It has got a lot better at the community over the last few months with the new property management that has taken over. With the exception of the loud thumping music that can be heard across the whole community on the weekends, the broken gate that can never be fixed at the front, the horrible parking situation for anyone that gets home after 8pm, the child that jumps up and down for hours every day on the floor above me and the neighbor below me whose 3 dogs all bark at just about everything at 5:30am on Sundays, I'd say my experience has improved.

Living at the Enclave is a great start for a young couple like my girlfriend and I. It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood with some nice events that help you meet the staff and potentially even neighbors. Over all was treated fairly and maintenance was always on point.

It’s a nice friendly community. Neighbors are nice. The people at the office appreciate the residents and they are always ready to help. They are on point with maintenance.

My wife has been here for 12yts, myself 5yrs, I’ve seen several different management groups come and go, and by far the current team seems to be the more proactive and corteous, in 2014 this place was a mess, you had to wait days for something to get fixed, trash collection was so erratic and the grounds were just a mess, since Milestone has taken over things seem to be turning around, two yrs ago I would have given one star, and really only stayed here for my daughters school district, but I’ve signed another lease because I see the place is being cleaned up, and all the riff raff is not being tolerated anymore, so thank you Joanne and your team

In General, the enclave apartment has has been a great environment. I believe this is due to the nice facilities such as the gym, pool, and dog friendly atmosphere. Also the residents here are very welcoming and helpful. However, the only criticism I would like to highlight is that the gates have been broken for majority of my stay here. Furthermore, not having a gate area has resulted in car broken.

Living at the enclaves at water ways has been a great experience. The people and staff are really nice and helpful. I love the fact that there is a park right behind use where my daughter can play and i can keep an eye on her from my kitchen..

Need more attention to current residents home remodeling, carpet cleaning when lease renewed, etc. Also the hallways need cleaning/power washed. Would to see more resident activities. Maintenance has gotten better with requests being executed more rapidly! They are nice. The office staff is nicer at this time.

Overall I am happy with my stay here and we just renewed our lease. At times getting service request completed are delayed. I currently have been waiting over 2 weeks.

Every time we had any issue, it was resolved very quickly. The office staff & maintenance guys and friendly and make sure everything is taken care of.

This is one of the better communities i've lived in around south Florida. It has some flaws but overall I've had a mostly pleasant experience. The Good: I like that the community is planning lots of social events, Bagel Fridays are amazing, very friendly office staff. Often after I've signed the lease at other communities the office staff ignores and even turns nasty toward its tenants but not here. The landscaping is nicer than most other communities, the constant upgrades like parking lot re-paving and power washing are nice. Decent gym with racketball room and nice big pool. The Bad: Without a doubt what brought my score down is the stray cat problem, there is a tenant (I have their building and apartment number if needed) who feeds the (at least) dozen stray cats on a daily basis. Toward the evening at least 6 to 8 ferrel cats congregate on the sidewalk outside of her building waiting to be fed. There are constant cat fights happening in the parking lot and I don't feel safe walking my dog after sundown as multiple times the cats have gotten territorial and tried attacking my dog. She also leaves aluminum tins of cat food outside and discards the sharp metal lid on the grass leading to lawn mowers turning then into sharp shrapnel. The severe stray cat problem is definitely the largest detriment to this community.

I love living in this condominium with my family. We are very satisfied with our house! Fast and efficient maintenance.The office service is excellent, they are always ready to help us.

My husband and I have a rough time moving into the Enclave. The apartment was not cleaned and appliances were on their last leg. HOWEVER, once the problems were pointed out to management, they were all fixed. The community is very quiet and everyone in the office has been pleasant to deal with.

I have been here for a little over 2 months now and absolutely everything is perfect! The gym is clean and not crowded, the leasing office is very helpful, and maintenance is quick and easy too! Thanks so much

I like the location and the lake view. They are starting to have fun activites for all. Don't like that after 6pm ypu have to register all guests vehicles or they can be booted!!!

The staff and maintenance depart are incredibly friendly and timely with requests and upkeep of the complex. Any issues that arise are dealt with in a professional manner and do not go unanswered. The administration is very professional in all of their dealings and I'd highly recommend anyone to rent from this complex.

Very peaceful community. And the management is very proactive and keeps on scheduling numerous events. It's been 3 months since I moved here and I have never had a problem

Great community. Awesome facilities. Great staff and affordable rent prices. The place is really pacefully and easy access to major speedways like sawgrass speedway and i95

I have been living in the community for almost 7 years. We have had a few management changes. When I first moved in it was great, but it got bad real fast and for a lomg time. Finally we have a good management team amd I am really happy and satisfied. The office staff is on top of their duties, they follow up, are promt to help, maintenance team is also on top of their duties, things gets done on a timely manner. Plus they are eemodeling the unites and it looks beautiful! I recomend this community!

9 out of 10! All in the leasing office and maintenance are professional, caring, we are a family here. Only complaint is no clubhouse/small area for a small gathering to reserve.

The apartments are great, but needed a lot of maintance and work to be done on them before we moved in. They have to do a better job at keeping apartments up to date for new residents. Great neighboorhood though.

They’re improving but I just hate that all appliances are old and barely work. There’s also a bug problem and I’ve already had pest control out

We love living at Enclaves at waterways it’s a beautiful quite property that is great for kids. The staff is great and tries to accommodate the residents request.

Great community. The staff is wonderful and so is maintenance. Peaceful community and well taken care of. I love how staff is bringing the neighbors together with various monthly events.

I enjoy living here, but the condo should gake care of several thing and make them work like for example the gate is never working is broken. There should be cámaras in the gate and it should be close with cámaras residents will stop breaking the gate and if they do pay for it! Also the pool furniture is very old and it burns with the sun. Another thing is that you should fix the fountain of the lake and clean it, it gets very dirty sometimes!

My family and i moved in july and it is a decent community. good friendly nieghbors and office staff adn friendly and help in anyway possible. Maintance men are nice and kind.