It is a great value for the price that you pay! One of the cheapest options that aren't just falling apart. My only complaint is that I have had neighbors who are disruptive and the renovations have done damage to a few people I know's belongings

Best Apartment complex I have lived in , no bug and haven’t had any problems with stafff or other residents. I would suggest it to anybody .

The enclave by the stadium is priced at a fair value based off of what is offered. The rooms are small but are made up for by the living and kitchen area.

This is a great place to live. Every staff member who works here is always so nice, friendly and helpful. The community is basically Baylor College students but they are very respectfully. To top it all off the new look is amazing. My home away from home is The Enclave at the Stadium!

A Few things were not ready when I was moving in but they took care of it immediately. They were able to fulfill all my requests with a smiling face.

Great apartments. Everyone has a separate key to get into the apartment Andrew bedrooms. Love it here! It’s a great place to come and hang out with my friends and even when we don’t hangout we could always Netflix and chill in my apartment. I love my roommates

Everything has been great for me so far. I love the amenities. I love how nice the stafff are. So for everthing has shaped out perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better place to live

Have not moved in yet but so far I feel like it will be a great place to live at, many friendly people. I hope this place turns out to be comfortable.

I loved feeling good when i came to the apartments. I’m ready to move in this summer. I am going to MCC this coming up Fall and being able to live there will make it easier to go to school in MCC.

living here is cool. I like the sound of the waterfall all the time. I don't like how they are painting the buildings. at all.the hot tub is hardly ever on and neither is the fireplace.

I never had so much fun at an apartment complex...they have plenty of promotions and events that bring people together. It's a real nice environment

It’s great here nice people Great management. The prices are reasonable and they are really chill about a lot of things. I like how the management try’s to put on funny activity’s for other people.

Renovations are under way, and I think the place will look a lot nicer after that. Office staff is nice and helpful, but I do wish they'd take care of the bug problem. Overall, pretty good

I have been woken up many times by things happening outside. It’s not a good location cause it’s difficult to get to during Baylor events. Parking is usually okay, except for fact that residents are horrible at it. Guest parking needs to be labeled more clearly.

Being here since December, I feel like I've been having a good experience over all. Staff is nice and reassuring, and always helpful. My only negatives would be my ridiculously loud and heavy footed upstairs neighbors, and the fact that our oven is still not working. We were told by the maintenance that is was our plug in the wall that was the problem, but that's the last we heard about that. We just bought a oven toaster but that still doesn't resolve any issue.

The apartments are pretty nice on the inside. There is not enough parking and the maintenance staff is very slow at coming to fix the problems we call about. There is also a continuous roach problem.

Great place with good staff The property is very nice the community is outstanding performance by the apartment is awesome really just trying to get enough words but in all its a great place

It is overall good. Things that can improve is the shape of the apartment. It can be upgraded a little. Prices are great and that is what made me choose this place over others.

Good prices. The apartment was sloppily built, though. The people who live there are all friendly. They have a good dog park. The front gate opens super slowly.

It has gotten better since I first moved in..... the maitince team is great ab responding to request. Love the new up grades they r making to the place. Office staff is so very helpful and friendly.

Apartment itself is nice. The staff truly does their best, though sometimes can be frustrating to work with, but that’s just part of apartment living. Maintenance team is out of this world. Absolutely excellent group.

Great amenities. If anything could change Switch the key gobs to clicker for the gate, add in allocated electricity, put the fenced in areas back but nicer and a second pool for the second more secure area. Maintenance is quick package pick up is awesome gym could be bigger with more things and add small study rooms for college going residents. But over all love the complex and all the activities. It is a fun lively place to live.

This apartment complex is one where you get what you pay for. The cheaper price means a slightly less than stellar experience, however I have had a positive experience here overall. Some neighbors can get rowdy and loud but the management is always willing to help. Some great things about this complex include amenities, staff and communication. Some cons include the parking, other residents, things are often broke (ex. The gates) Overall, I am satisfied with my apartment.

Apartments are fairly nice and I'm constantly impressed by the helpfulness of staff. Have had many difficulties with getting my cable set up, still unresolved after months, which affects experience. Appreciative of upcoming renovations.

Very great place. Management is very friendly and on top of things. The maintenance folks are speedy and get the job done as well as being able to work around your schedule