Management is really bad, the windows are super terrible, there is no enforcement against animal owners, the maintenance people are incredibly rude and unprofessional

Not a great experience. Multiple issues with bugs, heating, bathroom, and holes in wall. Never a sense of urgency with issues either. Would not recommend.

Property upkeep is not a priority. The ice maker in the clubhouse and the A/C in the business center have been broken for too long. General manager doesn't care.

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The front staff is very helpful but the managers are not helpful at all, and corporate is never helpful. This is my second year here and I wouldn't do it again.

A lot of the amenities that come with the apartment half the time do not work. That being the shuttle, the printer,etc. When I originally viewed a two person the apartment I was placed in was nothing like the one I viewed. Originally they told me electric would not accede $50 but I have had to pay over $200

In my 22 days living at the domain I have been so poorly underwhelmed. Apple TV does not work, Gift card not given. Loud construction never mentioned. $75 utility bill set up not mentioned. Dogs pooping in front of my house where I need to get in not being picked up. Smart tv WiFi can not be connected. And last shuttle can not fit enough ppl at any given time.

not good. I have resigned my lease and I have been kicked out of my apartment because of "foundation problems" I am extremely upset and if i had known I would not have had resigned

The staff at the front desk are very unhelpful most of the time.. The community is good and easy to live in! Would make a few changes with how they tell residents about what’s going on.

Young staff at the desk not knowledgeable and unable to answer simple questions about lease and apartment information. Obvious that they are just there to sit and get paid. Don't pay attention to detail (I was charged the wrong amount for rent my first month instead of the quoted balance on the lease.) Not very friendly and willing to go out of their way to help you. (God forbid.) There is also CONSTANTLY trash outside my door and in the hallway for days on end.

The Domain is nice, but I’ve had several issues living here. I’ve had noisy neighbors that the manager did not care about and the amenities here break a lot.

The Domain has a very pretty appearance, but the amenities seem to break a lot and the apartments have taken some damage as well. However, the maintenance staff did fix my bathroom drain stopper very quickly.

i’ve had problems since i moved in. my cable doesn’t work even though it’s included in my rent and i’m not being discounted for it not working. my key only works in one door and i’ve talked to the office about it SIX different times. it’s overpriced for things to not work. i live alone in a four bedroom and was told someone would come close the vents in the other three rooms and no one did so my electric bill is ridiculous. there’s also a pretty decent space between the door frame and the door leading outside that definitely doesn’t help with the electric. i do love my unit, especially the kitchen. there’s no complaints on the unit itself. it’s just really everything else. the staff in the office are mostly friendly but im made to feel stupid for asking any questions. i didn’t know how to check my mail/which box was mine for two months. don’t know how to send outgoing mail. and i’m still not sure how to get into the building for the gym after hours. or honestly for any of the “amenities”. all in all if nothing is fixed i will definitely not re-sign. don’t even feel like i should need to be paying my full rent when the cable and the apple box don’t work.

The domain has been an okay place to live. We had to move buildings after resigning which was very inconvenient but the Domain helped move us and gave us boxes.

When I first moved in my apartment was terribly dirty. After my roommate and I deep cleaned it and moved in everything seemed fine. We later realized we were missing an apple TV remote. It took one full month for us to receive one. The shuttle always seems to be breaking down or having issues.

Great experience and amenities, maintenance is fast and helpful. The rooms and living areas are a tad small and overpriced compared to other places

The domain is doing an ok job. I like the environment which is why I signed my lease. However I don't like that some of my problems never get solved.

Overall it has been good except when I moved in my apartment had not been cleaned. Our television still has not been fixed and our washer shocked my roommate the other day!

We have had a lot of issues in the past year with our apartment. The biggest and most frustrating is not having a working TV. We have complained of this issue for over a year and still nothing is being fixed.

I don't feel the maintenance staff is friendly or timely when completing jobs. I've had many issues with my apartment that I don't feel were resolved in a good time frame.

Nice and clean complex. But management can improve. There has been multiple times where mail has been lost, and my payments haven't gone through.

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Nice apartments but very over priced if you dont use all the extra annuities. The recent construction under my room messed some stuff up and left the place a mess.

Some aspects of management are fantastic, but there are other parts that still need some work. I was going to get a 100$ visa giftcard for having someone sign a lease, but have still not received after multiple attempts.

Nice apartments and maintence is always on it. Pool is fun except for when there’s maintence issues and the communication is sometimes lacking.

Maintenance is quick which is useful. The best part is the partments are very spacious. Management isn’t very helpful, but the CA’s are great. There’s always something cool going on.

They definitely have a lot going for them but at the same time they have a lot against them too... electric bills are crazy high, terrible insulation, printer is not very good.... nice pool, gym and theater, the rooms are a great size and they plan a lot of events for residents