I love living at The District. The only thing I'm very disappointed in is that we've been waiting for maintenance to come for a month now to fix things that would probably only take a hour all together

Pretty great! Maintenance usually responds quickly. Recently, I've needed something replaced and it's taken weeks, though. There are some very helpful people at the leasing office, but also a fair share of rude ones.

It’s a nice place to stay. Friendly community, and wonderful choices for your apartment. I love the fact there is a washer and dryer in my apartment. It makes everything so simple and easy!

We love the location, easy parking and proximity to the greenway. However, we would really like two simple things fixed with our apartment. We submitted the work request over a month ago and neither item has been fixed.

The apartments are clean and a nice place to live because it was newly renovated. The only issue was the price difference between what they told versus what it actually is.

I'm just concerned about the people doing repairs because it's really slow and there is only two people. If the crew was bigger maybe things would get done faster.

First year living off campus and I'm excited to live in the district but I have not received info about moving in yet, don't know which house is mine or how to get the key etc.

It’s nice . Prob more expensive than it should be but it’s an overall ok complex. Only suggestion would be to live with a roommate. Just my opinion.

The apartments are comfortable, service requests take a while to be resolved but are done correctly. The amenities included in the apartment itself are pretty good.

The district is a quant, quiet, and peaceful neighborhood. There is a bit of obnoxious dog barking where i live but what are ya gonna do? some people should just not have a dog (or 4) in a small little apartment.

Love the new upgrades and new staff are nice, but maintenance is very slow to fix issues. Have had work orders out for two months now and nobody has been by to fix anything. Because of that, I'm feeling a little ripped off on rent. I shouldnt have to pay 100% for a unit that isn't (and hasn't been since move in) 100%. Overall though, it's a great location for ECU and dog owners. Been here two years - one year in former Tar River Estates and this year in former Wilson Acres. Can't wait to see the new fitness center!

Pretty good there is a dog park and a pool and a gym and it’s close to ecu. Living in the grid is nice and the remodeled ones are worth the extra money

Moving in was an easy process. The place is nice and I never have a problem trying to find a parking space. All appliances work. Setting up my mail and utilities was also an easy process.

Always answer the phones and help the best way possible! The make sure that they have satisfied your needs to the best of their ability, and they follow up with you as well!

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Decent community! Peaceful living! Residents are well accomoadted and looked upon! Great location! Friendly neighbors and staff! Overall decent residence!

The district has been great! Very kind and approachable staff. I don't always get a response when I email, but everyone has been very easy to work with.

Overall I am happy with the new management. They have been very helpful. However, maintenance has been slow and in consistent. I have a loved the events the leasing office host, it has helped bring this community closer.

I really enjoy the location of The District. It is close to campus so I can walk to classes at my convenience. I live in a three bedroom apartment with my two friends and we all love how spacious it is inside, and the kitchen is very accommodating. There was some damage to the unit when we arrived that has yet to be seen to, and there are some issues with internal temperature regulation and occasional bugs. Overall, great living space!

Pretty good so far , I haven't moved in yet but everyone has made the move very accommodating and easy. Can't wait for my move in then I'll really be able to rate my experience

The district has been a very accommodating apartment complex. The staff is always quick to answer any questions. Only complaint I've had is the paint in my apartment is falling off the walls

Complaints: The WiFi is very bad, the maintenance team has been getting worse in their quality and response times, the pool is often full of people who are not part of this community and who are not with anyone who is, the gym equipment is not nearly as good as I'd hoped it be, the printers were always messed up or out of something, and there has been a seemingly abandoned car on my street for over a year.

Love my apartment, sometimes the service is a little questionable. We have a few service requests that have not been fulfilled and they were put in months ago.

Staff is friendly maintenance is slow. House was clean when we moved in. Parking is not a problem. Rent is a good price for location and amenities.

community is great, office staff is great, maintenance needs lots of work, older non updated apts need tlc, move in items need tended to that would make like easier little things like touch up paint, weather stripping, bathroom vent, kitchen knobs. Complex is convenient to campus. if maintance would work on move in issues and repairs faster it would be 5 star.

I really enjoy my stay. The staff is very friendly and I truly feel at home here! My neighbors are very nice and the location is extremely convenient