So far I've really enjoyed living here! My apartment is very nice and the proximity to campus is very convenient. The office staff is very friendly and helpful which made move-in day easy.

Apartment is fantastic with the layout and amenities. Only downside is if you sign early to ensure you live here you miss out on the specials.

Maintenance comes in the same day and everyone is so nice and helps you out with any questions you have. Always clean and never have any problems with anything in apartment

It's pretty good other than trying to find a parking spot, people with SUVs park in the compact spots. I know the whole parking situation will improve after towing is enforced.

I like the location and bonus amenities. Also love the layout! However, I’ve had a few issues living here last year to now. 1. The water shuts off completely for up to 30 min between 12 am-6am. 2. Walls are very thin 3. The visitors lot is super small :P and last 4. The outlets in my room have fried all my phone chargers!!!

The Eastern on 10th has been incredible so far! The apartments are so welcoming. The set up is perfect for three people. The neighborhood is quiet, clean and friendly. I would recommend this place 10/10.

It’s been great so far. Minor things that need to be fixed, but other than that no issues! The only thing i didn’t not enjoy we’re the stairs, especially having a service animal I wish i would have been placed on the 1st floor for easy access to let my ESA out. With only one elevator it makes it a little inconvenient for move in Day as well

So far I have loved living at The Eastern. It is a great facility with very desirable amenities. I also love how easy it is to get to and from campus because it is so close. Excited for the next year here!

I am loving it here so far! I just moved in and every staff member I have interacted with has been so friendly and helpful. My apartment was clean and updated, there is tons of storage available and the closets are AWESOME. I can't wait to use the pool, gym, and study rooms too!

Everything is great! Maintenance is very quick. Closet space and bathrooms are more than enough. and the environment is very welcoming. Glad to be living here!

Super easy and very happy with the facilities. The elevator made moving big items easy. The information given to me in a folder where very informative.

i love it so far! great space! my roommates and i get along good & i love the small patio i have! it makes the apartment feel more homey. LOVE the granite counters as well. i love living here

Overall, the staff has been very helpful and welcoming. My requests were answered almost immediately and resolved respectfully. I’ve only lived here a week but haven’t had any issues!

It is my very first apartment it been perfect so far! I have had no issues with staff or my roommates. The apartment was cleaned and very up to date.

This place is beautiful! The new apartments are super nice and very clean when you first move in. The bedrooms are very spacious and the people at the office are super nice as well

Beautiful apartments, great people. After one year there are a fair amount of damages to some apartments but it’s still a great place to live.

I really like living here the only things I do not like is that you have to pay to live on the top floor. I don’t think you should have to pay per month to stay on the top floor. It is also a little small but the quality of the apartment makes up for that!

I wasn’t please where I was placed after transferring roomate situations. I was places right beside, instead of away from the situation, months prior to.

Good so far I thought the apartment was quite dirty when I first came into it. But after some cleaning and hard scrubbing it looks brand new. Wish they would have cleaned better

I love living at the eastern on tenth! Everyone in the office is very welcoming and understanding with every person who lives there. Maintenance requests are always met on the same day or day after. The units are extremely nice and clean!

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My only complaint is that the walls are very thin and I can hear all the music that my neighbors play. Other than that, the place looked amazing when I first moved in. There was nothing wrong and the staff are SO friendly. I can already see myself resigning here for grad school!

Love it here at the Eastern! The apartments are nice and the staff is amazing! I would definitely recommend this place for college students looking for off campus living options!

I have so far enjoyed living at The Eastern on 10th immensely. It feels like a home already! The only thing I will say is that our room had some differences from what we were told and I would have liked to have known ahead of time.

I have enjoyed the team working with me and my issues. It's beautiful inside and outside. I love the way the parking is set up to be easily accessible even for handicap. I appreciate the pool being clean and the gym is nice, but could you more options.

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The staff is super friendly and has been prepared for any questions that I have had and has been very helpful with everything I have needed help with. The staff was very welcoming and also very organized with move-in!

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