Despite the changing of the utility policy to not include electricity, I’ve loved everything about my living experience at the Domain. Great amenities, friendly staff, and having the bus option to campus and downtown is super convenient.

The Domain at Columbia is a great place to live. The people that work there are very helpful and the prices are the best. The Domain offers good amenities too.

Seems like every month there is another issue with the apartment. The window in my room allows wind to come into the bedroom. So my room is always freezing

I really enjoy living at The Domain. The amenities along with the amazing value really makes everything work it. And I love that there's a shuttle that takes us to and from campus

Best quality for price if you wait for the deals. Only complaints I have are with management during bad snow fall. Very clean. Would recommend

Roommates are terrible but service has been good. When I moved into the domain they worked with me and provided me and my mom a place to stay. It’s not perfect but they definitely do their best!

The Domain is awesome! The people at the front desk are usually cool and the apartments are really nice, especially for how much cheaper they are than the downtown ones.. plus, FREE PARKING

so far i’ve had a great experience at the domain! the matienance crew is absolutely flawless and fabulous! they really take pride in helping out residents and coming in a quick manner

I love the domain at columbia. The domain at columbia is amazing. The domain at columbia is a wonderful place to live. You should live at the domain.

The Domain is the best off campus housing property in Columbia! The apartments are spacious and well kept. The amenities are top notch and the staff and maintenance teams are friendly and passionate about creating a great experience for every resident. I would definitely recommend signing a lease here!

Honestly the Domain itself is fantastic. Amenities are great, units are classic, and maintenance always works efficiently. As far as community though, I’ve been paired up with some oddballs and some pretty difficult girls. Moving units sucks, but because I moved I’m happier now and I have management to thank! The Domain is a great place to live.

Excellent staff! Love the pool when it’s warm outside! The gym is the perfect size, and it usually not too crowded! Maintence is so kind, and has always responded with in a day or so of our requests! Overall such a great place to live for a great price

Great place. Good apartment complex. Decent facility for living. Can’t go wrong with choosing this place. Needs to build a bigger pool though.

Love my experience at The Domain! The apartments and amenities are awesome! The staff is very helpful, and the maintenance team is very responsive.

I have liked my experience. It’s been quiet. All of the socials are during the day and I work so that stinks. Maintenance has been helpful and quick. Just wish we didn’t have to contact the service provider when we had a hard time with WiFi or TV. It would be nice to have someone who could help us with that.

Really recommend the domain! Great price for the location! Really nice rooms and i like the 24hr gym. Plus the have free food a couple times a month!

I have loved living at the domain the past 2 school years. I love the amenities and helpful staff. My apartment is easily accessible and i love ot

The Domain has been everything! From very friendly staff to great amenities and all. I love the Domain so much. Everyone truly cares about your experience here and want the best for everyone.

Overall the domain is a very enjoyable place to live. The amenities are all amazing, and my unit is everything I could want. My only issue is with the payment portal. I rent two rooms so I have to have different profiles for each room. This means that I get charged a convenience fee twice every month for paying online with a card.

The Domain is a really beautiful place to stay. I really like it here, the only thing is it can just be really loud sometimes at night randomly but that just comes with the territory.

The staff is really nice and helpful. The apartments are in a great location, and I love the balcony. However, the electricity bill has been outrageous after turning on the heat, and my roommate and I never changed our electricity usage except turning on the heat. Otherwise, I enjoy the apartments a lot.

love it here! I've had so many awesome experiences! The people are great and its an awesome place to live, would highly recommend to anyone interested

Love the amenities such as the business center, fitness area and TV room! Don't have to leave my apartment on a snowy day, can get everything done here.

The Domain is the perfect place to live when you’re attending college in Columbia! They have all the amenities you want, great staff and the rooms are spacious.

spacious apartments, nice kitchens, and I love that there is a gym on site that in available for use 24/7. Definitely recommend living at the domain