Spacious rooms and very responsive. Love the free coffee & hot chocolate! The only inconvenience I have is the few shuttle problems that occur; however, they seem to be handled fairly quickly!

I love living at the domain! The service is absolutely great and the community is so friendly. I even met one of my best friends at the fire pit!

I love living at The Domain! Convenient location just minutes off campus. I love having a furnished, luxury living space with tons of ammenities! I love the access of the shuttle and night bus, as well as the business and fitness centers!

The Domain always has events for their residents and offers a variety of different amenities to keep them comfortable. The community is very organized and really cares about its residents.

Friendly staff, fantastic amenities, and fun activities have all made my time at the domain great. I have lived here for two years now and have friends who have moved here because of my recommendation. Great place.

We have signed a second year lease because we are pleased with the first year. Amanda, the manager at the Domain has been very helpful each time I've had a question. The receptionists that answer the phones are knowledgeable and have always had kind customer service.

The domain is absolutely a top notch living experience wether or not your a student. The apartments have a classy, modern look to them and the amenities are truly amazing! Being a student myself, I couldn't be happier with the shuttle bus service allowing me to get to class anytime of the day I need to and save a ton on gas at the same time. On top of all that the staff is great and really goes above and beyond to make you feel at home!

Good place. Staff is helpful, albeit a little unorganised. Good apartment. Shuttle service is very good. Amenities are nice and very helpful, especially the business centre.

I love the sense of community on the complex as well as the amenities given. Our town house style apartment is ideal giving us plenty of living space as well as privacy.

Pretty decent apartment complex. The rent prices are great for everything that is offered. The only thing I oppose if is the trash valet, because it makes the halls stink and look filthy.

The domain is a perfect place for college students to live. The shuttle and the study area are great perks and the staff is always helpful and nice.

Living here has generally been great. There are nice amenities like free coffee, a quiet computer lab, and the shuttle. It’s also very quiet. Maintenance isn’t very prompt with requests sometimes.

I love the Domain! The community environment makes it a great place to be and the staff is very helpful and willing to meet every residents need.

The Domain at Columbia is Great!!! The amenities are awesome. The free merchandise and prize drawings are amazing. The staff that work here are extremely helpful and super polite.

I love my apartment, sometimes the neighbors can be a little noisy. But overall I am glad I chose to live here; it has everything that i need.

I have enjoyed my living experience here. I love the amenities and perks. The staff has been pretty helpful and nice for the most part. The apartment is very nice.

Love this place. Great distance from campus - with shuttles always on time. The amenities offered are too good to pass up and are all easily accessible.

I’ve really enjoyed living at the Domain. My apartment is extremely nice and my room is so cozy and the perfect size! It’s a great location and easy to get to most places in Columbia! The shuttle is convenient, except I wish they had two shuttles that ran every 15 so I don’t have to wait 30 minutes for a shuttle in the cold!

When I first moved in the apartment's previous owners had clearly had cats so the apartment was covered in cat hair, so my family and I had to do some extensive cleaning. But besides that, everything has been great. The amenities are great and the staff is very friendly.

I absolutely love living at the domain because i get so many amenities and services for a lot cheaper than anywhere else but don’t sacrifice on how nice it is. Perfect.

I would definitely recommend Ikiving at the domain. love how spacious my apartment is, that there is a gym on site, and a pool. You can get parking close to your apartment which is also a bonus.

The domain is a great place to live for any college student!! The 24/7 business lab with free printing is especially helpful for finishing assignments on time!!

Domain is a great place to live. They have everything you could possibly imagine an apartment complex having. The only issue I have living here is that the bus does not run long enough.

I have had a very comfortable and welcoming experience at the domain. The only thing that really is annoying is the wifi never works. Besides that it has been a great time!

Community is decent. A lot of smokers litter cigarettes so looks trashy sometimes. Lots of room to walk dogs. Nice pool but don’t keep it open very long. Nice free food often. Staff is very nice and help. Kind of noisy at night. Overall feels safe. Maintenance comes in without notice for inspection. Kind of inappropriate. Sometimes nonresidents take over clubhouse after hours.