pretty good. i don't have too many complaints. i like living here. it is close to campus. which is good because i have to go there everyday.

District at Manhattan is a great place to live. The staff is incredibly sweet and willing to help at all times. The location is great, and the apartments are clean and have a lot of space.

It has been great!! I love the location of the apartment complex. I love all of the amenities that are available for the residents. I have had a very good experience so far.

The staff is very helpful and the units are very nice! There are so many activities to do around here! There are so many great amenities such as, the gym, the pool, the basketball court, etc.. It is also a bonus that they allow animals!

The District has nice apartments, great location, and the rent by bedroom policy is great for roommates. Management is constantly changing and is usually disorganized.

Just need improvement in almost everything . I hope everyone get a warning a trash since apparently I got a warning when I live with two other people and they didn’t get a warning. Also they need to start giving warning to people that don’t live here or don’t have a pass because it’s sad that other people have to park far from their building that they live from or even get handicapped and that’s bad

It's been really great. Our apartment is really nice and the people working in the clubhouse are always friendly and somehow remembered my name after only meeting them once. The only negatives are 1) having to take my laundry to the clubhouse to do it and 2) there is usually trash and dog poop in sight but that has more to do with the residents not using the provided bags and trash cans

I’ve been really glad to live here because the squirrels inside the trees are not actively trying to get inside my brain and read my thoughts through cia mind control

Nice apartment complex with a pool, laundry room, clubhouse, study room but if you put a work order in the maintenance takes awhile to get around to it.

Management and the staff are absolutely amazing at this complex. I'm always happy going in and coming out of the leasing office because of them. They are just great. The only downside to living here is that it can take a decent amount of time for work orders to get accomplished if they don't decide that the issue in the apartment is an emergency.

Really great college apartment. Love how close it is to campus. Since I have been here I really have felt comfortable and safe. The neighbors are nice and I like all the resources provided in the club house.

it's a very nice and friendly place and I enjoy living here with the boyfriend. The staff is friendly and helpful!! I love having this spaces

Cool appartement spacious and confy close to campus, love being with my roomie. Big closet in two of the room, we’re 3 and have 2 bathroom. Pretty cool place to stay