The apartment is great! The community is also very lively. Neighbors aren't too noisy and the atmosphere is great. The apartments are furnished so I did not have to buy any furniture. Having a Apple TV and DVR also keeps me from being bored. The shuttle is very convenient and Mizzou's campus is only a few minute drive away.

Just downloaded this. Seems pretty cool so far. I already have half the points I need for my first gift card. Can't wait to see what else this app has to offer.

Living at the Domain has been such a great experience!! They provide so many amenities, there is always something to do with friends. I feel safe, secure, and always know if I have an apartment problem that maintenance will get to it in a timely manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and highly recommend it others.

The pool and the gym are my favorite amenities to use in the summer and the theater and tanning room are my favorite amenities to use in the winter!!

I'm loving living at the Domain! So many things to do and be apart of. The staff made it so easy to sign my lease and show me around. I can't wait to have a great year!

The domain is doing a great job. The staff is helpful and always very knowledgeable. I like the pool a lot and I also appreciate the free garbage pickup.

I absolutely love living at the Domain. All of the amenities are amazing here and you can never get bored!! There's also a Taco Bell across the street which is also a huuuge perk!

I'm so far super happy to be here and I'm loving it! The only thing I did not like was I put in a maintence request within a week of moving into the domain and it took over two weeks to finally be fixed but besides that I'm happy and loving it here!

The Apartment and its amenities are well worth the price. Staff does a lot to allow residents to feel involved and get to know their neighbors.

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The apartment community at The Domain is great. The buildings are super nice and there are so many amenities. The location is great and so is the neighborhood.

Everything at the domain had been very good. The only problems sometimes arise with the bus not having enough room on it and the utility fees becoming outrageously high!

great housing, everything's great. although the shuttle drivers can be much nicer and wait for people ! roommates are great however. neighbors are cool. staff is pretty cooll too.

Beautiful property and apartments! Great amenities with free Starbucks everyday and wonderful resident events! I love my apartment at The Domain!

I think you are doing a great job and making the domain a fun and happy place to live. I've never had an issue since living here. I look forward to spending another school year here.

The Domain is an amazing place to live. I love having all the amenities, the best of which is the bus to campus. The only recommendation I have is increasing your desk staff so that there is less of a wait when there is something you need done. The pool is amazing and I love that the apartments are furnished. It is the best place to live in Columbia.

I love the domain. The pool is huge, the rooms are amazing and have good amenities. It's a short distance from campus which is awesome and everyone there is friendly

Great at communicating and helping when you need it. The maintenance staff is great and I always have something fixed within a day. Love it here!

I love living at the Domain! I've had issues with keys and wifi, but the maintenance crew and staff are all super nice and get things fixed quickly. I love living here so much that I've already signed my lease for next year!

I subleased here and I love it. The neighborhood is very quiet.. I never have noise complaints how ever sometimes you can hear people outside walking or talking

Everything good so far! The only complaint I have is the whole bus situation. In the morning sometimes I can't even get to campus bc the bus is full. You should run 2 buses at these busy times.

Apartments are nice but shuttles only run till 7 and not on weekends. You have to pay to not park a mile away. The free coffee is nice though

I live living at The Domain, it has all the amenities anyone will ever need. The only thing I would change is that only $30 of the electrica bill is covered in rent.

Great community. Great internet and tv. A lot of amenities. Very nice private bathrooms and walk in closets. Nice location. Everything you need in an apartment.

Great apartments complex and cool environment. Everytime i have a question i receive a response within the same week. All the staff ate polite and nice

the domain is a great place to live. this is my first year as a resident here and i'm loving it, i already signed to renew for next year! it's great