So far the only thing that is annoying is the random renevations and that my key fob doesn’t work for the gate. I like this apartment so far

I love it here!! it’s great, the leasing office workers are friendly! maintenance is fast and they get the job done fast! they are upgrading! so sign fast!!

The Edge is quiet and safe place to live. It's one of the most affordable places to live in San Marcos. I've enjoyed the 2 years that I've lived here.

Moved in super quick, everything was done as so. Complex is going through upgrades and it’s obvious. You can tell it’s an older complex, with a facelift. Get what you pay for in my opinion.

I have been living at the edge for almost 3 years and I enjoy being here,I don't have problems with them and even of I have - we resolve it together. The edge invites u to play some fun game activities (once in a while) and it's very nice to get away from school.

I love living at the edge! The staff is really friendly and always say hi to me and my dog (I love how much they love my dog!). The maintancence is all very friendly and do their very best to get to everyone. Overall, I would very much recommend the Edge!

The edge apartments have a beautiful scenery that goes hand and hand with its friendly community atmosphere. The staff is helpful and with community life being so vibrant you never know who your next life long friend will be.

It is a very nice place. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The amenities seem to be very abundant. At least when compared to home. Plus the view from my window is pretty nice.

The staff is very friendly and helpful! The bus route is the best and the new upgrades are nice. The amenities are nice, but I want more greenery in the dog park. Overall a nice appartment complex.

Apartment is close to campus, on the bus route. Roommates are nice and were well picked. The office knows what they're doing. Everyone overall is nice to be around with

One of the BEST apartment compelx I’ve stayed in so far !! Best prices and best community ! The atmosphere of the complex is family like. I recommend this place to all !!

Very close to campus. On the bus route so it’s perfect and there are no problems. It’s very convenient for the price and there’s always great events going on.

Honestly, the location is wonderful. I love that there’s a natural trail right next to the apartments. But what really is a bummer would have to be the doors and the walls because they are so thin.

Real cool people at the front desk. Nice living space. The rooms are spacious. Awsome pool with a good sized jacuzzi. Cool pool table also to play with friends.

The staff is helpful, they renovate a lot which is good, it is pret friendly so my dog has fun with lots of other dogs, the apartments are nice

these apartments are decent the rent is fairly cheap but the quality of the apartments aren't that great. I think the apartments should be remodeled.

its a pretty good place to live. they recently renovated and are making improvements. it will continue to get better as the new staff sets their roots

At 65 I did know when I went looking for a apartment in San Marcos I would look into student housing. I am sure glad I did. Not only did I get and upscale room but the price and the amenities can not be beat. I always have something special to catch, like Taco Teusday, or free food Friday. Looking foward to my first year here.

I love the edge! It's a great place to live, and the environment is chill. The workers at the front desk are very friendly and always willing to help.

It’s a lot better than I thought it was goin to be based off of the reviews. We have not had any problems; the staff and maintenance are on top of things and seem to get everything done that’s needed. They are very helpful is answering most questions and making it a nice place to live.

Management and staff is amazing, however, a lot of things in the apartment are very very poor quality. The light fixtures, ceiling fans, and cabinets need repairs very badly. Also the granite kitchen counters are beautiful, but not put on correctly and so we are able to practically bring off the whole counter.

this place is super close to campus. Nice staff. The overall living is pretty good that's why I live here more than 2 years. I like the upgrades throughout the apartment.

The bus route is amazing. My main problem is dealing with the WIFI, the connection gets very slow at times and sometimes it completely stops working.

Not too bad, wish there were more events and that when I moved in the place was cleaned wayyyyy more. Was pretty dirty but maintenance has been super amazing and also the staff!

It hasn't been bad at all, maintaince does their job right away. I would like some more detailed stuff such as paint but overall not a bad experience at all which is why I released with them plus you can't beat the location.