I have lived at the edge for 4 years and still wonder why I stay here. I was hoping to have my gift card by now because they said it should be here 30 days after move in (even though ive lived here for years i waited) it's been almost 2 months after move in and nothing. I have a friend who lives here too and she has yet to receive hers as well. It's so aggravating.

They have a really good bus route and a good price range for rent. One thing would be that they need to improve on would be maintenance. But overall they are good apartments !

Very friendly community. I enjoy being able to communicate with many residents as well as take my dogs to the dog park & socialize with many more dog parents.

Maintenance is slow and the people in the front office can be rude at times. I had a lot of problems with them confirming fixing things in my apartment and nothing gets done

Pretty comfy, but I don’t like when supplies or trash is left around. Like the water heaters being left outside the staircase. I haven’t had to get maintenance luckily

At first I was a little skeptic about this complex, I didn't get my room or mail key until weeks later. The staff seemed very unorganized (it's ran by kids) but 6 weeks later I feel now everything is so much better and I have no complaints.

Had a few issues when moving in but they got taken care of. Got great roommate matching. It is a decent apartment for the price. Location is pretty good too!

I enjoy the quiet community and beautiful views from the windows. I don’t like that maintenance takes weeks to do simple things like unclog a toilet and checks things as completed when they aren’t. When I toured I was told the gym would be finished by move in and it’s already October and still no gym.

Great place to stay at. Location is great and on shuttle route. However there is some room for improvement in units. Bathrooms especially could use some upgrades.

Still annoyed at the fact that we have been lied to about multiple things like the promised 100 dollar gift card my unit for food that spoiled due to not having a kitchen sick for 11 days. Also lied to about receiving a portion of our rent back due to all of the mess the office caused. Also having our water turned off without notice multiple time during that period and having to go to the gym to shower and use the restroom. Mold in apartment when we moved in and trash all around the outside of the apartment. Green running water in front of our walkway to the front door. Broken shower heads and an array of other things like the gate on the side with out the code being open 24 hours. That’s not a gated community. Unfinished amenities. Will not recommend to anyone not even my enemies.

Very bad maintenance. Well maintained community but very badly maintained apartments. The utility Bill is too high. The staffs are being partial to the residents..

Ever since I moved in two years ago, I have never lived in a friendlier community environment. The apartments are fantastic and the people as well.

The management went downhill since last year. The maintenance repairs take way too long to be completed and the grounds aren't being taken care of properly. Also please make sure the dog park poop bags are always stocked. This is why there is always poop in the park.

Lots of problems and mold when we moved in that still hadn't been fixed over a month later. There's still a dehumidifier plugged in that maintenance left here before we even moved in

I believe there is a lot of potential in this location. The new direction that it is headed in should turn out to be for the better. I would suggest weekly community activities for more interaction between residents and management.

Very close to campus. It’s very quiet and I like the community. I like that it’s on the bus route because it’s very convenient. And I like the people.

Haven't had a dryer since move in date. They don't have keys on the first day. They say they will fix things and then not get back to you. Y

The complex has a good price but is very average. The management is new and are friendly but don't communicate well. Great location. Maintenance is super inconsistent.

Honestly the community look beautiful and all amenities are nice but that’s about it. My room has so many issues for no reason, if it’s not something it’s the other. This place is cricket infested last night i couldn’t even a get to sleep cause the sounds of the crickets were so loud and i couldn’t even tell where they were. The walls in my room is completely thin i can hear every conversation going on with my roommate next to me. My ceiling started to leak maintance came ripped the ceiling off and never came back. Like hello don’t you guys know y’all left a huge hole in my ceiling can’t just leave it there for weeks. I just don’t know what to say it’s nothing like the model i was shown this is just sad..

I mean what can I say it’s a college apartment. Upon move in, some of the furniture was beaten up and torn up. We’ve had an on going battle with some ants that refuse even after pest control spray multiple times. Kitchen was missing a drawer which we later found smashed to pieces on our porch.

Move in was a mess with my apartment not being ready for me to live in. But maintenance worked with me to get it done. Everything eventually got fixed. The only thing is that it if they weren’t able to fix it they didn’t communicate with me that it wasn’t. It just said complete and nothing was changed.

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I really like it here, however the maintenance requests take a long time to be completed. For example, I had mold on top of my bathroom cabinet so I put in a work order to have it cleaned but it took them almost 2 weeks to come, and by that point I had just decided to buy rubber gloves and lysol wipes and cleaned it myself because it was affecting my allergies so horribly.

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Not great. There are severe amounts of maintenance issues and the staff and office are not quick to respond to them. Unreasonable living conditions.

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The edge apartment is a simple community, the noise level is to a bare minimum, I haven’t tried out the maintenance call yet because I didn’t need to fix anything, meaning move in day was nice.

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I would not recommend this place to anyone that I know. Although I was lucky to mild problems compared to the one's that I heard about when I was in the front office, I still have some problems, of which I have put in work orders, that have not been completed to this day. There is still no smoke detector in front of rooms C and D and the GFCI electrical outlets in the kitchen are loose, which is an electrical and fire hazard.

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