I love how this apartment complex is student friendly. I have met a lot of cool people whike chilling at the pool and in the leasing office.

Great so far! I love the location, next to Baylor and a walking distance from McLane Stadium (#SicEmBears). Offer shuttles to and from Baylor and McLennan Community College which is a great atvantage! Only suggestion is Maintenance request can be a little quicker and my unit was missing a few window blinds for the living room

So far my experience has been great! I really appreciate the availability of some of the things offered here at the Enclave. And the price is definitely a steal!!!

I like it out here already everyone minds their business. Maintenance is always fast and it’s just a beautiful place to look at. I’m glad I came.

overall great place to stay for college. great community and a super friendly staff. close to everything and its all gated in. super safe :))))))

It’s nice and quiet here, the amenities are great and it’s close to campus. It helps they have a bus schedule/transportation amenity because I can’t get a car right away

Okk, 1 star internet. 2 star internet. 3star internet. 4. Minus the fact that there is no direct connection, total ratings for internet usage: 0 stars of course.

Everyone’s chill and keeps to themselves. I’ve lived her for a little over a year and haven’t had many issues at all. Management is understanding and do what they can.

I love the enclave, staff is nice and caring! And never complain about helping us all. Most importantly The apt , fell in love with it once I seen it!

So far I like it here. The move in was pretty fun and easy. The staff is really helpful if you need things done. I had some issues but they handled them as soon as I needed them done

After recently transferring units, I was upset at first about there being severe damages at move in but the staff quickly resolved all the issues and has been very helpful since changing units. The bike share program is great and the amenities are nice. Good overall apartment.

The pool is alway nice on a hot day. The staff are really sweet, kind,and are very willing to help in a tight situation. The game room is a nice place to hang with your guest.

Awesome clean quite place. Love it here. Awesome pool area with a awesome gym plus a great hot tub. Great staff here. Everyone is so nice and polite here.

I am for Argentina. I did not know where to stay during my time here. I found them and everything has been great. They arr really nice and always want to help you.

I absolutely love it here. I have never felt more welcomed in an anywhere else. I plan on staying here for a long while. This is such a great place to live

It’s nice. Real nice. The only complaint is that during the summer my AC goes out and it’s too hot, but y’all do there best to get it fixed.

I just want to get an upgrade on my internet service amd every person I ask on how to go about it gives me a different answer and none of them have been of help. It's just a little frustrating that I haven't been able to get help with it

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This is great place. Management is friendly and does everything in their power to work with you. My dogs are in love with the dog park and the pool is the best part.

This Is A Great Community. Its Fun & The Front Desk Team Do Everything They Can To Make Sure We're Happy And Satisfied. Enclave Is A Great Way To Start Your Own Living Experience

I really appreciate the care from the office about roommates. I now feel safer bringing my son around. However, I wish there was no ‘limit’ for how often my son can stay the night. And I would have liked to been made aware of this before hand. But the resident is a wonderful one.

I absolutely love this place. It's a perfect place to live.they have all the entertainment you could possibly want. The pool is beautiful, hot tub, and gym among other fabulous stuff

It’s Well Cool I Don’t Have Any Problem With Anything . It’s Fun I Love Thier Pool . It’s Very Quiet I Don’t Anything And I Love How They Do Stuf

I LOVE living at the Enclave! Right off the I-35 and across the street from the state of the art stadium at Baylor, the Enclave is in a perfect location. Plus the Enclave staff is amazing and always very friendly. Great amenities and awesome events! Highly recommend living here to anyone in Waco

I renewed my lease so it’s clearly not the WORST place, but the main security gates have been broken for months and I am having some issues with moving dates for my new unit.