I love living here!!! Conveniently located to everything. Maintenance jumps right on any issue I may have. I love all the amenities the complex has.

The complex is beautiful all the way through and fairly priced. If you don't have furniture you can use theirs which is also pretty nice. I utilize the study rooms in the office almost every day

My Experience at the Enclave has been a blessing. The staff is so helpful and understanding. maintenance is great. All the activity they have for the residence is Awsome. Along with peace and quiet at night. The only thing I didn't like is that we get free cable and the rooms come cable box which is good. We couldn't get a box for the living so no cable in the living room. But over all I LOVE IT HERE

Súper amazing. Great customer service and staff. Maintenance requests get done within a couple days. They have a nice pool and weight room!!

Love the location and the office staff has always been really welcoming to me! There’s a few things here and there that are five star material, but over all it’s a great place for the price you pay

Great place to live! Not to expensive and always having activities going on and you get access to a lot of different things for the price you pay

The experience has been pleasant. The people here are friendly and the apartment are very nice. Lots of things to do here. Close walking distance to everything.

They are great, clean friendly and have a timely response to requests. There apartments are updated and spacious. There grounds are well maintained and beautiful!

It's a nice place to live but my neighbors are really loud and the walls are really thin so I constantly hear their music or hear their kids running around.

This is the cheapest place for the bedroom to apartment ratio around. No other two bedrooms are this price that I know of and that's always been nice.

Its a bit noisy at times especially if you live downstairs. Amenities are great, especially the coffee machine and the gym area. I wish the printer in the computer lab would work though.

It’s okay, especially for the price. The manager Danielle is very kind and professional. The pool and club house are both very nice, as well as the gym.

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Overall good, if I had to complain about anything, it would be the thin walls and how you can hear every bump and conversation. Other than that, very peaceful.

My stay at the enclave makes me really feel at home. I enjoy how it’s off to the side rather than close to many other apartments, and that it’s right down the street from grocery stores,food, and gas.

Apartment comes fully furnished, has a nice pool, weight room, and they even give out free rewards for living in this apartment complex. Staff is really reliable when it comes to maintenance or help.

it has been okay, people in front office are very nice. but i’ve called maintenance and no one has gotten back to me. which is kinda frustrating.

love it here could not be happier overall the only issue i have is that there are no cameras in the parking lots and in storms sometimes the wifi has some issues but overall is a great community

I love the apartments super nice and the staff is super nice and friendly and helpful and they always have good deals for people who lease or renew the lease but I hate how high the pet deposit is I wish it could be lower then $500

It Had Been Very Wonderful And Quite I Really Don’t Have Any Promise With Anything But Yes I Love The Tailgate Parties On Saturday’s And I Just Love Enclave

I love living here. I'm a older lady and thought it would be loud living hete but its very quiet. So many amenities. The staff is great. Conveniently located to everything. My apartment is big and spacious.❤

At the enclave, you definitely get what you pay for! These are the best priced apartments in town & the layout is great! Management is awesome, but maintenance takes a while to get to anything.

Its a better fit than i ever have been. I feel that i can do anything and live freely and how i want with no one telling what to do and how to do it.

So far this place has been the best place I lived in a good long time! the community is nice there are events that help me get out of the house and the atmosphere is great!

I had a little bit of trouble in the beginning, but past that it has been great here. There are great facilities, the people are super nice. I love the employees!

It has been a very pleasant stay I love my little space and its peaceful. The staff always give me great feedback whenever I need questions answered