The District at Tar River is such a nice place to live. The amenities are great, and the staff and maintenance crew are really helpful and friendly.

The front desk crew is great. They are all so kind and understanding. If there is something wrong, it’s usually fixable, if not they are typically able to explain why.

I love this apartment complex and it’s staff. They made this movingly process super easy. The community is nice, clean, and quiet. The staff is friendly.

It’s been nothing but great so far! From the beginning of our process until now, they have been patient and understanding. We are beyond grateful!

Move in was great! Pretty quiet and the staff is friendly. The dog park is awesome for pet owners. Fair rent price for this area and comes with a lot included.

I LOVE IT. It’s spacious and the design is great. The property’s faculty iS the best. They are very kind and helpful. This is my first move and they are making is smooth and enjoyable.

Not very well maintained but you get what you pay for. Its stays pretty quiet. There is a definite roach problem that never seems to be taken care of

I love how close i am to campus and how close i am to the dog park. My pup loves to go down there to get all her wiggles out. It’s also great knowing i can walk to campus when the weather is nice.

Great location, friendly and responsive office employees. Only problem is the maintenance is incredibly unreliable. While you have the option to make an appointment, they rarely if ever come on the appointment day, much less time frame. May burst in later, unannounced. If you have a dog out, no matter how small, you won't even get service then.

This is a great apartment complex! It’s a short walk to main campus and only a 5-10 minute drive to the health campus! Great amenities and staff too!

Good location from ecu. Love how it is so close to the dog park and the river. Bedrooms are a decent size and there’s a good amount of storage.

It's only been a few months, but it's definitely been an enjoyable experience living in The District so far! I had to take off a star for the maintenance services.

The people are very respectful and they are courteous one of the guys helped me out the most his name is Michael or Mitch he helped me out the most show me how I can get things fixed and nothing else will be a problem towards him I thank him the most he is a lifesaver

This place is a great place to live for students. It’s a short walk, bike, or bus ride from campus and has two pools on both sides so you don’t have to walk across 1st in hot days.

the district is a great place to live, the district is about 1/2 a mile from east Carolina university so you will not have to take the bus. it also has a gym

I have loved living at The District! Location is great and the staff is always happy to see residents. I always appreciate the little things that staff does for residents such as rewards and events. Maintenance always completes order in a timely fashion. The only reason I will be moving after this lease is over is because I am graduating and will be moving out of Greenville!

I love the location. The staff is very helpful and always very kind. Maintenance is also on top of all service requests and I get all my needs met.

Quite neighborhood clean housing community good communication from from office to residents on the problems that are going on an for updates on what events are coming up in the future

Overall it’s not terrible but there are a couple things I would change such as time that the district gets things done and the appliances in the apartment that are outdated and not the best.

I have really enjoyed being at The District. I have already signed for another apartment. Many of the people around here are really nice and always say hi when they see other people.

We love living so close to the greenway, the community is so welcoming and the amenities center is a great resource for us. So happy we resigned with you

The front office has been sweet and helpful with issues, however my apartment has been infested with roaches since the day I moved in and they have yet to show any sign of lessening. If anything the bugs have gotten worse

I have had the best time here since I been here, I enjoy the atmosphere and the wonderful people around me, there is never a bad moment here and I hope to stay another year.

I have lived at The District at Tar River for 3 years now and am planning on renewing my lease. Nothing but amazing things to say about maintenance and the grounds/location!

The apartment itself isn’t bad for what you pay. It’s a short walk to campus which is a plus. The office workers are very nice and always want to help. Just wish campus side had better windows!