The apartment maintenance is great. We got a good gym đź’Ş with weekly training sessions, that's the unique thing about the Eden community. Maintenance response is quick and also good to have online rent payment no need to rush for money order.

The Eden apartments are fantastically renovated and the community wonderfully run. However amazing everyday life is one area of everyday life is antiquated and might as well be from the Stone Age. The Eden currently offers two internet providers with only one of them being a true high speed provider. Century Link only offers their basic internet plan and does not support their full range including gigabit to the building. Comcast’s Xfinity is the only serious internet option for residents. This is also one of the worst options for any serious technical user, which a large portion of Seattle these days is a technical position employee. The Eden needs to prioritize improving and increasing the internet provider options available to tenets if they want to remain competitive and also if they want to retain me. Internet is an important and core utility in everyday life and failure to keep up with it will drive technically aware and proficient tenets to locations with proper gigabit service offerings. It is 2019 and there is no excuse anymore not to have these accommodations. I can no longer in good conscience rate The Eden 5 stars while this lapse exists.

I've lived here for a year now. The updates to the complex have been great with nice new shared spaces such as the rooftop patio and gym. I am planning on staying on for another year because It is a great apartment for the price. Very happy with my choice to live here.

Like the apartment overall but thought somethings in a newly renovated unit would be better. Specifically some issues with the microwave and thermostat were disappointing.

My husband and I have lived at The Eden for nearly 1-1/2 years. We love that we are so close to downtown, that I has a dog park for our German Shepherd, has a rooftop deck, garage parking and a gym.

Love that the construction is almost done! The maintenance tech Jafar does a great job and always wears a smile. Have enjoyed living here so far.

Excellent place to live it. With the new renovated lounge, its an awesome place to hangover for the weekend. The new locker system to get packages is so much a gift to the residents.

So far, my experience has been great. The amenities are great, and I really appreciate that the gym has been upgraded and is open for twenty four hours!

It’s a quiet neighbourhood with great amenities, a slice of paradise in heart of city. Pet friendly and walking distance to good restaurants, parks and other places like Fremont, Ballard and city centre.

The Eden is an amazing place and the name perfectly befitting of it. Once the new renovations wind down soon this place will return back to its name sake. Great staff, great people, great place!

Front desk is really accommodating although construction has been ongoing for a long time. Have had no problems getting work orders fulfilled and accommodations in the apartments are gorgeous

Lively place to live, easy commute to downtown, good community with good amenities, Pet friendly. Good neighborhood. Nicely renovated houses.

Eden is great!! A little difficult with the construction, but the workers are nice and do not make anything too much of an inconvenience to live around

The apartment is very good and the facilities are pretty nice. The maintenance team is very good and very prompt. Overall a good place to live.

Clean, Scenic and peaceful community. Friendly management. Just at a right distance from downtown and other "happening" places. Quick response time for services.

The Eden is a lovely, quiet community. The people I have run into have been very friendly and I always feel safe. The office staff and maintenance team are very responsive.

The community manager is super nice and responsive. There is a bit of noise during the day due to construction, but nothing beyond what is expected during reno. I haven't gotten to know my neighbors yet, but hopefully I will meet them at some events. The complex has made efforts to build a community!

My husband and I have lived here for one year. It's a great location and has nice amenities, including a Bark Park for our German Shepherd. The management and maintenance staff have been great to work with. We would highly recommend The Eden.

Excellent and safe place to reside. With the new common Lounge, the place is becoming greatt! The locker system installed is helping a lot, especially for people who can’t reach home before the Eden office closes.

The location is great. The staff are responsive. Maintenance requests are met very quickly. A silent neighbourhood with easy transportation.

The Eden is an amazing community and I am nothing short of excited to see where this community goes with its new amenities. If the Eden is amazong now, I expect it to live up to its name and be nothing short of perfect this fall!

I have really enjoyed living at the Eden's so far! It is a wonderful community and I have really enjoyed the kindness of the help in the leasing office!

We love our brandly remodeled apartment with new equipment. Our views are lovely and the wood fire place was the deal maker for us. We can’t wait for cooler months to use it!

Excellent area. Noiseless and perfect for family. All the services are uninterrupted and we have immediate resolution of issues if any. Great choice to stay at The Eden

It has been amazing to live @ The Eden. Outstanding neighborhood, friendly staff, great view ad quiet and welcoming environment. Great experience!